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by Lurlene McDaniel

Remember the true meaning of the holidays with three touching novellas from best-selling author Lurlene McDaniel.In the opening novella, "Christmas Child," 15-year-old Melanie is just getting used to the idea of having a sister when she learns that the child will only live for a few hours.  But Melanie learns much about love during her sister's brief but poignant life.  In "The Last Dance," Brenda is faced with the difficult choice between good intentions and what she really wants when she becomes the last chance for happiness for a dying boy.  In "Kathy's Life," two 16-years-olds seem to have everything on the surface, but not everything is as perfect as it appears.
Download Starry, Starry Night: Three Holiday Stories epub
ISBN: 0553571303
ISBN13: 978-0553571301
Category: Children
Subcategory: Holidays & Celebrations
Author: Lurlene McDaniel
Language: English
Publisher: Bantam Books for Young Readers; English Language edition (October 13, 1998)
Pages: 272 pages
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Rating: 4.4
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I wants to read all her books
I loved it
Such a great book, love it! It is one that I'll definitely be rereading. Lurlene McDaniels is the best author.
Fun game
In "Starry, Starry Night," Lurlene McDaniel has written three more wonderful stories that will without a doubt make you cry.
The first story "Christmas Child," is about a fifteen year old girl named Melanie, and her mother is pregnant. Melanie is extremely excited to be an older sister, and has already finished painting the nursery and buying Christmas presents for the baby. Five days before Christmas, her mom goes into labor - and Jessica is born. But there's one problem, Jessica has a terminal illness that can't be fixed...she will die within a few days. Even though Jessica is only in the family's lives for a few days, she changes each of them forever.
This story made me cry, it's a great one!
"Last Dance" is my favorite of the 3 stories. Brenda gets a phone call from a Mrs. Drake, and she's asking her to go out with her son, Doug. Doug has cancer, and his wish is to go out with Brenda, because, according to him "She's the most beautiful girl in the world." Brenda really begins to fall for Doug, but, will it all work out in the end?
"Kathy's Life" is the last story in the book, and my least favorite. Ellie has it all: the boyfriend, the popularity, and...oh yeah, the divorced parents. But when Ellie and Kathy are assigned to do an English project together, they both change, for better. Kathy is the live in nanny for a young couple's son, Christian. When Ellie and Kathy begin to talk, Ellie finds out a big secret, about why Kathy is the way she is.
All the stories in this book are good, but Ellie's (Kathy's Life) story is pretty racy at's pretty different than any other Lurlene McDaniel book in that sense.
Overall grade: A-
This is ine of my favorite books that Lurlene McDaniel has ever writen. In the first story "The Christmas Child" Melanie a fifteen year old girl fells cheated when her baby sister ,Jennifer, born during the holidays dies ofa disease called Anenacephalec. That is when a baby's top part of their head isn't developed. But the baby's brief life shows Melanie the lasting value of love.
In the second story "the Last Dance" Brenda finds herself in a one win one lose situation. You see Brenda likes this guy named Matt and this guy named Doug lkes her. Brenda gives Matt her phone number but never calls. Doug has Leukemia and still has called her several times. She ahs to choose between the two and decides that Doug is the one she wants. But she only likes him as a friend. doug askes brenda to the winter ball but come to find out,later that Doug can't go becuase his cancer is getting worse. Brenda decides to bring the dance to Doug instead of going herself. Doug and Brenda both know that Doug won't make it throught he night so Brenda stays with him.
In the last story ellie meets this one girl named Kathy who lives with these millionares ina huge mansion. Come to find out that Kathy actually babysits their child. But is it really the millionares child..........? Read it to find out.
I would recommend this book to who ever likes a good book. But I reccomend that you start in the morning because youa cant put it down. Seventh grade and up is better because you have to understand the concept of lasting love. Although it is rated a 4.9 reading level you do have to understand the lasting value of love.
Lurlene McDaniel has woven an intricate story of love, trust, and learning to say goodbye. This is by far one of the most powerful and touching books I have ever read. I especially felt like crying near the end of Christmas child- the first story. Mellie, one of the main characters was so strong in a time of sorrow and despair. You could tell from McDaniel's fabulous talent for writing that Mellie was extremely crushed by the harsh reality of her baby sister's defect. Yet she managed to find a way to help someone else even though she was so upset. I applaud McDaniel for her excellent attempt at writing a story that is believiable and touching. I guarentee, even those of you who rarely cry at movies or from books- you will fell touched, and like crying. What made this book even better was that McDaniel is so talented at writing, and that the story was heartfelt, touching, and beliveable I highly reccomend this book for anyone who likes a great read.