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by Virginia Frances Schwartz

Nominated for a Maine Student Book Award 2002

Set in the pre-Civil War South, this gripping coming-of-age novel both depicts the anguish of slavery and celebrates the resilience of the human spirit.

Download Send One Angel Down epub
ISBN: 0786248009
ISBN13: 978-0786248001
Category: Children
Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
Author: Virginia Frances Schwartz
Language: English
Publisher: Thorndike Press; 1 edition (February 2, 2003)
Pages: 208 pages
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Rating: 4.9
Votes: 434
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"'Why do I look like I'm in the middle? Not as dark as you or as light as them. A different color altogether. What does that make me?'" When you look in the mirror and you see you, do you know who you are? Life has more secrets than we know about. In the book, Send One Angel Down, Eliza and her cousin, Abram, live every day of their lives trying to find out who they are and what their job in life is. Along the way, they encounter many problems that get in the way of their dreams. When Eliza is old enough to understand that she is different from the other slaves because of her pale skin and bright blue eyes, she wonders why she is so different. Her older cousin, Abram, tries to keep the details of her background from her because he wants to protect her from the pain and harsh realization that come with that background. Eventually, Master's daughter, Abigail, goes too far with her comments about Eliza's being different and Eliza forces Abram to tell her about her background. Once he tells her, Eliza doesn't want to believe him but she knows that Abram wouldn't lie to her. As Eliza grows up, Abigail becomes jealous of the young slave's beauty and tells Master Tuner to put Eliza out in the fields. Being out in the sun only makes Eliza's beauty greater and Abigail becomes even more jealous. To calm his daughter, Master Turner puts Eliza on the auction block. Abram and Aunt Charity, who is Eliza's mother, sneak out of the fields to watch the auction. At the auction a man, the "Swedelander" and a buyer from New York bid on Eliza. Who will buy Eliza? What will the man from New York do with Eliza if he bids highest on her? What about the Swedelander? What will he do with Eliza if he bids highest on her? If you like historical fiction, this is the book for you. What I liked about this book were the sub-plots that occurred and kept me interested in the story. Most readers will enjoy the way the author showed the strong bond between Abram and Eliza. Any teenager, boy or girl can read this book and stay interested because each character's thoughts are expressed in a thoughtful way. A 5-star book!
I really don't like to read but this book made it worth it. "Send One Angel Down" is a touching story about a cotton plantation with African American slaves working there. When a young girl is born named Eliza. She is very pretty and the Master of the plantations daughters becomes jealous of her good looks. She is not completely black she has dark tan skin. A rumor spreads that she is the Masters daughter. Hiding from the master of the plantation so she does not get sold to another plantation. She wants to stay with her family at the cotton plantation. Her older brother, other slaves on the plantation and white outsiders who buy slaves to set them free must raise enough money to buy Eliza's freedom.

This novel takes place around the Civil War in the 1870's. It tells the hardships and cruelty of slavery. However it tells of some of the heroes that set slaves free. I recommend this book to anyone. Even if you do not like to read. It teaches you a little about history and the hardships African Americans had to go through. It does not have hardly any action though. At some points it was dull. But all in all it was very well written.
This book is set during the 1800�s during the horrible times of slavery. Abram has been exposed to the many painful ways of these times. After he was born, his mother had passed away, and his father had been a run-away slave, with only his aunt and granny he realized when his baby cousin, Eliza, was born that he had to take care of this baby and act a fatherly roll. The plantation owner, Master Turner, is a cold hearted man with two daughters who discriminate Eliza for her blue eyes and honey colored ski, for being half white as well as being half black. This story shows the pains that Eliza and Abram had to go through this period of time.
I enjoyed this book because it was very descriptive and detailed of how these slaves were treated during this time period. At the end of this book, during the afterward, it tells of how this story is true. It shows the racial differences and how the African American�s tolerance of being abused and overworked during the many years of slavery.
Being a slave isn't easy, but this unique book shows the hope of one slave girl and the power of her dreams. As you read Send One Angel Down by Virginia Schwartz you will learn the sadness of slavery but the happiness of hope. In this Historical Fiction you will read about two cousins; Eliza and Abram. Eliza, the youngest of the two was born into slavery. As she gets older she earns the jealousness of Miss Abigail {Masters daughter}. Eliza has cream-colored skin and bright blue eyes.
The setting of Send One Angel Down takes place on a cotton Plantation, in North Carolina. If you want other books like this book Schwartz has written are If I Just Had Two Wings, Drowning Ruth, Messenger, and Initiation. These book's are filled with detail and realistic stories about `real life people."
Send One Angel Down will capture you in unforgettable moments. As you realize the amount of hope one can offer.
This book takes place over 100 years ago during the awful time of slavery. Mixed in with the horrible experiences of being slaves, the two main characters, Abram and Eliza grow up together, yet grow apart. Abram is strong, yet able to handle being a slave for his entire life. Eliza is different. The circumstances of her birth and growing up were different, eventhough they were so closely entwined. I found myself taken into the plantation, and the birthing cabins and the auction blocks along with the characters in the book. I found myself in a different time and place; totally transformed. A wonderful book for all to read, and warm characters to grow to love.
My Daughter really isn't into reading at all but "Send One Angel Down" has changed her mind. The story really kept her going and for once she enjoyed reading a book and now she doesn't complain about reading a book for school reports.