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by Kia Asamiya

Silent Mobius Volume 1 by Kia Asamiya. Translation by James Hudnall and Matt Thorn. A Viz Graphic Novel published by Viz Communications in July 1992.
Download Silent Mobius, Vol. 1 epub
ISBN: 0929279875
ISBN13: 978-0929279879
Category: Comics
Subcategory: Manga
Author: Kia Asamiya
Language: English
Publisher: Viz (September 1, 1992)
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FB2 size: 1709 kb
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 100
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this is an excellant manga book for anyone who is intrested in or is a seasoned reader of this type of comic. the story is set in tokyo some 1,000 or so years from now, planets in bad shape, mysterious creatures, yada yada. sure that whole thing has been done before but kiya pulls it off in excellant fashion. every thing is very well done and it's a good story that will have and keep you excited and interested in what the charecters are doing. it also has some really good emotional scenes that make it so that you can really understand what the charecters are going through. the plot picks up slowly but believe me it's well worth the time it'll take you to read it.
buy this book and you'll want the rest, the charecters are just so inrtesting, you need to get this book trust me!
ps.don't listen to the guy above who gave it a 1 star rating he obviuosly doesn't appreciate a good story with nice art( i got so enthralled by the visuals and art that i didn't notice the "almost80's ish" haircuts and besides there's nothing wrong with a good cyber punkish story, as long as it's good, which this one is!).
Maybe I simply haven't the patience to wait until this series improves, and maybe I've read too much good sci-fi and manga and I've become jaded, but I found Silent Mobius absolutely awful. Aside from a great title and a premise that, while uninspired, might have played out well, I can see nothing to praise in this series. Its artwork is of a competent but completely uninspired style, and its character designs are downright cheesy (80's hairstyles!). The characters themselves seem two-dimensional, and many of their reactions and interactions are unrealistic or strained. Plotwise, Mobius offers nothing new; each character is sequentially beset by a supernatural obstacle, struggles to overcome it and, predictably, makes some personal breakthrough in order to do so. This is what passes for character development. What else?...Mobius' humour is either cheap or stupid. Its villains are silly. The tactic of giving each good guy her own 'power' is, well, uninspired to say the least. In the end, I'd rather go read Akira, Alita, Nausicaa, Inu Yasha, or even Pokemon than this. And if anyone wants my copy of Silent Mobius vol. 1, they're welcome to it.
I like this book, but the art was very crowded, making it difficult for me to tell what was going on. It was hard to discern which character was which, but I sorted it out eventually. This is a wonderful series--I just wish the art wasn't so complex.
Silent Mobius was one of my first Graphic Novels. I recommend it to everyone interested in Manga. If you're just getting into it, Silent Mobius is a good start. If you've been collection Manga for a while and you're into Science Fiction, pick up Silent Mobius. It's a good series. I suggest you start with Vol. 1 and work your way up, it's easier that way.