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Download Vengeance of Moon Knight, Vol. 1: Shock and Awe epub

by Jerome Opena,Gregg Hurwitz

Moon Knight is back in the Big Apple and looking to pick a fight with the man who chased him out of town in the first place: Norman Osborn. Freed of his demons and armed with an arsenal of incredible new weapons, Moon Knight is finally the hero he always aspired to be - taking out criminals with massive flair and throwing down the gauntlet to his old nemesis. Is Osborn ready for Round Two? Collects Vengeance of Moon Knight #1-6.
Download Vengeance of Moon Knight, Vol. 1: Shock and Awe epub
ISBN: 0785141065
ISBN13: 978-0785141068
Category: Comics
Subcategory: Graphic Novels
Author: Jerome Opena,Gregg Hurwitz
Language: English
Publisher: Marvel; 1st Edition edition (July 21, 2010)
Pages: 144 pages
ePUB size: 1786 kb
FB2 size: 1845 kb
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 721
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Loved it. This graphic novel shows alot of promise. Its a little like batman when it comes to being human and being rich to be able to habe alot of gadgets and be specialized in combat and a world class boxer. But what suprises me more is that moon knight is a under rated marvel character who deserves more. This is a man who goes toe to toe with deadpool and beats him. Let alone faces the sentry. Well sorta... But none the less. Left me wanting more. A man who wears white so his enemies can see him coming. Thats cool. The white knight.
This picks up where the Charlie Huston and Mike Benson run ended. Marc Spector is dead but Jake Lockley isn't though what happened to Steven Grant, who knows. Moon Knight is changed he's changed he's reformed but there is still that tinge of insanity that makes him Moon Knight. A great read worth the money. Marvel make more Moon Knight!
*spoilers ahead*

I was hesitant to pick this up because I heard that they were going in a new direction with my favorite hero. I was right to feel hesitant. This isn't the Moon Knight I grew to love, he's now half batman - half iron man. Part of Moon Knights charm was the fact that he could (and usually was) hurt pretty bad during his fights, relying on pretty basic weapons and pure insanity. Now he has bullet proof armor, and seems to have a gadget or vehicle for every possible scenario.

All the main characters of the book are shallow.

Marlene, his girlfriend, VERY casually just takes him back like nothing ever happened. Even though last thing she knew he was DEAD and one of the last times she saw him he was wearing the skinned face of a man he killed. Speaking of which, they also casually bring his arch enemy Bushman back from the dead, the fact that Moon Knight killed Bushman in the first place, pushed him over the edge of sanity - then in one page of this they have a guy do a random mumbo jumbo chant, Bushman hops out of the grave ready to go, and all that history is flushed down the toilet.

It makes me wonder if Greg Hurwitz even bothered to do his homework on the characters before agreeing to write this book.

The art is probably the best thing about this book, although I'm not a huge fan, Jerome Opena makes everyone look like they have a pot belly.

Unless you collect Moon Knight just for the sake of collecting - don't waste your money here.
The white knight is back with a series taking place right after the 2006 Moon Knight series. Jake Lockley is in Mexico and Marc Spector is dead. However, Moon Knight heads back to New York with a new `no-blood' policy in order to help put a stop to the crime. Norman Osborn gets word and sends his men to resurrect an old nemesis of M.K.'s: the Bushman. Ravencroft Asylum has been breached and all the patients have been recruited by Bushman and a scary villain named Scarecrow! After his resurrection by Hood, Bushman seeks out to kill the Moon Knight and Jake refuses to believe that his dead nemesis is back again! However, Moon Knight will have to fight old demons in order to restore balance both in the city, and in his head!

This first volume here (#1-6) looks very well drawn but the story is a bit lacking. First off, how has Bushman not decomposed after all this time? Also, Moon Knight's sudden policy of not killing is peculiar. With Jake's instability, you'd think he'd have more trouble fighting Bushman again and keeping his killer instinct at bay. However, apparently he can do it just fine and it doesn't mess with him all that much. Khonshu still haunts him but not as much as now he has the ability to merely flick him away and ignore him. Overall, it was a good read but not as good as the 2006 series.
I was fully on board with Hurwitz' new portrayal of the Moon Knight and I even enjoyed it for the first issue or so. I liked the idea of Moon Knight striving to be more traditional hero without all the brutality. I didn't even mind the idea of Moon Knight being more gadget oriented because the character has had many different interpretations at this point that it didn't matter to me as long as it had a strong story. I enjoyed Huston's and Benson's runs on the series and I was looking forward to seeing the story continue but Hurwitz's run is a steep drop in quality from the previous series. Everything just happens with no impact in this story. Moon Knight heals the old wounds with his supporting cast almost instantly and there isn't much to his dynamic with them to make the reunions very interesting. Long stretches of mindless action go on without a single line of meaningful dialog or inner monolog. The final fight between Moon Knight and his archnemesis occurs with barely any comment from the two of them. There is more focus on showing an ultimately pointless villain named Scarecrow giving lobotomies to insane patients in a subplot that feels like it could have been cut out without much impact to the main conflict. I do give it a halfway decent score for having a strong start, some interesting ideas, and even some decent character moments dealing with Moon Knight and Frenchie's violent pasts. At least it's better then Vol 2., which doesn't even have the hook of a potentially interesting story and ultimately feels completely pointless.