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by Lisi Harrison

The RADs are free and Draculaura (Lala) is flashing her fangs with pride. But when Daddy Drac pays her a surprise visit everything goes batty. Mr. D. thinks RADs should have their own school, but Lala isn't ready to give up the rights they fought so hard for.
Download Monster High: Back and Deader Than Ever epub
ISBN: 0316099171
ISBN13: 978-0316099172
Category: Children
Subcategory: Growing Up & Facts of Life
Author: Lisi Harrison
Language: English
Publisher: Poppy; 1 edition (May 1, 2012)
Pages: 240 pages
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Rating: 4.4
Votes: 392
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I am a die hard fan of the Monster High doll and web series. I purchased the first three books written by Ms. Lisi and liked her version and vision of the MH world and characters. But... COME ON!!!! I am so dissapointed with this book, it had so much potential! Not to mention that Draculaura is one of my favorite characters, of course I was exited for her book! I expected so much and got so little... *sigh* I question what happened to Lisi while writting this book, I don't like to critize people's work but I just have to say it, It's like while she was writting this she got into an argument with her publiser or something and just decided to end the series just like that. While reading you can clearly see the skeleton of another book, a different story that got hacked into pieces and edited like crazy so that it ended the series sooner than expected. And in my opinion ended it badly.This series had material for atleast 5 books (one for each of the main Ghouls even more if she decided to develop more of the characyters she already had.)But it just BLAM ends it just like that. Oh and there is so much incoherence, it drove me crazy!!! If you read it carefully you can find so many plot point that just *poof* dissapeared or start and are never explained. Example: Clawd acting all secretive about his relationship with Lala to the point where it was like he was ashamed of it. (werewolf and Vampire,I know I know).But that she never spoke to him about it, she didnt even act hurt or at least cared! It was like she was in Lala-land! (no pun intended). No offense, but that just made her look weak and silly in my eyes(which Draculaura is NOT). Another plot that just blew my mind (in a bad way) was that crazy, twisted, incoherent, silly love triange that was and then magically wasn't between Melody, Jackson and the Gargoyle dude (forgot his name *shame*). In my mind that was scheduled for the next book but instead was crammed into this one. Oh dear Lord, I have TRIED to figure out what happened in Lisi's life to make her decide to do this... this... atrocity to us. But a lass, maybe I will never know. And it is because of this that it pains me to say it but this series is not worth the buy, it started out great and then it spiraled out of control and ended in a flaming dissaster titled ''Back and Deader than ever''... Oh the sweet sweet irony.
I love Monster High. I adore the dolls and the webisodes and tv specials. I am also an adult. I love YA paranormal books and I bought the first Monster High novel long before I broke down and started buying the dolls. I enjoyed the characters. I enjoyed the plots. The stories were never anything but light, fun fluff with a nice message. I was sorry to hear that this would be the last Monster High novel by Lisi Harrison. I was even sorrier to learn the new series would be marked to even younger children because I doubt that they will be able to hold my interest. Still marketing the books to the same age group that they market the dolls is probably a good idea for the brand. This all just magnified my disappointment with this last installment.

The plot is vague, disjointed and all over the place. Characters we have come to know make completely odd choices. Billy does something bad and is forgiven in a heartbeat. Frankie is acting like anyone but Frankie. Melody has turned into a completely unrecognizable character. Draculaura's father has spent book after book being against RAD/Normie integration. The book changes his mind with a single line that seems to be randomly thrown in. The Jackson/Melody thing appeared to be going in one direction (again completely bizarre) but then the resolution was EVEN more bizarre.
I did enjoy seeing some of our favorite monsters. I loved hearing that Ghoulia has an older sister named "Moan-ick-a". That was cute. I also liked the way they resolved the school issue making Monster High more of the school we know from the webisodes and dolls. Still this was easily the worst of the series. It was like the author was counting down to being done with this commitment and the story suffers for it.
I didn't have my usual amount of free time to read, this one took me about 6 hours to read. The book started out just as interesting and fierce as the others but kinda started to lack interest. I am a huge fan of MH and Liza but this was rather disappointing. The story gets jumbled from middle to end and leaves you feeling like your best friend just walked out of your life. It was a rushed end to a line I was hoping would be around for at least 10 more books. Sad to see it go because I have no interest reading the new ones being released by another company aimed at 3rd graders.
Lisi Harrison really knows how to keep readers happy. In the fourth (and last) installment of the Monster High series, Draculaura tries to gain her bloodsucking father's attention, put Merston High on the map, and show that flaws make us fabulous! It's a great read with tons of humor, action, and freaky cool characters.
I will never deny my child a book. Especially when I know she is going to read it. This, along with all other installments of Monster High, was on her must have list. She is 10 and flew through the book in three days. Her review was - It's awesome mommy. I can;t wait for the next one. Enough said - it's a winner!
It's so amazing and your stuck to the book every second. Also it's very realistic (not in the monster way) with the way teenagers feel and how some girls need to be Queen bees and some like to be free. Also it's balanced with romance, girliness, teenage hormones, last minute projects, and feeling like you belong somewhere. Basically amazing. BUT THEN ENDING WAS AWFUL! It was actually okay..... idk not my fav ending.
Awww I am so sad. I loved the tear jerking ending. I love it all from beginning to end. It felt like I was in the book and living the anxiety and fear. I felt the good times and everything. I hope there are more books in the future. If not, GO MONSTER HIGH!!!!
perfect condition when i got it in the mail