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by Brian Michael Bendis,Howard Chaykin,Adi Granov,Olivier Coipel,Leinil Francis Yu,Jim Cheung,Jose Villarrubia

The Civil War is on, and no book will be more affected than New Avengers. You think Marvel would never mess with its top-selling book? Wrong! The Avengers are about to go to war over their beliefs, and the shake-up will shock you. Each stand-alone story in this volume is illustrated by a genuine comics superstar! Collects New Avengers #21-25.
Download New Avengers Vol. 5: Civil War epub
ISBN: 0785122427
ISBN13: 978-0785122425
Category: Comics
Subcategory: Graphic Novels
Author: Brian Michael Bendis,Howard Chaykin,Adi Granov,Olivier Coipel,Leinil Francis Yu,Jim Cheung,Jose Villarrubia
Language: English
Publisher: Marvel (March 14, 2007)
Pages: 120 pages
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Rating: 4.4
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At the end of 2013, I went back and read the entire Brian Michael Bendis run on Avengers (which included New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Dark Avengers, Illuminati, and several cross-over books). I think binge-reading a series of comics is as equally satisfying as binge-watching TV shows (this only applies to the Wire, Deadwood, Rome, Breaking Bad & Game of Thrones). This collection takes place in the middle of the absolute zenith of the Bendis run - the two New Avengers books that are supplements to the Skrull Invasion book contain some of the best Marvel stories ever written.

In 2004, Bendis took an Avengers book that was stale and more than a decade from good story-telling. His first story arc was Avengers: Disassembled. The Scarlet Witch went crazy and killed several members. The eventually subdued the Scarlet Witch, Magneto shows up and takes her away and the the team decides to disband.

A few months later there is a break-out at Rikers Island and dozens of villains escape. Spiderman, Captain America, Wolverine, Daredevil, Jessica Drew and Luke Cage all show up to put things in order. Steve Rogers decides that it was fate and he convinces Tony Stark to reboot the Avengers. Daredevil declines, but everyone else is in. They also happen upon a mysterious man known as The Sentry.

600+ kids die in a tragedy caused by young, untrained heroes in Stamford, CT. The US Government responds by passing the Superhuman Registration Act. Tony Start is for it. Steve Rogers is against it. The heroes split and fight in a Civil War. After its conclusion, Rogers is killed. Luke Cage becomes the leader of the New Avengers, as they try to do good works while avoiding Tony Stark's Mighty Avengers. Luke's Avengers go to Japan to help Echo deal with Elektra and the Hand. During the ensuing battle, Elektra is killed....and it is revealed that she is a skrull. Jessica Drew takes the body, against the wishes of the rest of the team, to Tony Stark. And the Skrull Invasion has begun...

In this trade, there are a few interesting storylines/features:
(1) The story of how the Skrull Captain America was created and why he thinks he is Cap
(2) The final story of how the Skrull scientists kept trying to figure out how to make the Skrulls undetectable on Earth (thus evading Spiderman, Daredevil, Dr. Strange, Richards, Stark, Wolverine & Xavier). It is, in my opinion, the greatest Reed Richard story ever told. It captures his intellect and character incredibly well. But to appreciate this story, you must know the backstory of the Fantastic Four, the New Avengers and the Illuminati trade.
(3)The Skrulls reaction to House of M. This is handled brilliantly. Queen Veranke and Skrull Hank Pym awaken to the world of House of M and they are completely horrified. This makes the invasion so much harder. In discussing why the humans haven't revolted against this false reality, Veranke offers up this gem, "And if this proves anything at all...It's that as long as they are left alone to eat, sleep, watch their tv and fornicate, most of the human race will go along with whatever they are told to do." Biting social commentary.
(4) How Parker Robbins discovers that their is a Skrull Invasion.

