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by Franklin W. Dixon

Download Dead on Target (Hardy Boys Casefiles, Case 1) epub
ISBN: 0785750592
ISBN13: 978-0785750598
Category: Children
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Author: Franklin W. Dixon
Language: English
Publisher: Tandem Library (January 1991)
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I am a die hard Hardy Boys fan and this is definatly one of the better of the group. I recommend any of the books for lite reading and a break from reality. A key note of advise though, I read a lot of the reviews complaining that these are unrealistic. Yes they are but in my opinion there is always enough reality in the world from the moment you wake up a little break every now and then is nice.

Back to this book though it is extremly exciting and is the start of a whole new begining in the Hardy Boys books. This mystery throws out all the cute nice points of the hardcovers. Another word of caution the hard covers are a lot tamer than these do to the era they were written in.
Book was in great condition for being used. My son devoured the book, as usual but was very pleased in the condition of the book.
"Dead on Target" was the beginning of a new era for the Hardy Boys. This is the first volume of the new (in 1991) series "The Hardy Boys Casefiles", and it is a more adult and action packed series than the original series. This is never more evident than the first two pages of the book. Whereas the original series (started in 1927 and it is still running today) would have various plots by criminals, nobody ever seemed to get killed or nothing too serious would ever happen, but "Dead on Target" opens with the killing of Joe Hardy's girlfriend (and sister of good friend Chet) Iola Morton. For a series that has been known for its lack of actual murders of any on screen character, this was a shocking and explosive (no pun intended as it was by a bomb that killed Iola) moment. It marked the different direction that the Casefiles would take the reader, as well as the Hardys, on.

A car bomb was the cause of death for Iola Morton. Frank and Joe, as well as Iola and Frank's girlfriend Callie Shaw, were at the mall preparing for a political rally. Iola ends up returning to the Hardys' car to pick up more campaign materials when it explodes, killing her. Joe blames himself because his flirting with another girl made Iola mad and this is what led her to be at the car by herself. At the funeral, "Dead on Target" takes another twist by introducing the character of The Grey Man. The Grey Man is a member of a secret government organization called "The Network". "The Network" believes that an international group of terrorists, "The Assassins", were responsible for Iola's death and are planning something big for the political rally the following week.

The rest of the novel finds Frank and Joe traveling to London, fighting several members of the Assassins, being in the midst of gun battles and defusing a bomb. "Dead on Target" is fast paced with a tighter story than what is found through most of the original series. For fans of the Hardy Boys, "Dead on Target" is likely to be a favorite. It is not for the purists of the series, though. This book takes the brothers down a different timeline than we find in the main series. Since the main series continued to be published at the same time as the Casefiles, these books (Casefiles) are either set at a later date than the continuing series or is part of some alternative timeline since Iola is still alive in the main series.

"Dead on Target" has more violence than the "classic" Hardy Boys, but this is a very interesting story, even if it is a bit far fetched. For the first time, terrorism and murder have been introduced to Bayport and the Casefiles bring the reader a new style of story with the Hardys. As an introduction to the Casefiles as well as a new episode in the lives of the Hardys, this is a good place to start. Fifteen years after first reading this book it remains a fun read.

-Joe Sherry
In Franklin Dixon's Hardy Boy's "Dead on Target", Frank "The good looking blonde haired blue-eyed older brother", and Joe "The black haired brown eyed younger brother", and their close freinds are in the mall in their hometown of Bayport on the East coast around lunch. Iola (one of the friends) gets upset and goes back to the car in the parking lot and gets in. Frank and Joe are on their way out to the car when it blows up with Iola in it! This creates a huge mystery which Faranklin Dixon's books are known for. This becomes a huge mystery leading to an overseas Terrorist group who is trying to scare Fenton Hardy (Frank and Joe's dad and one of the worlds greatest detectives) off their case. The bomb was meant for his kids but killed Iola. The two boys, who are great detectives themselves, vow to solve the case.

The case leads them to Europe fighting an international terroist group who are trained experts. Dodging death and putting themselves in danger for others they quickly close in on the terrorists with help from the FBI and other agencies. But the real problem is in Baypot.

My feelings about the book are that it is great! The author uses a fast pace to keep the reader intrested in the book. His books are identical to the Nacy Drew mystery books in that the main characters are teenagers.
As a child, I remember reading the Hardy Boys books and wishing they had more action. When the casefiles came out, I got my wish. This book has set the tone for all of the casefiles. The adventures that Frank and Joe work on can and are dangerous, and can even include death. The fact that it was Joe's girlfriend, Iola Morton, is even more symbolic since Joe is the daredevil of the duo, as well as the one who is most callous towards his relationships. This story provided a real eye-opener for Joe, as well as the reader. I sometimes wonder if Iola really is alive, since the Assassins have cloned her several times. But each time she is cloned is a good reminder to Joe and Frank about what is most important in life - and this is life itself, especially that of a friend, or even a brother. Joe's attitude change showed how personally he took Iola's death and for once, I am glad to see more emotion. A great job and a great start to a new series of adventures for Dixon's longest running children's series
If you're into the fast action pace adventure type of books, then this is the book for you. I think this book is the most adventurous of the set. From the bombing and killing of Iola Morton to the Network agent, The Gray Man, this book shows a side of Joe and Frank Hardy never seen before. On the verge of tracking down a terrorist from a group called the Assassions, they travel from the scene of the crime, the mall, to London where they discover how dangerous the case can become. Even though the case maybe be solved, the saddest part is that Iola will never return to the series. Every book that has mentioned Iola has made me cry, especially this one. If this book appeals to you I also suggest the book "Dead of Night" which is scarier than this one. In fact, I suggest you read the whole series. I have about 60 of the Hardy Boys Casefiles. They are the absolute best I've ever read!