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by Patrick O'Brien

Life sailing with the Royal Navy in the 1780's was particularly miserable: sailors slept in crowded hammocks, ate moldy cheese and maggoty bread, and were subject to very harsh discipline. So when the HMS Bounty arrived in Tahiti after 11 months at sea, the crew of the Bounty thought it was heaven on earth. Living on the island paradise made them lazy and careless.

As the return journey began, Captain Bligh's crew proved reluctant to leave. His temper began to flare, and his second-in-command and old friend Fletcher Christian suffered the worst of Bligh's outbursts. His honor at stake and a longing to return to the island, Christian led a mutiny, then set Bligh and 18 loyal crew members adrift in a launch.

A daring escape by Christian and the mutineers, paired with Bligh's amazing story of survival all make up one of history's most rousing true maritime tales, and Patrick O'Brien's 85 illustrations reach epic proportions of drama and realism.

Download The Mutiny on the Bounty epub
ISBN: 0802795870
ISBN13: 978-0802795878
Category: Children
Subcategory: History
Author: Patrick O'Brien
Language: English
Publisher: Walker Childrens; First Edition edition (February 1, 2007)
Pages: 40 pages
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Rating: 4.7
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This is a very-well-done introduction to the Bounty Mutiny. Probably most appropriate for middle schoolers, but I appreciated the beautiful paintings telling this tragic story, and I'm considerably older than 6th grade! The author obviously did lots of research to get it right, and he is a very-talented artist.
My grandson's 1st book. God thank Obrien!
Vital Beast
I visited Pitcairn Island in 1970, the final resting place for the "Bounty", so it is particularly interesting to me. It is really a child's book and I bought 3 of them for my grandsons.
When I ordered this book, I thought it was the same person who authored the Aubrey/Maturin series -- which I loved. This however is not the same person at all. The book may be an excellent read for children but it is not meant for the adult adventure lovers who read the "real" O'Brian.
Rolling Flipper
The mutiny on the ship Bounty, is one of the great adventure stories. The events surrounding the mutiny have inspired a number of great movies and countless books. There is a lot of history in this story. A children's version must include a lot more historical detail than one usually finds in comparable children's books. Patrick O'Brien does a fine job of retelling the story. However, what makes this book special are the illustrations. Naval illustration is one of the more difficult areas of book illustration. It requires a great attention to detail to make these sailing ships come alive. O'Brien is a skilled illustrator and does a first rate job. The Mutiny on the Bounty is a classic story and this book will serve as a wonderful introduction for any child.
Many children probably have not heard of the Mutiny on the Bounty. This picture book by Patrick O'Brien is a wonderful introduction to the infamous tale. The highlight of the book are the beautiful illustrations which accompany the text. The text and illustrations work hard to introduce the relevant background knowledge about sailing so that the reader can fully understand the tale told. O'Brien deserves commendation for his even handed telling of the tale, though the prose can become workman like at times. Overall this a book recommended for readers of nonfiction or children who would like to learn more about the ill fated voyage of the Bounty.
This beautifully wrought version of the tale of mutiny on the high seas blurs the distinction between picture book and graphic novel, creating a masterpiece of juvenile fiction that will bring drama, history, and adventure to even the most reluctant readers. This book, along with O'Brien's The Great Ships, would be an excellent addition to elementary libraries and classrooms
It is a shame that customers who cannot spell properly or pay attention to what they are purchasing should under-rate a fabulous book--or a fabulous author and illustrator for that matter--because of their own error. Patrick O'Brien, with an "e", is the author and illustrator of well over a dozen picture books for children. To imply that Patrick O'Brien is not the "real" Patrick O'Brian would be a funny comment if the reviewer then didn't drag down the book's overall rating. Sorry I'm not being very positive here, but I would not like to see a continuation of one person after another claiming how this is not the book they thought it was, when if you read the description, the reviews or any of the criteria that Amazon provides, you will understand completely who this book is intended for.