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by Walter R. Brooks

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ISBN: 0715634615
ISBN13: 978-0715634615
Category: Children
Author: Walter R. Brooks
Language: English
Publisher: Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd (2005)
Pages: 246 pages
ePUB size: 1803 kb
FB2 size: 1356 kb
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 362
Other Formats: lrf lrf mobi lit

It is only inevitable that the indefagatible Frederic Bean, bank manager, newspaper owner, detective, and overall pig extraordinaire should also become an ace barnstormer. How this comes to be is the subject of "Freddy the Pilot" a 1952 effort by Freddy's creator Walter R. Brooks. It all starts when Boomschmidt's Stupendous and Unexcelled Circus returns to Centerboro a bit early so that Mr. Boomschmidt can enlist Freddy's help in solving a dilemma the circus is in.
The star of the circus is the beautiful Mademoiselle Rosa, a bareback rider whose grace and ability are part of the Circus's special magic. Unfortunately, Watson P. Condiment, a very rich, but not particularly nice, comic book publisher has fallen in love with Rosa. Despite her refusal to encourage him, Condiment is fixated on his goal. So intent is he that he is more than willing to destroy the Circus entirely in order to propel Mademoiselle Rose into his arms.
The nefarious Mr. Condiment has tried many rotten tricks to close the Circus down, but the worst is having a plane dive bomb the Circus, blasting the audience with flour bag bombs. Mr. Boomschmidt keeps having to return the crowd's ticket money and is in great danger of going broke. Freddy summons his courage and decides to beard the mystery pilot in his den. Our pig shows up at the local air field and takes flying lessons. Soon he has his own plane and is preparing for his counter attack.
Freddy, assisted by his partner Mrs. Wiggins, a troop of Robin Hood-like skunks and the Horrible gang of scurrilous rabbits mount the effort designed to save the Circus and rescue Mademoiselle Rosa. The reader can count on a great deal of fun and excitement as one villain after another is rousted and sent on his way. The ingenious plot will even involve the U.S. Army and Uncle Ben's astonishing combination bomb sight and piggy bank.
Once again we are treated to a lovable adventure which teaches by example rather than lecture. The reader quickly finds out that courage, respect, and teamwork are the keys to success and happiness in Centerboro and the Bean Farm. Although late in the series, "Freddy the Pilot" can stand on its own without losing the reader. Kurt Wiese's original illustrations, always a treat, are exceptional in this volume, making it will worth its reasonable price.
This is another wonderful book in the Freddy the Pig series. I've been reading them aloud to my kids and we all love them so much. They are always some of our favorite reads and I can't recommend them enough.
This is just one of the 26 Freddy the Pig books written by Walter R. Brooks between 1927 and 1958. Through his many adventures, Freddy, the "Renaissance Pig" of the Bean Farm in Centerboro, New York, is beset by hilarious villains and assisted by a whole barnyard of unforgettable animal friends. In "Pilot" he takes to the air to save a local circus from a more sinister aerial apparition. The Freddy books were written for children, but they're substantial enough for us grown-ups, too. I first read about Freddy 40 years ago, and I'm not tired of him yet. Easily the Peer of Pooh.
My kids and I really enjoyed this book. I'd highly recommend it for 2nd-6th graders. Funny, engaging, and I love the kindle/audible bundle!
Freddy the Pig and his friends draw our family together - from grandparents, who read aloud,
to children of every age, from eleven to eighteen. We gather, curl up on the floor with pillows,
and read to each other.
Great satire for kids! We bought all the Freddy books and read them aloud from start to finish.
good series for a child to have