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by Brian Hurst,Salvatore Murdocca,Olivia Newton-John

Iggy saves everything -- from old mattresses to balls of string -- and his son, Ziggy, is embarrassed by what his schoolmates are saying about all this junk. His father has turned their yard into a pigsty! What Iggy creates out of all the bits and pieces is beyond what anyone would expect -- come and see! A happy, rhyming environmental tale by one of the world's favorite singers, Olivia Newton-John (with Brian Hurst), with endearing pictures by popular children's book illustrator Sal Murdocca is just what budding environmentalists (and their families) will enjoy.
Download A Pig Tale epub
ISBN: 0689824289
ISBN13: 978-0689824289
Category: Children
Subcategory: Growing Up & Facts of Life
Author: Brian Hurst,Salvatore Murdocca,Olivia Newton-John
Language: English
Publisher: Aladdin (April 1, 1999)
Pages: 32 pages
ePUB size: 1192 kb
FB2 size: 1212 kb
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 521
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What a great book for children. Olivia Newton-John rocks.
I love this story and I read it to my students each year. I wish they would have a reprint! Kids love it! (As do I!)
I think when someone has great talents such as Olivia they need to do something with them. Of course, to a certain extent, but to not share them by acting, singing, or writing or whatever it takes to express/share the talents is selfish & wasteful. I have loved Olivia Newton-John since she first hit the scene & have never been able to get enough of her. I am not meaning to sound weird or anything, it's just that Olivia has rare qualities & if she shared just a little more of herself through acting or more importantly a book on her self it would prove to be a great asset to the world & the many people who would benefit from it, like myself. I would love to have a recent book of Olivia Newton-John on my bookshelf to reinstate juvenation, as an inspiration & just to enjoy in my leisure. I don't know about others but I find many people interesting; however, Olivia takes the cake. I'm not saying she's obligated in anyway or that she should be obligated to do these things with her talent, because of course she is human, too, & deserves her freedom; but if I had talent like that & someone said these things to & about me, I think I would be encouraged to fill their request(s) not due to obligation but simply in the term of that "IF I CAN HELP EVEN JUST ONE PERSON GET THROUGH LIFE A LITTLE EASIER, THEN I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED A LOT!!!" & I believe the world would greatly benefit from a person with Olivia's talents & therefore a recent up-to-date book on herself. I would really like to have something from Olivia to this effect. Olivia is a fantastic person & is a Blessing in disguise.
A Pig Tale is a very catchy poem about a little pig named Ziggy and his dad, Pop Iggy. Ziggy gets made fun of by everyone because his dad collects junk. Then one day, his dad announces that he will make something spectacular with all of his junk and everyone waits to see what it will be. When the barn doors open, everyone sees his "amazing invention, a most beautiful thing!" It's a beautiful balloon! Ziggy and his father circle the globe in their balloon and Ziggy is very proud of his father. The story has a wonderful morale: "Protect our dear earth. Don't throw it away. You, too, could make magic from garbage someday. This is an excellent book to have around during the study of Earth Day, especially for younger children.
Rocky Basilisk
I've read this book to my kids time and time again. The message of the importance of recycling has really hit home with them. They enjoy the rich illustrations and the rhyming verses are very catchy. Your kids will love it too!
My Favorite Childrens' Book Of All Time! This book has a very good moral about recycling and saving the earth, it's a great book to read to a child. If I could I'd rate it with ten stars!
Sit down with your children and read a very pleasent story. They will love it and so will you. A great way to have some real family time together.