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by Isaac Asimov

Stories tell of a woman turned into a cat, an accident prone student, a super-intelligent rat, and children with a talent for being forgotten
Download Mutants epub
ISBN: 0817217347
ISBN13: 978-0817217341
Category: Children
Author: Isaac Asimov
Language: English
Publisher: Heinemann/Raintree (May 1, 1982)
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Rating: 4.2
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just one girl
Product was as advertised and was delivered quickly
Or that is the premises of this anthology edited by Waugh, Greenberg, and Asimov. This contains 12 stories, including:

** Hail and Farewell by Ray Bradbury

A sad little tale about someone who can't progress chronologically past 12 years old, and makes his living by making lonely people happy.

** Keep Out by Fredric Brown

Is a very nice story about the first Martians that has a fun, twist ending.

** What Friends are For by John Brunner

A timely tale about learning what it is to have a friend, even if that isn't always pleasant. Over all one of the best reads of the entire book

** The Wonder Horse by George Byram

When a wonder horse sweeps the racing world no one is prepared for what that could entail, even the horse's owners.

** He That Hath Wings by Edmond Hamilton

A young man born with wings must decide where his destiny truly lies.

** Second Sight by Alan E. Nourse

A sad story about a girl who has no control over her own life, yet has amazing psychic powers.

** I Can't Help Saying Goodbye by Ann Mackenzie

Sadness abounds when a girl who can see that it's time for people to die.

** The Listening Child by Idris Seabright

A deaf boy and a crippled man form a close bond that defies logic.

** The Children's Room by Raymond F Jones

When a father learns what his son's true destiny is, he must decide whether to help his son, or hold on to his boy at all costs.

** The Lost Language by David H. Keller, M.D.

A boy who speaks a language no one else can understand might be a last link to a past civilization.

** Prone by Mack Reynolds

A funny story about making due with what you have, and playing to your strengths.

** Come on, Wagon! by Zenna Henderson

Children have unlimited potential, which can have interesting results.

This is just a quick run down of the stories contained inside. Overall, a good, solid anthology that is well worth the money.
This short collection of 'mutant' stories is a book I did not expect to have a fond memory of, but it happened nonetheless.
Within its pages is a short story ©1938 by Edmond Hamilton, entitled "He That Hath Wings." It remains to this day one of my favorite short stories.
In it, a boy named David Rand is born with wings. He is raised on a private island owned by doctor Harriman, also his legal guardian. The years of growth are eloquently described in a few pages and you learn from David's perspective what it must be like to grow up with wings, and wonder why nobody else does.
As the story evolves, he escapes to the mainland and falls in love with a woman. He makes a huge sacrifice in order to keep his life normal, but the story ends with a twist; you shall have to read.
It's short and wonderful, highly emotional. If you can find a copy of this book and you're like me, you will love it for this one story alone.
Some information about the book: * Paperback ISBN 0-06-020156-8 or ISBN 0-694-05629-4 * ©1984 by Nightfall, Inc., Martin Greenberg, and Charles Waugh
A list of the short stories: * Introduction - Isaac Asimov * Hail and Farewell - Ray Bradbury * Keep Out - Fredric Brown * What Friends Are For - John Brunner * The Wonder Horse - George Byram * He That Hath Wings - Edmond Hamilton * Second Sight - Alan E. Nourse * I Can't Help Saying Goodbye - Ann Mackenzie * The Listening Child - Idris Seabright * The Children's Room - Raymond F. Jones * The Lost Language - David H. Keller, M.D. * Prone - Mack Reynolds * Come On, Wagon! - Zenna Henderson
And finally, a list of the themes of some of the stories, to pique your interest: * What would it be like if childhood lasted forever? * A horse that can fly - without leaving the ground. * A young girl with overwhelming psychic powers. * Predicting the future. * Telekinesis * Evolution sped up through science.