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by Cynthia Voigt

Mikey Elsinger is having a crisis. She's started a new school and she wants to be popular. Her best friend Margalo thinks the words Mikey and popular don't belong in the same sentence. Margalo knows how people work. The rules are quite clear: to be popular, you must a) be nice to people; b) know when to keep your mouth shut; and c) wear the right clothes at all times. Mikey doesn't stand a chance...does she? The funny, touching sequel to BORN TO BE BAD and BAD, BADDER, BADDEST.
Download It's Not Easy Being Bad (PB) epub
ISBN: 0330398237
ISBN13: 978-0330398237
Category: Children
Subcategory: Growing Up & Facts of Life
Author: Cynthia Voigt
Language: English
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books (August 9, 2002)
Pages: 192 pages
ePUB size: 1394 kb
FB2 size: 1825 kb
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 197
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You don't have to have read any of the other Bad Girls novels to enjoy this third offering in the series, but once you've finished it, you may just find yourself tempted to get your hands on all of Mikey and Margalo's adventures. In "It's Not Easy Being Bad," Cynthia Voigt gives us an inside look at the perhaps unlikely friendship between two seventh-grade girls. Mikey is outspoken, athletic, and wholly her own person; Margalo is sensible, a bit exotic, and sometimes yearns to be accepted. Throughout the course of the novel, the two struggle to find their place in seventh grade society, while still retaining their individuality. Mikey is full of wild ideas, and Margalo is the voice of reason, as they navigate cliques, vendettas, and unjust school policies. The novel is full of thoughtful passages highlighting the difference that so often exists between our inner lives and the personas we present to the world, and Voigt possesses an understanding of middle-school social structure and mores that would do a sociologist proud. There are no pat answers in this novel; it's not a road map to popularity, nor an idealistic "be-true-to-yourself" screed. Margalo becomes a social chameleon of sorts, becoming all things to all people, without ever really getting to know them or revealing anything of herself; the superficial friendships she develops with girls from various cliques stand in sharp contrast to her all-genuine bond with Mikey.

Although the girls, Mikey in particular, find themselves in trouble several times over the course of the novel, they're not really "bad" girls - just a couple of kids trying to find their place. Their personality and wit will win readers' hearts, and young readers, if not acutely aware of Voigt's insight and deft use of irony, will most likely find this novel appealingly sympathetic and hilariously funny.
It wasn't interesting at all. It is not worth the price. This a bad book. This book is very unrealistic and would NEVER happen in real life. It is a very dull book. It is also very confusing, it is hard to keep track of who is who and who did what. This is a book i would only read if i had to, or maybe not even then. The plot is very weak. i think my own life is more interesting than this book. It's about some kids who decided to turn bad to be popular. Both of the main characters are stuck up and never listen to what others have to say. I didn't find any of the characters particularly likeable.I forced myself to finish this book but I cannot recommend it. Sorry, but this book was not a book i liked. I was not particularly impressed.
There are two main characters. They are Mickey and Margalo. Mickey is a tough kid who is always getting into fights, but nobody realy knows her other side except Margalo. Margalo is part of a big family that dosen't really have much money to spend, so that makes them both unpopular, but they are best friends. The story begins with Mickey and Margalo having a conversation about not wanting to be unpopular. So they decide that they are going to make plans to become more popular. The most exciting part is when Margalo went to the Thrift Store and picked out a cool outfit and when she went to school every one loved it. The story ends when they both become popular and they finally realize that having their friendship is better than being popular. I like this book because it was funny and it makes me think about all the crazy things people my age do just to fit in. I recomend this book to anybody who wants to read a funny adventure about friendship and life as a 7th. grader.
Mikey Elsinger and Margalo Epps are not your typical type of teenagers. They love causing trouble and hide their feelings. They were best friends from the first day of 5th grade or so they say. Mikey is a short, stocky, girl who is always seen as the bad girl. She always goes for what SHE wants and always tries to leave in a mess. Margalo is a quiet girl who can pretend to be like other girls. She is in a large family and therefore her family is not very rich. Mikey is the only one in the universe who can figure out Margalo and Margalo is known as the bad girl's friend. In this 3rd book, both girls experience middle school. The school where they are all nobodies. Mikey and Margalo will not let this pass and so begins another great book of the lovable, yet defensive, unforgettable best friends.
It's Not Easy Being Bad is a great book to read. The book is interesting and funny at times. The book will make you want to read more and more until you finish it. I loved reading this book and all of my other friends did too. It's Not Easy Being Bad is a super book for everyone to read and have. The book talks about to seventh graders named Margalo and Mickey. When thry try to be cool in doesn't really workout when the popular kids make fun of them or they go into the Principal's office. So then, in the end they find out that they like who they are and that they don't have to be popular. I love the book and you will too.
It�s Not Easy Being Bad, by Cynthia Voigt is a novel about two girls that want to be more popular, but end up being less popular.
As they deal with Middle School and the disadvantages of being un-popular, they come up with a plan of being more popular. Margalo and Mikey come up with a challenge-which one becomes popular first. However, since they also have a �bad� side to them. They cant� help getting in a few laughs. Even if that gets them more un-popular.
They author wrote this book so anyone who reads it can connect with it. They get a view of what�s it like to go to Middle School and how hard it is to become popular.
I wouldn�t recommend this book too much because once you start getting into the book, it get boring and you just feel like putting it down.
Well I really do like this book.It has 241pgs. I am not done yet but so far so good.As I was reading the first 10pgs. I was thinking it was really boring but I guess they want u to get to kno the characters be4 u get into the gppd part.Oh and it is really funny when Heather comes along but I will not mess it up 4 u all so read and post what u think!!!and by the way I am 11yrs of age and a book worm and if u ask me this book should be called "it is not easy bring popular" it would go with the book alt better but well I am only on pg.....153