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by Sarah Naughton,Full Cast Family,Gail Carson Levine

A Newbery Honor author spins a spellbinding story of adventure, romance, and song.
Download Fairest epub
ISBN: 1934180130
ISBN13: 978-1934180136
Category: Children
Subcategory: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author: Sarah Naughton,Full Cast Family,Gail Carson Levine
Language: English
Publisher: Full Cast Audio; Unabridged edition (November 1, 2007)
ePUB size: 1641 kb
FB2 size: 1631 kb
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 815
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This retelling of Snow White is much more interesting than the original.
It's characters are "fleshed out" wonderfully and the setting is not some afterthought or cardboard cut out scenery but one truely having it's own character, supporting the characters & giving them bouancy.
I love that no one is presented as having been born either good or evil,but that the choices the characters make form what they become...and while humanity and forgiveness are not the norm in the fairy tales of old,
G.C. Levine's stories are delicately sprinkled with them, leading us to remember not to be too judgemental as we all are victums of our own bad choices. It's how we deal with our choices that determines whether
our story will be a success or a cautionary tale to others!
I must thank G.C. Levine for reminding all your female readers that lovely isn't what you see in the mirror, it's who you are as a person. Yes, bless you, character and integrity do matter, but they are not always easily developed <which is why many people do not posess them>.
Beauty is forged in the fire of the trials of life ;)
My wife loves this story! She loves music and enjoys the singing in the full cast version. If you are considering this product please be aware that there are two versions, the full cast version and a version with just a narrator. The full cast has music and multiple people for each character. The other is just the narrator.
We ran into a problem when purchasing this from a 3rd party seller and got the wrong version (we didn't know there was more than one) so here is what we learned:
The full cast version is 8 cd's long, copyright 2008, and from my research seems to have been released mostly to public libraries. The other version is 7 cd's long and was released in 2015.
I love this book. It has a good message and a interesting heroine. It is great to see a story about someone who is not considered the beauty at the ball and who is dealing with body hate from others as well as themselves. I struggled with this issue myself when I was growing up and so I really connected to the main character. This book tell you that, even if you aren't considered beautiful or handsome, people will still love you and you can still get your chance at happily ever after. It also shows that you have to accept yourself as what you are and work with what you got. Take me for example. I may not ever be a supermodel but I have some great feature so I learned to show those off rather than the ones I don't like.
I enjoyed this book so much! The characters and settings were well-drawn and memorable. At its peak moments, it reminded me of the best of Ursula LeGuin, with insight into the habits of thought of several different cultures.

And yet ...

The pacing of the story was quite uneven. Some sections were fascinating because the author gave them enough space to include descriptive details. Others - the castle library episode, the discovery of the magic mirror, the whole story of the Fairy Lucinda (who didn't seem to belong to this book at all) were sketchy and rushed. I felt as if I was reading the "theatrical version" and would rather have read the "extended version." (Fans of the "Lord of the Rings" movies will know what I mean.)

The story was marred by the inclusion of elements of "Snow White" that just didn't fit into the interesting world the author created. Reading the early draft packaged at the end of the book, I realized that the author had begun "Fairest" with a different slant and couldn't bring herself to discard some elements that had once been central to it. Maybe the author and her editor were too close to the story to realize that the whole Fairy Lucinda element had almost entirely disappeared in successive edits -- until suddenly at the end of the book, it was terribly important.

So I give this book one four and a half points "to be exact" (as one wonderful character would say) -- rounded up to five, and I know I will read it again.
I listened to the full cast audio book. I will be honest in saying that I spaced out during lots of the singing. The singers were very dramatic and sometimes difficult to understand. Besides that, I absolutely loved the book!

I loved the way prince Igori fell in love with Asa for the right reasons and in spite of her appearance. I also liked the way Asa didn't suddenly love herself completely once Igori confessed his feelings. She knew it would take some time for her to accept herself, but she was willing to try, and that seemed like a realistic response from her.

This is my second Gail Carson Levine book that I've listened to and I really like her work. Her books are clean and have a good message tucked inside. They are especially good for young girls, ages 9 and up.

BONUS: If you buy the Kindle version, you can get the Audible version for $1.49.
Funny duck
I quite enjoyed this story. I was looking for something nice and pleasant to read, as well as something cute and sweet but not too much. I rarely get into this mood, and rarely does a story pleases me in this mood. But this one definitely did.

It was sweet and magical. I liked the world. It was standard for fairy tales but still elaborate and well put together. But what I liked the most was the main character. It’s extremely hard for me to like a main character and even harder for me to deeply care. But her pain and emotions were well conveyed and I liked how she behaved. It felt more realistic and human than most heroines in stories who have to bee too badass and cool.

I read this because a friend of mine liked it and recommended it. This story is rated E for everyone on my opinion. Younger and older people can enjoy this story.