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by Victor Appleton

Book number 6 in the original Tom Swift Series.

Tom Swift has gone through four series and through generations of the Tom Swift family. Quiet Vision has republished the first twenty five titles in the original Tom Swift series. The original Tom Swift series is referred to as Tom Swift Sr.

Quiet Vision tracks Tom Swift from "His Motor Cycle" to "His Electric Locomotive." Many characters reoccur through the series including: Mary Nestor, who Tom eventually marries, Mr. Damon who is always blessing almost everything, Eradicate Sampson and his mule Boomerang who is braver and more intelligent than assumed and many others.

Called an inventor, Tom Swift is more of a talented mechanic with a special love for airships and airplanes.

Download Tom Swift and His Wireless Message epub
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Author: Victor Appleton
Language: English
Publisher: Quiet Vision Pub (July 2000)
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Having experience designing and building an airship and an electric car Tom Swift's assistance is requested in building an electric airplane and naturally he agrees to help. We also discover that between stories Tom created a fast monoplane called the Butterfly which would be his main mode of transportation from Shopton to Philadelphia. That is until the idiotic Andy Foger smashes it and he's forced to back to his electric car.

This is the sixth Tom Swift book I've read and I usually accept a lot given that the stories are targeted towards kids and were written over 100 years ago but this story has the most forehead slapping coincidence yet in the series. It's established early in the book that Tom Swift's romantic interest, Mary Nester, is living alone as her parents have taken a vacation to the East Indies. Later, Tom takes the Whizzer (the electric aircraft) out for a test run and gets caught in a storm that forces him out to sea nearly 2000 miles. Now I'm no meteorologist but I question whether a storm could possibly exist that starts inland and blows 2000 miles south west. I also always thought Tom was a mid-westerner or possibly on the east coast which makes it all the more amazing that he could end up way out in the Pacific.

So Tom, Mr. Damon and Mr. Fenwick (the owner of the Whizzer) end up crash landing on the titular Earthquake Island. It's aptly named as an earthquake strikes immediately after they crash land. In fact the entire island is beginning to break apart (oh, the terrible luck). So Tom and the other two explore the island and low and behold they come across Mary Nester's parents shipwrecked on the island. What are the odds? No seriously, it must be the greatest coincidence on the planet.

I'm a sucker for the classic Robinson Crusoe story so I like the setup even if the writer had to go to absurd lengths to set things up. What sets this story apart is that Tom Swift uses his brilliant mind in a unique way in order to facilitate a rescue and his solution is all in the books title. If you look at modern fiction the hero is almost always the muscular fellow and quite often the villain is the evil egghead. In Tom Swift's era the heroic intellectual was quite common but less so today. Tom is no a wimp but he's also not a tough guy. He uses his brains, courage and general goodness to solve problems and that makes him a great role model.
Stylish Monkey
This is one of the best of Tom Swift's adventures. Wow! What a close call!!! Wait till you read this book!!!!!
I've read a few of the Tom Swift books and this one is a little light on plot.
racist ,demeaning . should not be in print or available
I believe this is the fifth book in the series, As a story, it is one of the best plotted. Some of the Tom Swift books key on an invention, then throw together several miscellaneous episodes to demonstrate the uses of that invention. An example of that sort of plot -- or lack thereof -- is seen in "Tom Swift and his Wizard Camera." Other of the books -- such as this one -- are more story-centered. This particular story finds Tom and several of his friends stranded on an isolated small island in the West Indies.

How they got there is quite a fun part of the novel. Tom has been assisting a Mr. Preston to perfect and fly an electric airplane. During a shakedown flight, the aviators get caught up in a gale. Tom is unable to turn the plane's nose into the wind and buck the gale, so their only recourse is to turn downwind and try to wait out the severe storm. After 24 hours of being carried southward at high speed, mechanical failures force the plane down on the desolate island described earlier, which the castaways dub "Earthquake Island." The story then becomes a contest as to whether the frequent earthquakes will tear the island apart first, or whether Tom can extricate the castaways from their dilemma first. I won't spoil the story for any prospective readers.

There's a good dash of humor included in all the Tom Swift books. In this particular book we have a scientist with a dire and gloomy outlook on life, predicting with great relish a long list of catastrophies. He is a "sad sack," as the saying goes. There's also Mr. Wakefield Damon, an eccentric but wealthy man who accompanies the party, and whose money has at times funded certain of Tom's inventions.

These are books for young readers-- probably targeted ideally for the Middle School kids. They are still fun to read, although nearly a century old. The "Wireless Message" novel is copyright 1911. I actually read this novel in the original format, although it appears that currently some of these old classics are coming back into print.