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by Andy Rash,Aaron Starmer

A smart and funny tale of perseverance, teamwork, and the true meaning of success.Strange things are happening at Ho-Ho-Kus Junior High. The cafeteria is covered in a sea of burger wrappers. Bullies aren’t bullying anymore. And there’s an eerie growling coming from the walls. If anyone can get to the bottom of these mysteries, it’s Denton, Wendell, Eddie, Elijah, and Bijay. They may be misfits, but they’re also the smartest kids in the eighth grade. There’s just one problem. Vice Principal Snodgrass has framed them for a crime they didn’t commit and imprisoned them in a secret room in the bowels of the school. His terms: Ace the dreaded Idaho Tests and all will be forgiven. Their plan: figure out who—or what—is to blame for the changes at school. It will take the nerdiest of skills. It will be scarier than talking to girls. It will be a true test, one that can be passed only by a select few. And those five boys are known as DWEEB.
Download Dweeb: Burgers, Beasts, and Brainwashed Bullies epub
ISBN: 038573705X
ISBN13: 978-0385737050
Category: Children
Subcategory: Growing Up & Facts of Life
Author: Andy Rash,Aaron Starmer
Language: English
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers (October 13, 2009)
Pages: 240 pages
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Rating: 4.3
Votes: 593
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This was tough to find and I was so happy to get it. It was definitely in used shape, but it was way more reasonably priced than any other copies I found. Thank you!
Fun story for the middle school reader. I enjoyed it as well and I’m an adult
This book is about five intelligent and talented young men
(Denton, Wendell, Eddie, Elijah, and Bijay) who undergo many
common obstacles. One of the big barriers is the
standardized tests. They also withstand some very difficult
and unique problems. It all starts when their vice
principal, Snodgrass, accuses them of stealing money from
the school bake sale. Snodgrass locks them in the school
basement for a whole week, all they are left to do is eat,
sleep, and study. Coach McKenzie, the gym teacher, visits
them three times a day, to give them their breakfast, lunch,
and dinner. The only one that can save them is Nurse Bloom,
who gets to check in on them once during the week to make
sure that they are heathy. But when she also fails to help
them, they have to look for clues and discover how to get
back out. While trying to get out they uncover why they were
trapped in the first place. Unveil the mystery by

This author definitely went for the gold,
and achieved! His writing was very powerful, had wonderful
word choice, and it was still appropriate for the age group.
I liked how the author had a chapter for each character. I
cannot think of any other book like this one, it is very
unique in its own good way. This book captures kids'
perspective on the standardized tests. It should be moving
for kids to see that just because they don't do perfect on
the tests, it doesn't mean that they are not smart. I
learned standardized tests are just another of the many
tests we take and are not the most important thing in the
world; and other kids should learn from this too. I suggest
for everyone to read this book: parents, teachers, and kids.
Everyone needs to know when to stop when it comes to taking
tests. Overall I would give this book a nine out of ten for
its complete and utter greatness!

Reviewed by a young adult student reviewer
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I really like Dweeb because it brings out every feeling in me. I like the characters, my favorite is Eddie. I liked it so much that I could not stop reading it. Other books I love are The Bailey School Kids books and The Magic Tree House books. Dweeb reminded me of Bailey School Kids books alittle. If you like these types of books I know you'll love Dweeb. I hope there will be a sequel.
Naturally, I thought this book was about a "Dweeb" and I thought since I was a Dweeb during my awkward years, it would be fun to read. However, I was surprised a number of times in this tale of diverse smart young fellows up against misguided adults. Not to give away the story I will simply say the characters, both young and old were engaging, each sharing personality quirks with people I know or have known. The plot development was intriguing enough to make the book a "page turner"... one always wanted to know what came next. I also had a few good laughs and wondered if perhaps I missed a few humorous moments because of the fact that in age I am not a juvenile. By the way I do not remember ever being locked up in my middle school basement but was taken there once with several others to be paddled!
Five of Ho-Ho-Kus's top 8th graders are framed up by the darkly mysterious Vice Principal and forced to study for a week (a week!) for an important test. The Principal seems to have gone missing, fellow students are behaving peculiarly, and a fast food chain is selling food in the school cafeteria: clearly, something sinister is afoot! The wily fivesome, locked up in the school, are onto an ominous plot - they just need to put their heads together to escape, solve the mystery, and save themselves and their peers! There's a lot of fun in this adventure - the vice principal and the gym teacher are especially humorous creations. Terrific entertainment for kids around the 8th grade level. Check it out!
this book was very useful to me because im in middle school and the book is about middle school so it was useful to me. i could'ent put the book down cause i wanted to see what happend next.
This story moves quickly which really keeps the reader engaged. I think it's an especially good read for children with an active imagination. The story's heroes are very diverse, so there is something for everyone to identify with. Overall it's a fun book aimed at kids in an "awkard" age range with some great messages: embrace what makes you special and trust yourself, but also learn to accept and trust other people and their talents.