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by Micol Ostow

Abby has always considered herself to be a little vanilla—sweet,plain, but not very exciting. So when she finds herself flying across the ocean to London, trying to forget her problems with her cheating ex-boyfriend and her overprotective parents, she figures her semester abroad is her chance to become one big hot fudge sundae. And she isn't disappointed. London boasts a plethora of funky pubs and shops, drivers on the wrong side of the street, French fries called chips, and a very charming Brit named Ian. As Abby moves closer to the vision of her wild child self, she realizes that sometimes leaving what you know best actually brings you closer to what you best know—yourself. This S.A.S.S. (Students Across the Seven Seas) novel is one of the first two in our new study abroad fiction series. Teen girls will latch onto these books as they're enmeshed in the lives of characters just like themselves, who are experiencing new cultures, new friendships, and new worlds through study abroad!
Download Westminster Abby (S.A.S.S.) epub
ISBN: 0142404136
ISBN13: 978-0142404133
Category: Children
Subcategory: Growing Up & Facts of Life
Author: Micol Ostow
Language: English
Publisher: Speak (May 5, 2005)
Pages: 192 pages
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Rating: 4.7
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I haven't even really gotten to far into it, because it's hard to read. The feelings of the character are very unrealistic and her personality is sketchy. I myself am going to be an exchange student, and know many others who currently are one, an this does not match any aspect of that life at all. It's a cute idea, but seems as though the author had no experience whatsoever with foreign exchange programs, or even life in London.
"Westminster Abby" tells a relatively predictable story about a teenage girl with overprotective parents who longs to break free and become her own person. She leaves the confines of her home in New York City to explore the wondrous world of London and its environs. There, she befriends a girl who's the complete opposite of her. With the help of her new friend, Abby starts to break out of her shell and become the not-so-vanilla girl she always wanted to be.

Micol Ostow does a nice job in describing the various locales in which her narrative takes place. This novel could serve as somewhat of a guide book for those traveling to London for the first time, as it gives realistic opinions of a first-time visitor's impression of Britain, except that it's intertwined in the story of a young girl who some teens will probably be able to identify with (a cheating ex-boyfriend, parents who expect perfect grades).

Although I raced through the pages to see what adventures Abby would have next, there are no really exciting events in the book, or characters that really stand out -- although Abby is likeable enough. But it's a fun read for the beach or a plane ride. My major disappointment in the book is that the ending left me dissatisfied. I'm sure the author purposely ended the book where she did because she didn't think it was necessary to write much more about Abby after she turned into the new-and-improved Abby, but it still would've been nice to see how everything pans out for her after her transformation.
Westminster Abby is the first book in the S.A.S.S. Series. It follows a girl, Abby, who is struggling to find her independence. In search for it she travels to London as part of her school's foreign exchange program. I enjoyed the fact that this book mostly took place in England; however the author didn't describe the settings as well as I would have hoped. The contemporary plot wasn't necessarily a new idea, but the story progressed smoothly and the ending was surprisingly unpredictable. Previously I have read Girl Overboard by Aimee Ferris, which is another book in the S.A.S.S Series. Comparing the two, Girl Overboard wowed me while Westminster Abby was pleasurable. Overall 3/5 stars; I would pick more of the S.A.S.S novels.
Other than the drama of teenage love, I enjoyed this adventure-filled book. Sites that Abby toured had enough detail for me to plan my itinerary in London. I am so glad that she talked about the Eye of London, that was one of my best stops in London. I would recommend the series based on this book alone.

Was it written from a teenage perspective? Yes, but I still enjoyed going to different sites vicariously through Abby, and then experiencing them for myself.
This is a new release in the teen fiction. The main story focuses on a high school student who has the opportunity of travelling to England to attend summer school.

This book is not horrible, but basicaly, it is as bland as vanilla.

None of the characters are particularly interesting and the main storyline is kind of standard stuff that I have read over and over again.

The writing style is good.

While this book is not thick, it felt as though I kept reading and reading and reading.

Just an average entry here.
i bought this book at a thrift store and i wasnt sure about its quality but i wasnt really looking for that great of a book at a thrift store. I was surprised because it acually sparked my intrest in some parts! the love triangles and the usual teenage stuff appealed to me! this is a good book for teenage readers
I started the S.A.S.S. series with this book about a year ago, and this one was actually a really nice start. It interests you and makes you want to go to London yourself and experience what Abby did. I think that if you want to start the series, you should go with this one, and then decide for yourself if you want to continue. Great and easy-to-read books! :)
With this teen-drama, abroad, romance, book the main character (Abby) goes her way to london. In the book it starts with her on the plane to study aboard. She tells what kind o girl she is and why the real reason she going. I never read Micol Ostow stories before but after reading "Westminster Abbey", maybe ill read some more of his work. In the story there are 3 main character. One is Abby (The Girl), James ( a boy who see likes in usa), and Ian ( the guy she meet and staying while studying abroad). If i were to recommend this book to anyone, mostly young teenagers. Why is so while reading they can relate and understand where the main character is coming from and the author. Also the difficulty of the book is not very difficult. For my overall thoughts about the book is i like it, although not as much as other books i've read. But for a good 12 chapter book, i really wanted to know what was going to happen at the end.