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by Matt Christopher

A boy becomes a phenomenal baseball player one summer when a mysterious stranger resembling Babe Ruth befriends him
Download The Kid Who Only Hit Homers (New Matt Christopher Sports Library (Library)) epub
ISBN: 1599531070
ISBN13: 978-1599531076
Category: Children
Subcategory: Sports & Outdoors
Author: Matt Christopher
Language: English
Publisher: Norwood House Press; LRG edition (January 1, 2007)
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Rating: 4.6
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Zeus Wooden
Cameron Tucker 5-17 -11
Review of the kid who only hit homers
Grades 5-7th

Going Deep

Sylvester Cod Myer is a 13-year-old baseball player for the Hooper Redbirds and isn't very talented. Every time he made an error or struck out he held his head down and felt sorry for himself. Then one day at the field he decides not to sign up and goes to the dugout and watches the original Redbirds practice on the field.

While he's there he meets a man by the name of Mr. Baruth and Sylvester was surprised by his appearance he looked just like George Herman also known as "Babe" Ruth.

While they are at the field Mr. Baruth becomes determined to get Sylvester on the Redbirds and make him the best player the Redbirds ever had. When Mr. Baruth and Sylvester practice Sylvester starts off rusty and misses the ball but then begins to hit the ball over the fence every single time. After they finished practicing Mr. Baruth tells Sylvester to ask his coach if it's not too late to sign up. Then the next day he asks his coach if it's too late to sign up and the coach notifies Sylvester that the roster is completely full.

Then Mr. Baruth comes up with an idea to get Sylvester on the team. The next day Sylvester goes to the field and asks one of the coaches if he could throw him a couple of pitches. Every pitch thrown, Sylvester hit over the fence for a homerun.

After deep thought and consideration the head coach offered him a position on the team. Sylvester accepted that Mr. Baruth's plan had worked and from then on Sylvester was hitting a homerun in every game. In every one of his at bats there were reporters asking him how does he hit a homerun every time? There's even someone offering to do a biography on Sylvester.

All the pressure is getting to Sylvester in the end, Sylvester does what he thinks is best for him. I enjoyed reading this book. I would recommend it to 5th -7th graders. I enjoyed this book because it teaches a lesson about not quitting. It teaches you to keep trying even you do play poorly, any time you play a sport poorly; I learned that it is important to just keep trying.
Written by: Hillel from Israel.
''The Kid Who Only Hit Homers"
Matt Christopher

The book that I read is "The Kid Who Only Hit Homers." The story takes place in Hooper, in modern times. The major characters are Sylvester Coddmayer II, his mom, George Baruth, and Coach Corbin. Sylvester, or in his nickname-Syl', is a kid that loves to play baseball, but doesn't really know how to play. He already decided not to sign up for the baseball team, but then, a thing happens which he didn't expect would happen. George Baruth is a mysterious man which came on a vacation to Sylvester City, Hooper. He is the man that makes Sylvester a superstar, by training him really well. Coach Corbin is the coach of Sylvester's team, The Hooper Redbirds. At the beginning, he doesn't believe in Syl', but then he sees what big potential he has, and makes him be a huge superstar. Syl's mom is a woman whose husband mysteriously disappeared, and is not yet found. And of course; there is a climax. Syl's team gets to the final, against the best group on the league, and near the end of the game, the Hoopers are losing, 20:18 to the other team. But then comes Sylvester… He hits-strike! He hits again-strike two!!! Syl' is full of sweat…. This is his moment… if he misses his whole team will lose! He comes to the base, he swings, and-oh, I'm not gonna tell ya! You'll need to read the book to know! I think the book is good. My favorite part in the book, is when Sylvester hit his first home run, in the team's practice, because this is the moment that the story really begins. I recommend the book for boys who love baseball between the ages 9-12. I hope you will enjoy the book.
My 7 year old grandson loves to play baseball. He's in the first grade and had no problem reading this book. He loves these books written by Matt Christopher. The author is able to write to the reading level of young kids which keeps them interested in the book. My grandson did not have any problems retaining what he read and is very excited to read every night before bed. Highly recommend the books written by Matt Christopher.
one life
My son has struggled with reading for awhile, we were searching for something he would pay attention to and focus on. He loves this books and I'm so glad we bought them! He looks forward to his half hour reading time and actually can tenement the story! It's awesome. I like that it easy for him to read and understand. Great series for 7-12 year old boys!!
My 8 years old son lives this series... He says it is easy ti read...
Got this for my grandson, and he liked it. He had heard of the author. He liked the characters, the story and the fact that it related to real life. Kids have trouble relating in real life, and a good story to help them cope is always special. Highly recommended.
Age appropriate.
My nephew loved it