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by Michael Foreman,Michael Morpurgo

King Arthur himself retells some of the most famous legends of the passionate and courageous Knights of the Round Table, including Guinevere and Sir Launcelot, Gawain and the Green Knight, and Tristram and Iseult, among others. Readers will be completely drawn into the magic, chivalry, courage, and mystery of the world of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. “Morpurgo and Foreman have brought the High King of Britain back alive. This retelling stands with the best.”--School Library Journal
Download Arthur, High King of Britain epub
ISBN: 0152000801
ISBN13: 978-0152000806
Category: Children
Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
Author: Michael Foreman,Michael Morpurgo
Language: English
Publisher: Harcourt Children's Books; 1st U. S. ed edition (April 15, 1995)
Pages: 144 pages
ePUB size: 1150 kb
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Rating: 4.9
Votes: 952
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I went ahead and ordered this based on previous reviews on Amazon-even though I keep telling myself I won't get audio books on cassette anymore. I am glad I got it-too bad it is not out on cd.
This is a wonderful account of Arthur and some of the stories of his knights that holds your interest from beginning to end. Not surprising as I just looked again and was reminded it is a British publication-generally British books have so much more to offer (my humble opinion) especially childrens' books (my experience)

I also have the book so my kids can read along if they wish-it is a wonderfully illustrated volume. Love it!
Great story on two cassettes, but the ending leaves one hanging. I'm wondering if there are other stories that come after this that are part of this same storyline...?
I first came across this book when I was reading War Horse (also by Michael Morpurgo) and I thought it would be a good book to read as I like history and I had learnt about King Arthur at school. When I read it I really liked it so when I got an Email from Amazon to say I could review it I jumped at the chance to as it was a really good book and I wanted other people to read and enjoy this book.
Thanks for reading my review and I hope you enjoy the book!
We borrowed this book from the library and I started reading it to my 10 and 8 year old sons. It is written beautiful and not "dumbed down" for children. However there are some areas for concern for those families who are careful what their children read. "Bastard" is used frequently, which isn't horrible, but be aware of it if you let your child read it themselves. What I found most alarming was when the author describes when Arthur slept with "another woman" before he married Guinevere. The description is pretty graphic, in my opinion, for children. It was more like reading a romance novel. It would probably be OK for teenagers but I felt uncomfortable reading it to my children (so I didn't and just said he laid with another woman), So you can decide for yourself, this is what is says on page 30:
" She came, it seemed, from nowhere, a stranger from out of the stormy night, seeking shelter. She dined with us , and when she laughed, I laguhed with her. Bercelot growled and showed his teeth, but I ignored him. The truth was that I liked her, and I saw her eyes adoring me and I like that, too. She was twice my age- but to a young man of eighteen, such things do not matter. She was a woman. That evening, and I am ashamed to say it even now, I did not give Guinever a thought. It was not the howling of the storm outside that kept me from sleeping that night. It was the memorhy of the stranger of the way she moved, of the warm scent of her hair, of the invitation in her eyes. When she came into my room, I pretended to be asleep. But when she climed into my bed I could not pretend any longer. Bercelot growled thunderously.
'You must choose' she said. 'Either that dog goes or I do.' I did not have to think twice. Bercelot gave me a last baleful look. I knew they were Merlin's eyes looking at me, accusing, disappointed, yet somehow at the same time resigned. I shut him out and returned to my bed.
That night at Caeleon, though I was not to know it then, I sowed the seed of my own destruction. When I woke in the morning she was gone."

Again, beautifully written and the illustrations are great. For a read aloud, where I can edit what my children are exposed to, it is great, but I would not allow my child to read it himself.
I had borrowed this book from the library in audiobook format hoping to gain a better understanding of King Arthur's tale. I was not disappointed! The audiobook is read by the author who distinctly brings each character to life. The story itself is vividly full of details and emotion. It brings to light not only the tale of Arthur himself, but of Lancelot, Gawain (and the Green Knight), Tristan and Isolde, along with other colorful characters. Prior to this book I knew very little about Arthurian legend, nor did I really care to know about it. Compared to Greek and Egyptian mythology, Arthurian legend seemed dull. Now I am trying to broaden my knowledge of Camelot and the mythos surrounding it.
To address the claim that the story is too sexually explict, there are mentions of "nights of love" etc. However the descriptions stop there. There is nothing offensive in this book, especially when compared to some other "award winning" (i.e. banned) books children and young adults are made to read.
This book is the best I'll probably ever read.I think the illustrations are excellent, and it's made an old story come to life. My favourite thing about the story is how it keep's popping up with new ideas, and how it goes in and out of him telling the story and the boy actually being there in the cave. My favourite character is Bercelet,I like the idea of him being Merlin's eyes and ears. I think it's a shame about Lancelot and King Arthur fighting and that Lancelot took Arthur's wife.It's brilliant! I look forward to reading more books by Michael Morpurgo.