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by Emma Dodd

In this hilarious, heartfelt picture book, one little girl discovers just how difficult it can be to find the perfect pet. Along the way, she meets a zany mix of cats with distinct personalities, but none of them are right for her! After a comical cat chase, she finally finds a special one to call her very own. In this follow-up to I Don't Want a Posh Dog!, Emma Dodd reminds readers that, while there are many different kinds of pets to choose from, everyone of us can find a loveable four-legged friend to share our hearts and hugs with. With whimsical illustrations and playful rhyming text, I Don't Want a Cool Cat! demonstrates the bond people share with their favorite feline friends--the perfect read-aloud for cat lovers and their little ones.
Download I Don't Want a Cool Cat! epub
ISBN: 0316036749
ISBN13: 978-0316036740
Category: Children
Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
Author: Emma Dodd
Language: English
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers; 1 edition (August 9, 2010)
Pages: 32 pages
ePUB size: 1526 kb
FB2 size: 1622 kb
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 752
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We checked this book out along with the other one (I Don't Want A Posh Dog!) at our local library and LOOOOOVED IT! We HAD to own them both. I actually prefer the dog version, but they're both outstanding. I keep shoving them at family members to read to my daughter, because I want them to see how great they are. They're funny and silly and charming. My daughter loves them. I love reading them. They've got a great pace and adorable art work. I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this book!
This is a very cute story and the drawings are adorable. I am in my 40's and still thoroughly enjoyed this lovely book. Even though I bought it used, it was in great condition and packaged well. It arrived undamaged and did not smell or have any damage beyond normal wear and tear of reading.
Cute and funny! Feels like a rap song.
This is an Adorable book for cat lovers! It has very clever rhyming and cute illustrations. I would recommend it.
Such a cute book!!
There are all kinds of cats, but it just isn't any old cat that will please little girls. A little girl sat in a cat bed, crossed her legs, put her hands on her chin to think about the kind of the type of cat she did NOT want. There was the regal Siamese with a pink collar sprawled on the couch. The little girl thought to herself, "I don't want a cool cat. / A treat-me-like-a-fool cat." Nope, that cat wouldn't do. Next up for consideration was a gray "huffy, over-fluffy cat" and an orange striped alley cat, a "looking-for-a-fight cat." Neither one of those would do.

There was a big fat cat whose eyes widened when she filled a dish with food. "I don't want a greedy cat. / A `Meow, meow, please feed me' cat." She didn't want a prize show cat and a howling black cat was simply not her style. A huge tiger that would lick its chops when she fed it was not her cup of tea. A wide eyed, hairless "slinky, dinky, twinky cat" would just not do. No, it would not do at all. Was there any kind of cat that was just right for a little girl?

This is a delightful book of cats that swirl through the pages, but there is only one kind that a little girl can love. Of course there are cats for anyone and everyone and perhaps you'd fancy the prize cat or that chunky, chubby one, but the adorable look on this little girl's face when she found just the right one will bring out a smile on yours. Cat lovers are going to love the selection of felines in these pages, full well knowing that their kitty is the best ever. The rhythmical verse, which doesn't miss a beat, coupled with the purr-fectly charming artwork will endear this work to both young and old. If your little one is a cat lover, this is one darling book you should consider. No dog lovers need apply here!
In this British import, a little girl enumerates all the kinds of cats that simply will not do for her. "I don't want a cool cat. A treat-me-like-a-fool cat." I loved the expressive cats featured on every page. The grey Himalayan "huffy, over-fluffy" cat stares dourly back at the reader. The greedy cat struggles in vain to push his considerable girth through the cat flap on the door, as the girl determinedly marches forth, can-opener and bowl of food in hand. The marble bengal prize cat pauses to catch her reflection in one of her many trophy cups and smiles back at herself. The big cat (an enormous tiger that takes up the entire page) is followed by a too small, hairless cat, and here, the illustrator has the cat and girl in the lower quarter of a two-page spread, surrounded by empty space, emphasizing the "too smallness" of this cat.

The sweet little friendly kitten that the girl finally chooses at the end of the story, who she joyfully calls "my own cat" does appear to be just about perfect. The endpages features a repeating motif of red balls of yarn. Easily rhyming, steadily paced text paired with oversize bold-lined illustrations make this book a natural for sharing at storytimes. Dog-lovers should check out the accompanying book, I Don't Want a Posh Dog.