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by Matthew Sturges,Adam Beechen,Paul Dini

Written by PAUL DINI and ADAM BEECHEN Art by CHAD HARDIN, JAMAL IGLE, CLIFF CHIANG and others Cover by ADAM HUGHES Everybody's got that one thing that just creeps them out beyond all reason. For Zatanna, it's puppets: "Creepy, horrible, soul-sucking puppe
Download Zatanna TP Vol 02 Shades Of The Past epub
ISBN: 1401233007
ISBN13: 978-1401233006
Category: Comics
Subcategory: Graphic Novels
Author: Matthew Sturges,Adam Beechen,Paul Dini
Language: English
Publisher: DC Comics; First Edition edition (November 16, 2011)
Pages: 144 pages
ePUB size: 1847 kb
FB2 size: 1857 kb
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 688
Other Formats: mobi azw lit lrf

"Shades of the Past" is magician super-heroine Zatanna’s second outing in graphic novel format, gathering together "Zatanna" DC comic issues 07-12, all from 2011. Paul Dini and Cliff Chiang are headlined as principal author and artist, respectively.

Many of the characters from the first Zatanna graphic novel make repeat appearances, including her manager Mikey, magical cousin Zachary, friendly Detective Dale Colton, and archenemy Brother Night. Zatanna's powers will be tested, however, by a whole new group of opponents, including a bizarre reincarnation of Sargon the Sorcerer, a villain named Backslash who negates her magic, and a group of masked and lethal witch-hunters. A murderous and vengeful puppet from Zatanna's past gets an extended story arc. A succubus will ruin a night out on the town with Zachary, while a young warlock named Uriah will spoil a good night's sleep. All the while, Brother Night schemes in the background, spoiling for another confrontation with the sexy sorceress.

The pacing of the stories keeps Zatanna hopping from crisis to crisis. Several of her opponents will succeed in denying her use of her magic, forcing Zatanna to fall back on her wits, guile, and physical fighting skills. The dialogue is snappy, and the artwork ranges from good to excellent. "Shades of the Past" is highly recommended to Zatanna's fans as an entertaining read.
As you may already know, Zatanna's long-awaited solo monthly series came to a premature end in late 2011 at issue # 16 when DC Comics once again launched a complete revamp of all its continuity. As a consolation prize, the Justice League's sultry sorceress was immediately transferred over to a co-leading role in the new ongoing series, "Justice League Dark," with John Constantine, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, among other supernatural characters.

This second volume, "Shades of the Past," picks up with issue #7 and carries on to the series finale in #16 where Zatanna has a memorable night warding off an unwanted protégé in Uriah (much like Klarion the Witch Boy). This book's well-paced storylines include: the Mistress of Magic encounters a psychotic puppet from her past (the idea reads much better than it sounds); the return of nefarious mobster Brother Night; and an elite assassination squad assigned to literally silence Zatanna. However, I'll note that, even though DC Comics promoted an issue in which Zatanna was to be put on trial for crimes against magic (and prosecuted by the Spectre, no less), it didn't happen. Instead, the Uriah guest appearance replaced the Spectre's presence in the finale, presumably due to DC's relatively abrupt relaunch.

All in all, give DC Comics kudos for including four additional issues here for the same original price to complete Zatanna's solo series in two volumes, rather than cutting readers off with only the originally planned issues # 7-12. Although the series had loads of untapped potential (i.e. bringing in writer Gail Simone and artist Ed Benes could have done wonders here), it was a terrific monthly read for nearly a year and a half even with some uninspired writing and spotty artwork. Despite its artistic flaws, my assessment is that "Shades of the Past" is an underrated gem.

Rating: 9/10 (for ages 10 and up).

P.S. In addition to Zatanna's first volume, I would also recommend writer Paul Dini's kooky "Bloodspell," which teams Zatanna with Black Canary for some magical mayhem.
goooood, love zatanna
This is a wonderful addition to any comic lovers collection. Zatanna is one of the most underrated and unappreciated characters of the DC World. She is very powerful, smart, and her character is very interesting. The art is wonderful, the story is intriguing, the characters are fleshed out...... it has it all. I can only hope that another volume is in the works, as it does leave off on unsolved issues.
OK read....series ended before all plotlines could be resolved, but Dini is solid as always. My only major gripe is that it came with a long scratch on the cover.
The recent Zatanna series was a lot of fun.

The dialogue was sharp and the story lines were accessible but clever with a nice balance between light humor and dramatic tension. The "Shades of the Past" storyline is real good, the "Wingman" stand alone issue is funny, and the final issue of the collection is a lot of fun, too.

While all of that is well and good, the credits on the cover can be a little misleading. Cliff Chiang (New 52 Wonder Woman) only draws three issues of collection, and Paul Dini only writes about half the issues. While the quality of the writing doesn't dip when Dini is not the credited writer, the art suffers. Chaing's broad, cartoony style is a perfect match for the tone of the book and the more detailed, grittier art of the other issues is a bit jarring when it changes mid-storyline. There are several other artists who contribute to the book, but stylistically, they're all very different from Chiang.

Overall, I'm still going to give it 4/5 stars. The writing is well above average for super hero stuff and the art is, at worst, serviceable. I'm a big fan of Cliff Chiang, so I'm glad some of his work is in this collection which leads me to rate this collection as a whole above average. If Chiang (or someone with a similar style) drew the whole collection, I'd probably give it a 5/5.
Zatanna has always been a character that I knew more about her look than her character. That probably just proves that I'm a typical guy. This book has a certain "Buffy" vibe to it that I love and the cast of characters, both good and bad, is really fun. The villains here are creepy, funny, and entertaining. The art here is very good. Overall, a very fun read!
Good story. Good artwork. I enjoyed it.