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by Jane Yolen

"A funny space adventure that spoofs Star Wars while providing an easy-to-read story." —BooklistWhen Commander Toad and the crew of the Star Warts learn that a disaster has struck and asteroid, they race across the galaxy to the rescue. But it's hard to figure out just what is wrong, especially when there is a language barrier between the Star Warts crew and the pigeon inhabitants of the dis-asteroid. A hero is needed, but is even intrepid Commander Toad brave enough to save the day?Fans of DK Readers: LEGO Star Wars, Tom Angleberger's Origami Yoda, and silliness will toad-ally love Commander Toad!
Download Commander Toad and the Dis-asteroid epub
ISBN: 0698114043
ISBN13: 978-0698114043
Category: Children
Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
Author: Jane Yolen
Language: English
Publisher: Puffin Books; Reissue edition (July 16, 1996)
Pages: 64 pages
ePUB size: 1890 kb
FB2 size: 1877 kb
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 830
Other Formats: txt lit lrf lit

Silly Dog
My grandsons love these books!
The only down side is that we finished the series now. This was the only one he was missing and he adored these books. Got him REALLY excited about reading! Which is amazing considering he's just turned 7!
Great books!
I had these read to me as a kid, and now I get to read them to my son! A fun read!
There aren’t many genre picture books, or at least they aren’t super popular. One of the rare exceptions in the science fiction genre is Commander Toad. I’ve been enjoying rereading these books recently, and Commander Toad and the Dis-Asteroid proves to be another fun addition to this series.

Commander Toad and his crew on board the Star Warts are about ready to leave the headquarters of Star Fleet when they are given their new mission. It seems that Star Fleet has received a distress call from an asteroid somewhere between Jupiter and Mars. However, the distress call doesn’t quite make sense. The call seems to be requesting beans. Armed with many kinds of beans, Commander Toad heads out to see what is happening.

They arrive to find the asteroid completely covered in water with pigeons flying over the surface. One of them lands and tries to communicate the problem, but he is speaking Pigeon Toad. Will Commander Toad be able to understand and fix the problem?

This is such a fun book. While there is definitely some danger and a real problem that needs to be solved, this is the least scary problem the crew has encountered to date. So if you have a little one who is super sensitive, this might be a good book to read. The story moves along at a decent pace as well, with the detours being lots of fun.

As always, this is a book full of puns. Even if kids don’t get them all, their parents will love them. One or two are even explained for the kids.

Bruce Degen once again provides wonderful illustrations. His pictures provide some laughs all on their own, especially with some hidden gags early in the book.

These are classified as easy reader books, and outside a few names or titles (Lieutenant springs to mind), I don’t see any of the words in this book being a problem. And if parents are helping their kids read, there will be no problem at all.

So be sure to pick up Commander Toad and the Dis-Asteroid. You and your kids will enjoy this science fiction tale.
This is probably the most disappointing of the Commander Toad books, which my sons, ages 4 and 8, truly ENJOY and even beg for! It is a fun read, but not as outstanding as the other books in this series.
The crew receives a message from a planet inhabited only by doves. It turns out that their beans have swollen and clogged the storm sewer drains, causing the entire planet to flood. Very far-fetched, indeed.
The birds sent an SOS to Star Fleet when their wings grew tired from having no place to land. Mistaking their bird language, Commander Toad's crew brings a shipload of beans, which the birds don't really want. They just need dry ground on which to rest.
In the end, Commander Toad saves the day by swimming underwater to pierce the swollen beans with his official Star Fleet gadget. Then he must hold on to a statue of the Mayor while everything unattached goes down the drain! Swallow your disbelief!
The reason this book is not as good as the remainder of the series is because, in a few cases, the pictures don't mesh with the story. I.e. the text says Doc Peeper goes to the planet's surface, but the image doesn't show him in the sky skimmer. Also, the plot is even more oddball than usual.
Incredibly fun series of books. Try _Commander Toad and the Space Pirates_ or _Commander Toad and the Intergalactic Spy_.
Knew the grandkids would love it
Weird story. Beans plugging up drains on a planet of doves... Beans swell when in water. But when you stab them with a