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by Stuart Immonen,Matt Fraction

Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and the Avengers are Earth's Mightiest Heroes - but even they know fear. And when a powerful and ancient evil overtakes our world, each hero must make a sacrifice to save the Earth. But as the Serpent's mystical hammers transform friend and foe alike into unstoppable agents of destruction, as terror takes hold and the Serpent's power grows, as Odin prepares to burn the Earth to cinders to save his people - it's not these sacrifices the Avengers fear. It's the knowledge that no matter what price they pay, this battle may be unwinnable. Heroes will fall, gods will die, and fear will rule the day - as the hammer falls! COLLECTING: Fear Itself : Book of the Skull , Fear Itself 1-7
Download Fear Itself epub
ISBN: 0785156631
ISBN13: 978-0785156635
Category: Comics
Subcategory: Graphic Novels
Author: Stuart Immonen,Matt Fraction
Language: English
Publisher: Marvel; 8.6.2012 edition (September 5, 2012)
Pages: 248 pages
ePUB size: 1842 kb
FB2 size: 1656 kb
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 273
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Let me first explain why I bought this volume. I wanted to read the X-Men tie-in to this event, since it resulted in some pretty significant changes to one of my favorite X-Men characters. I bought this to get some background on the story, though it turns out it didn't really add much to the tie-ins, which is kind of backwards from what you might expect.

This simply was not a great story. The story would have been better if you didn't have to rely on the tie-ins to see many of the parts that had the most potential to be interesting, such as seven established characters getting severe power upgrades early in the story. We only see two make a significant appearance here, and the fight Thor had with the two of them was actually pretty entertaining.

This volume also never really builds on the "fear" theme that would be implied by the title. It mentions that the villain is feeding off the fear I believe once in the whole volume, though the fear never seems to affect any characters we see during the story.


I also thought the ending didn't make any sense. The Avengers win the day by using personalized Asgardian weapons created by Iron Man, but once the fight is over, they just throw them back into the molten forge where they were created. It is never explained why. If these weapons were so great, why did they get rid of them? Wouldn't those come in handy the next time they are outmatched? It's not like that never happens.


The art at least was pretty good throughout.

The only tie-in I bought was the X-Men one, which I enjoyed quite a bit more than the main story.
I understand why Fear Itself gets mixed reviews. There was no rich build up like with Civil War or Siege, and the main villain's motivations aren't exactly the stuff of highbrow enlightenment. But I still came away with a sense of enjoyment and awe after reading this book (combined with a few tie in books). In the main book, we watch as the Red Skull's daughter unleashes Odin's angry lost brother and seven unstoppable god-beasts on our planet. Our heroes don't fare very well and things go from bad, to worse, to "OMG he's not getting up from that." I can't explain further without spoiling, but suffice to say the conclusion isn't exactly clean or upbeat. Do yourself a favor and pick up the Iron Man and Avengers books too, because then you'll get to see more of what occurred within each battle, and really experience the human effect of the death toll.
This was a very good story. Fear Itself might have the best artwork of any book, in my opinion. True, it may not have the greatest significance to the Marvel continuous storyline but still a great story. If you pick it up cheap then you will not be disappointed.
A loooong time ago Marvel put out it's first "Maxi-series" when it launched secret wars. It was a huge hit, and fans response was warm. Almost a year later they brought back the same villain and deployed a follow-up series called secret wars 2, it was NOT a huge hit and fan response was laughter. FEAR ITSELF the FEARLESS makes some of the same mistakes as secret wars 2 BUT it learned enough lessons to make this sequel better. The Simple addition of having Arthur Adams covers for each issue is a huge upgrade, and almost worth buying the volume also starting the series RIGHT after the first series was a good idea. OKAY - to the actual story. This whole volume is a Valkyrie vehicle, and to be honest she isn't interesting enough to carry a series. Crossbones has the most interesting journey in the book and Son of Satan shows up for some nice drama. Cap and Iron-man are here to move the story along and the rest of the avengers show up to get beat up and give Valkkyrie a chance to shine. The volume notes Paul Pelletier as an artist. Unless he draws exactly like Mark Bagley I can't confirm he supplied any art to the series. the artists aren't noted in each issue. in closing, there's enough here to keep the pages moving BUT overall an "okay" story.
I'm not sure why this book gets such a bad wrap. It's necessary reading for anyone tackling Brubaker's run on Cap, and it ties in nicely to both Fractions own work on Thor and Iron Man, and Hickman's Future Foundation.

While it might not be chock full of rich, deep character development (most of this is left to the tie-in books) the story is solid and there are some great moments.
I recently bought Fear Itself just so I can add to my library and make it more complete. After reading it, I felt there could of been more done with some of the characters. With that aside it's an action packed event book that has plenty of panels filled with punches and powers. It sort of reminds me of a summer action movie: not a lot of deep stuff but just a good time seeing stuff blow up and lots of good one liners.

If you're looking for the next Civil War or Secret Invasion then this isn't for you, but if you're just looking for a nice read without having to know too much backstory and just want to have fun then this is for you.

I recommend this to people who are Matt Fraction fans and anyone who is just looking to complete event books into their collection.
I passed on 'Fear Itself' upon it's release as this was the start of Marvel 's "let's make everything an event" phase. I'm glad I did.

First, I grudgingly gave this two stars since love Stuart Immonen's pencils and don't really want to bash it for that matter. However, the story contained in FI #1-7 falls off of a cliff between issues #3 and #4. You can really sense that editorial was trying to force feed you all of the various two-time and crossovers. This was just a horrible failure that Matt Fraction and Stu Imminent seem to have been stuck in the middle of or contractually obligated to do.