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by Paula Danziger and Ann M. Martin

FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. The highly anticipated sequel to the acclaimed novel-in-letters, P.S. Longer Letter Later.
Download Snail-mail No More epub
ISBN: 0340744324
ISBN13: 978-0340744321
Category: Children
Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
Author: Paula Danziger and Ann M. Martin
Language: English
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton (1999)
Pages: 272 pages
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Rating: 4.2
Votes: 404
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This book was for my sister and she loved it. This was the 1st book that got me interested in reading so I thought it was a good idea to give it to her so she can get to reading
Happy to say this purchase arrived quickly and in the condition as stated on the website.
I didn't understand how much people miss when they move, until this book. Tara Starr and Elizabeth are two totally different girls dealing with a lot. From school problems, to friends and family they go through a lot, and without your best friend a walk away it can be hard. After a tough move the two friends have to keep up with each others good, bad and sad news by the computer.

Elizabeth lives with her mom and brother. There dad left them one day with no reason except that he no longer wanted to stay. Throughout the story she suffers the effects of having no dad. She's a plain, ordinary school girl working her was through. Elizabeth has a small group of friends, and of course a guy who she likes.

Tara on the other hand is a wild and crazy kid who makes friends easily. She lives in a small apartment with her mom. Although money can be an issue, she always finds some way to talk to Elizabeth, weather on the computer or phone.

I related this book to my life, because I have moved a lot and have had the trouble of making new friends. I am mostly like Tara because she is an outgoing person. I live with both parents unlike Tara who only has a pregnant mother, but most of the time I feel I only have one. She suffers a lot of pressure from her friends just I like do. I have learned, just like Tara that each time you move your personality moves with you. According to Elizabeth, Tara has changed after she moves.

It's hard having to type out your life update in one email, but Tara and Elizabeth are able to hold their friendship very well considering the things they go through.
This book, Snail Mail No More, is the sequel to P.S. Longer Letter Later. Both are awesome books written in the form of letters from two teenage girls.
Tara* and Elizabeth were best friends until Tara* moved.
Both of these books deal with the same issues, although there are more exciting events in Snail Mail No More (my personal opinion). The main points are: friendship, jealousy, boyfriends, and Elizabeth's alcoholic father.
I like this book because I could find not a single cliche sentence in it. Elizabeth's and Tara*'s lives never go exactly right, but they are never completely unlucky, like some authors make their characters (hmm hmm, Lemony Snicket). They do not in any sense have perfect lives.
Elizabeth, her mother, and her sister live in an apartment. Her parents are not divorced, but they do not live together. Elizabeth doesn't even know where her father lives period. He turns up at odd moments with gifts for Emma, Elizabeth's sister. He calls to say he'll come a certain day and never does. Or he just shows up on their doorstep.
Tara* is an unhappy older sister. Her sister is born in this book. In her letters, Tara either refers to it as IT or Demon Seed. She has no desire to become an older sister.
Both their lives change when Tara's sister is born and something much more than unexpected happens to Elizabeth's father. Want to know what? (I promise, it's an unprecedented ending). Read the book (after you read P.S. Longer Letter Later)!
Snail Mail No More
Friendship is something that you should cherish, even if your 100 miles away from your best friend. The book Snail Mail No More, (sequel to P.S Longer Letter Later ) by authors Paula Danzinger and Ann M. Martin is a book that involves two girls named Tara and Elizabeth, who share a great friendship. One day Tara has to move away....can their friendship last?
Friendship has many responsibilities. One responsibility is helping on another out. That’s what Tara and Elizabeth do. When they are both in trouble, they run to their computers hit write a letter and write away! They e-mail each other about everything that goes on in their lives.
Elizabeth's parents are separated. Her dad is an alcoholic. Elizabeth has a hard time with that and can’t find the words to explain to her little sister what’s going on. Constantly, Elizabeth writes e-mails to Tara about what her dad did. Elizabeth also helps Tara out. They both can share their thoughts with each other.
Tara is about to become an older sister...for the first time! She has absolutely no clue what to do! Elizabeth on the other hand...already has a younger sister. So she has lots of experience. With both of Elizabeth and Tara’s problems they realize how close they really are. Although Tara is 100 miles away from Elizabeth, through e-mails they share a great bond.
I recommend this book to girls 10-13 years of age. If you like books about friendship READ THIS ONE!