Looking back at Bendis's entire Avengers run, a few things become very clear:
(1) He is the definitive writer of a number of heroes:
(a) Daredevil - obviously...his early 2000's run on that book was incredible and built on the seminal work of Frank Miller the way no other writer was able to
(b) Spiderwoman - she was a 3rd rate hero in the 70's and forgotten by the 80's. Bendis brought her back and gave her a great story. His Spiderwoman solo books are also very good.
(c) Luke Cage - Bendis has made him an A-list Avenger and Marvel character
(d) Spiderman - Bendis does a great job with this universe's Spiderman, but his defining character in all of comics may be Ultimate Spiderman
(e) Reed Richards - The leader of the FF (and the smartest man in the Marvel Universe) makes a lot of appearances during the Bendis Avengers run (he is also a star of "An Oral History," but more on that later). Bendis handles Reed better than any other writer I've come across. I'm very much looking forward to the day in 2019 when Marvel announces that Bendis is going to write the FF. The Reed Richards story in New Avengers, Vol. 9 is an all-time great story.

There are other characters that Bendis handles brilliantly, including Captain America, Iron Man, Iron Fist, Hawkeye, Dr. Strange and Wolverine.

Finally, a great companion piece to these Avenger books is Bendis's "An Oral History of the Avengers." He has the Avengers talk about their history (60's through 80's) in a reality tv confessional booth type of format. It's amazing.
The New Avengers series really should have been called “the Illuminati” because that it who it concerns. This volume ties into the Infinity even, which is a break from the Incursion storyline. The Avengers head into space to confront a fleet coming to destroy Earth, and Thanos decides to invade while they are away.

Atlantis and Wakanda are at war, which is an awkward situation for namor and T’Challa who are working together in the Illuminati. Much of this volume focuses on these two during the event as Namor seeks to use Thanos’ army to exact revenge after Wakanda lays waste to Atlantis in a surprise attack. Meanwhile, Thanos’ generals attack across the planet, unaware of the incursions the heroes are trying to deal with.

Overall, I didn’t think much of this volume because it didn’t add anything to Infinity or to Incursion. Worth reading in the Infinity collection, but this volume isn’t necessary to the New Avengers line.
I like Luke Cage's "New Avengers" team. This group of misfits amazingly works well together and the team banter is entertaining. Here, Dr. Strange officially joins the team, which I was glad to see. I also love that this group is more willing to say it like it is. When Victoria Hand gives everyone their first paycheck as Avengers, Luke tries to refuse them out of misplaced pride. Until Jessica sets him straight - in front of everyone. These two are probably the best part of this series since they really do act like a married couple, with all the ups and downs that entails.

This book flips between two missions. The main mission of the New Avengers is to confront the continuing threat of HAMMER. Though Osborn was brought down, many in the former organization still have resources and are trying to reestablish a power base. Hand sends the team to shut down a new branch before it gets operational and it goes badly -with Mockingbird being shot. Hand's true motivation is ambiguous and I'm interested to see where the author goes with her. The other mission is that of Nicky Fury set in the past. The book rotates between the two tales the point where they will inevitably tie together. I really don't like this story-telling device because it steals momentum from both stories as they always switch just when things get going. And while the New Avengers mission is action packed with lots of humor, Fury's mission is a slow burn where most of the tale is him building a new team. *yawn*

I enjoyed the main mission of the New Avengers as it sets the stage for what is sure to be some kind of follow-up with Norman Osborn. I could have skipped Fury's mission as the tie-in was weak and mostly unnecessary. He shows up with something that will have unforeseen consequences for Mockingbird. Overall, this was a solid read which would have been better without the trip into the past.
I sometimes wonder if Bendis was given the task of writing this book while being told by the higher-ups at Marvel that it had to include certain characters like Wolverine and Spider-Man. That can be a tough task, but Bendis does a great job getting the individual personalities right and giving each character a role to play in the overall story.

Though that is a highlight, the downside here is that there seem to be a few random things going on here (such as an apparent symbiote infestation?) that never really get explained but only show up to further some other purpose in the arc. Maybe they were events from other titles crossing over. I don't know.

The main focus in the second half of this collection is decent, however, as the Hood makes his move with his assembled villains, though the only ones other than Hood who get much face time are the Wrecking Crew and, to a lesser extent, Jigsaw.

This is worth reading if you want the lead-up to Secret Invasion or if you want to complete the collection of this run. Not essential reading to the big picture though.