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by Michael Teitelbaum

Twelve years back, the sleepy town of Smallville was hit by a freak meteor shower. It left the survivors with scars . and secrets. And it signalled the arrival of an alien child. He will become the most famed superhero of all time, but right now the teenaged Clark Kent has big problems just mastering his growing powers. He knows he should must these abilities secret, but they're getting harder to control. And besides, does he really want to suppress talents that are the one sure way to impress the girl of his dreams - the gorgeous and sexy Lana Lang. Look out for more great Smallville titles: 2. See No Evil by Cherie Bennett and Jeff Gottesfeld (Dec '02) 3. Flight by Cherie Bennett and Jeff Gottesfeld (Jan '03) 4. Animal Rage by David and Bobbi Weiss (Mar '02)
Download Smallville Arrival (Smallville Young Adult) (Bk. 1) epub
ISBN: 1904233228
ISBN13: 978-1904233220
Category: Children
Subcategory: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author: Michael Teitelbaum
Language: English
Publisher: Time Warner Books Uk (November 2002)
Pages: 160 pages
ePUB size: 1866 kb
FB2 size: 1303 kb
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 334
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The best
Pilot episode in book forum. Great.
I had read a couple books based on the Smallville television series before, and i had really enjoyed them. They stuck closely enough to the story to allow me to recognize the chracters and some elements of the plot from the television show, yet authors often used their creativity to take the book on unexpected turns. Smallville City, for example, enriched my understanding and appreciation for the series by fully exploring the relationship between Lex and Clark in a way that a 40 minute show cannot do, and allowed me to experience the emotion that would come which being as uniquely gifted as Clark in a more intimate way. So i came into this book with high expectations.

It was a huge letdown. Unlike other books in the series, Arrival follows the episode on which it was based to the letter. The plot, character development, and dialogue are all EXACTLY the same as what you may have seen on TV. In fact, it reads as if the author merely sat down and watched the episode on which the book was based, dilligently recorded every detail of the plot, and then attempted to sell his notes as a "novel". It is a rip off. Anyone who followed the show will hate it. Spend your money on something else.
i have seen just 2 episodes of smallville due to it's conflict
last season with roswell. so i missed all but the season finale of this great show. this book gives us all the details of clark
kent's early life from his space ship crashing to earth, the effects it has on various members in the town, to his teenage
years where we now find him now. it is a heartwarming story that
no superman fan should miss. as a child i watched his story being
told on the superfriends and this book expands on it a lot more and gives you a feel of how his arrival changed a little town
called smallville forever. the only question i have is that when
i used to watch lois and clark i could have sworn that metropilis
was in new york state or something. you know a long way from kansas. maybe i am wrong and need to dig up the old vcr tapes of
that great show. happy reading.
Arrival starts off the hit television show Smallville in a readable, visually-written Smallville book tie-in series. Though it is based on the first episode, Michael Teitelbaum was able to capture the episode into a teen book that still entertains, is true to the television show, and manages to give you more insight into the background of each character. If you collect the Smallville book series, you should have this one.
Arrival is wonderful novel for newcomers to Smallville, but if you are a large fan like I am, it is easy to see the faults.
1. Whitney Ellsworth? All the other books refer to Whitney as a Fordman like they should.
2. Lionel takes Lex back to the helicopter? No way. Lionel doesn't want to touch Lex. He is terrified by the fact that he has lost all his hair. If you've seen lineage, Episode 7 Season 2, you'll see that Lionel runs for help, and Johnathan rescues Lex.
3.Jonathan goes into town to make a fake birth certificate? Well, partly true, but Johnathan actually goes to lionel, and he arranges the ID, Birth Certificate and Adoption papers, as a thankyou for helping Lex.
Otherwise, little bits and pieces are added into the original, pilot episode Story.
I liked the book, but these little mistakes kinda made me laugh and hope that the other books know their Smallville before they bother writing a novel for the whole world to see
The purpose of this review is more to tell you about the book itself rather than its plot.
This book is first in the Smallville series. "Arrival" is a well-written young adult story. Even though the story is a novelization of a teleplay, kudos to author Michael Teitelbaum. While the target audiences are different I would still say that Teitelbaum did a better job writing the novelization of the Smallville teleplay than Carey who wrote the novelization "Broken Bow" for Enterprise (Star Trek). Teitelbaum also appears to be a better story-teller than the authors of #2 See No Evil. I am not referring to imagination; I am referring to the art of putting words on paper.
"Arrival" tells the story of Superman's journey from adolescence towards manhood. The story introduces the Man of Steel and his nemesis Lex Luther. "Arrival" begins with a toddler-aged Superman dramatically landing on earth during a meteor shower and then jumps to his high school experience. In this story, the young superman's character is developed. His experiences lead him toward maturity and cause him to learn about himself, real life values, and the meaning of self-control. Other characters from the television series Smallville are also introduced: Lana Lang, Chloe Sullivan, Pete Ross, and football star Whitney.
The story is fast paced and exciting. The young superman Clark Kent faces normal teenage conflicts of school and home. He fears being labeled a nerd by his school mates and seeks the approval of his peers. In the process, he learns that he must prioritize the values in his life and sets the course of his pending manhood.
If you are a fan of the Smallville television series, but missed the first episode (which I did), you will enjoy "Arrival." It sets the stage for future episodes and explains the relationships of the teens and adults in the series.
STAR rating: As much as I enjoyed the story, I give the Smallville series #1 "Arrival" only three stars for the following reasons.
I withheld one star because of its inclusion of profanity and crude language. The book uses the words "b*****d" , "d***", "h***" and "cr**" which are especially inappropriate for minor readers. Just because it is mostly adults in the story who use the profanity does not make it acceptable. Also, stating that Clark fell on his b*** is crude.
I withheld another star due to descriptions of teenagers passionately kissing. Teenagers may have adult-looking bodies, but they do not possess adult wisdom. I object to writing about mature subjects for immature people. It creates peer pressure for minors to become physically involved with people before they are capable of making sound, rational adult decisions.
If Little, Brown, and Company would edit out these shortcomings in future printings, I would incrase my rating of this young adult book to a full five stars.