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by Jim Borgman

"You must have a camera in my house!" That's the comment Jerry and Jim get most often from readers of their comic strip. And it's probably because Zits is the best depiction of life with a teenager since, well, ever!Pimp My Lunch: Zits Sketchbook No. 10 Zits chronicles the daily lives of a teen in a way that's not done in the popular media-with respect. "Having teenagers in the house is like having a front-row seat to one of life's great passages," says Jim Borgman. "Zits tries to respect that period by taking a sympathetic view of all the players involved-the parents, as well as the kids."We like to think of Zits as the antidote to all of the bad stuff you read about teenagers today," adds Jerry Scott. "Many people believe that modern adolescence is all about gangs, guns, drugs" etc. Zits gives a different view of the teenage experience "where, for most kids, relationships, friendships, school, and sports are the stuff of daily life.Zits levels the playing field and often causes (gasp!) communication to occur between kids and their parents. Appearing in over 1,200 newspapers worldwide, this enormously popular comic strip has been a staple since it was first syndicated in 1997.
Download Pimp My Lunch: Zits Sketchbook No.10 epub
ISBN: 0740754432
ISBN13: 978-0740754432
Category: Comics
Subcategory: Comic Strips
Author: Jim Borgman
Language: English
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing (October 1, 2005)
Pages: 128 pages
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Rating: 4.1
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Recipient loved it
Another Biased Review - I love Zits - had a teen - whom thankfully grew into a wonderfully responsible young adult - so Jeremy was his roll model shall we say ... I've lived this strips & I find every single one brilliant ...
The whole comic is about a fifteen-year old trying to go through life, constantly being "tortured" by his nagging mom and nerdy dad. Actually, his parents are really trying to help him, but Jeremy (the fifteen-year old) keeps saying that they can't connect with him simply because of their ages. The cartoonists love to keep pointing out how much of an idiot Jeremy is in some strips, how much his friends influence him, and sometimes how stupid his parents are when it comes to some things. This is a great comic book for all ages and I hope that it becomes as good as Dilbert is right now.
Pimp My Lunch: Zits Sketchbook No. 10

Every parent of a teenage boy should read this. It will assure you that you are not alone. This behavior is normal and they really do love you. They just don't know how to show it.
Love Zits!! True and fun humor from Scott and Jenkins! Anyone who is a teenage, parents a teenager, or remembers life as a teenager (especially in the last 10 years), you'll love these books!!
The loveable, frustrating, and bright kid keeps mom uptight and dad bewildered constantly. Except for his incredibly sloppy bedroom you just have to love him.

Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman must be teenagers themselves to understand Jeremy and his buddies so well. Are they?
I like Zit's, but it's scandalous that this and other Andrews McMeel books don't specify overlapping content. Thrashed and Pimp My Lunch contain nothing other than the contents of Crack of Noon.

I wasn't happy to learn that I spent (not counting S&H) over $17 for what I could have had for $11. Also, in Crack of Noon, the Sunday strips are colored.
OK Will you people stop complaining about overlapping content? Get it through your head: They release sketchbooks. They bundle them two at a time in the Treasuries. Here's how it works out, seeing as I gotta spell it out for you:

Humungous Zits - Sketchbooks #1 and #2

Big Honking Zits - Sketchbooks #3 and #4

Zits Supersized - Sketchbooks #5 and #6

Random Zits - Sketchbooks #7 and #8

Crack of Noon - Sketchbooks #9 and #10

Once they release the 12th sketchbook, another treasury will be created that contains Sketchbooks #11 and #12. Also, if you look at the page numbers, a sketchbook is 128 pages. A Treasury, containing 2 sketchbooks, is 256 pages. To all those who ended up spending more, tough luck.