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by Diane Hansen

"Those are MY Private Parts by Diane Hansen is ground breaking information for parents and children in the prevention of child sexual abuse. It is non-threatening to children, but sends a clear message that children must be protected and educated against predators. Those are MY Private Parts is the only publication on the market that addresses the serious issue of child sexual abuse dedicated especially for children. A most important and educative tool for parents, teachers and others who care about the welfare of our children". Claire R. Reeves, MA, C.C.D.C. President/Founder Mothers Against Sexual Abuse Author: Childhood - It Should Not Hurt
Download Those are MY Private Parts epub
ISBN: 0976198800
ISBN13: 978-0976198802
Category: Children
Subcategory: Growing Up & Facts of Life
Author: Diane Hansen
Language: English
Publisher: Empowerment Productions (December 16, 2004)
Pages: 28 pages
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Rating: 4.1
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I had high hopes for this book, but it falls short. The rhymes are cute, but it's message of saying no to adults is too broad and annoyingly repetitive. The message leaves no room for explaining to kids which situations are appropriate for touch (parents bathing/doctors). The book adamantly insists that NO ONE, EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES should touch a child's genitals- and it preaches this message OVER AND OVER again. My child is toilet training and doesn't wipe her bottom well, often requiring a "follow-up" check. This same kid has an allergy to bubble bath that caused redness in her genitals that needed to be examined by a doctor. This book made no mention of "okay" circumstances for touch. Additionally, research shows that the most effective way to teach children about "stranger danger" or other risky situations is to help them learn to recognize and listen to their gut or uncomfortable feelings. This book makes no mention of this concept.
This is only a minor issue, but worth mentioning. I didn't anticipate this, but when I showed the book to my three year old, she wanted to start drawing in all of her books since the illustrations in this one are all child drawn (or child-like).
This could be a pro or a con depending on your needs/uses, but the book only uses stick figures and doesn't show any anatomy.
The positive message (and sadly the only message) is that there should never be any games involving private parts. This is important because most abuse occurs under the guise of a game. I appreciate this message as many books gloss over it, unfortunately it's the only message in the book.
The book repeats the theme that there is no *game* that is ok that involves the private parts and empowers the child to say No, I don't like that touch. So, if your child doesn't want you to wash them then they would say no. It says potty words are pee and poop and it's ok to ask for help to go potty. Also, "rubba-dub is for the tub" "A babysitter, super-star, whoever they may be. Will never, ever play a touching game with me. I do not have to play. Get away I will say"
In NO way did I get the impression that private parts were demonized AT ALL! The exact OPPOSITE in fact. This book allows adults to talk to a child about something adults are uncomfortable saying out loud. It encourages the adult to say penis and vagina out loud with no shame. Please don't skip over this book because of one reviewers impression, it is too important of a book! This book EMPOWERS ("I am young and I have a big, loud voice") the child to take ownership of their body and that there are adults to tell and get help to stop the "game" (because usually the abuse is from an adult the child trusted). I would be very cautious of adding any clarification for my kids that no one is allowed to touch thier privates except for mommy & daddy to clean because a child molester would use that and start playing a cleaning game and say "mommy and daddy told me to clean you and will be very mad if you don't let me". And what if the molester is the mom or dad? No, just keep it simple, no "private parts game" & "I can say No I don't like that".
I love this book. My husband heard about it from a friend and decided to purchase it. It is a great tool to use to assist parents when talking to your little one about inappropriate touches. One of the things I really love about the book is the way it stresses that "those are my private parts." This phrase is repeated over and over in the book like a refrain. Furthermore, it highlights the fact that inappropriate touches can come from anyone, including a parent. Additionally, the book encourages children to report bad touches to an adult. It is illustrated with cute "little kid" pictures like stick figures and the like. It reads almost like a poem and my children love it. It starts with:

This is where the learning starts
About boys and girls and private parts.
The front is different; the back is the same.
And most important of all, there are no private parts games.

Those Are MY Private Parts!

Usually my husband and I read the lines, and my children will chant the refrain together........actually they like to shout it! I'm sure our neighbors have probably heard them shouting "those are my private parts" on more than one occasion! LOL Every time we read this book we use it to segue into a discussion with our children about inappropriate touching. I usually quiz them where I give examples of a touch in various scenarios and they have to tell us if it's "okay" or not. In each scenario I use different adults, including Mommy and Daddy. I would highly recommend this book to any parent.
I work with children who are in foster care, and their parents who are working toward reunification. I read all of my verbal children this book, and teach parents how to involve their children in calling out, "Those are MY private parts!" Kids and parents love that the author and her daughter wrote and illustrated it together. This book has empowered so many families, to know their boundaries, to express them, and to identify inappropriate/unsafe behaviors. My favorite part is when it says to take a look at the person reading this book... they'll trust me. The eye contact that I get from parents and kids... indescribable. Every parent needs to own this, every teacher, every library, every social worker, every doctor... we all need access to this book, to heal the hurt and to protect the generations after us.