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by Robert Sabuda,Matthew Reinhart

The creators of the New York Times best-selling Encyclopedia Prehistorica series offer a mythic look at the mysteries of the past with an entire pantheon of remarkable pop-ups. (Age 5 and up)For all of recorded history, humans have sought to understand Earth’s mysteries in the realm of the divine — and aspired to conduct themselves as heroes. Only gods, of course, could push the sun across the sky,forge entire continents, and impel mountains to touch the clouds. In this stunning volume, the incomparable team of Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda take us to Ra-Atum’s land in Ancient Egypt; above the Grecian clouds to Zeus’s Mount Olympus; up to Norse god Odin’s frozen north; to the Far East, where the Jade Emperor sits in the heavens; into the wilds of Oceania, where Pele’s volcanic rage simmers below the earth; and to many more lands and times, all rich with sacred myths and legends.
Download Encyclopedia Mythologica: Gods and Heroes Pop-Up: Canadian Version epub
ISBN: 0763650854
ISBN13: 978-0763650858
Category: Children
Subcategory: Geography & Cultures
Author: Robert Sabuda,Matthew Reinhart
Language: English
Publisher: Candlewick (January 4, 2010)
Pages: 12 pages
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Rating: 4.8
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After I ordered ENCYCLOPEDIA MYTHOLOGICA FAIRIES AND MAGICAL BEINGS POP-UP by Matthew Reinhart and saw how beautiful it is I had to get his GODS AND HEROES and after I wait 5 days for it to be shipped to my house it just amazes me how beautiful it really is!! I'm glad there is a video for all 3 of these MYTHOLOGICA books to get a good idea of how they look, but the low resolution video doesn't show the beauty of these books with sharp detail! When I see the Greek myth Mount Olympus Pop-up I revel in the detail of the Greek gods and I recognised nearly all of them standing and sitting in the temple buildings! Whether it's Hera, wife of Zeus, with her arms folded while Zeus sits on his throne or Hermes messanger of the gods flying over Olympus and Isis the rainbow goddess flying down her rainbow, the mythical characters are rendored both simply and beautifully in the pop-up stucture! And it all pop-up so fantastic!

And the mini pop-ups show both the fall of Atlantis by a furious Poseidan and Artemus, Athena, and Aphodite appear together next to the Atlantis scene in the mini pop-up! Since I am an animater, I am impressed with the motion effects acheived with these pop-ups! In the mini pop-up you can see Artemus the hunting goddess pulling back her arrow on her bow as the little pop-up opens! The next pages show a fold out ship depiction of Jason's ship the Argo with an incredible fold out sail that spreads out like a fan! There is also the 12 labours of Hercules displayed by pulling a tab to show the tasks Hercules must perform drawn onto different small pages that are revealed when you keep pulling the tab! The next pages have a great pop-up of Thor the thunder god striking down with his hammer when you open and close the pages! And a clever mini pop-up shows what looks like a pretty maiden with a vail, but when you pull open the pop-up all the way you see it is Loki the trickster god pulling off his female mask! Another mini pop-up reveals a Valkerie warrier woman on her steed galloping in the sky!

Asian myths are represented by the next two pages, with a volcanic goddess named Pele who erupts into fury when the warrior she is attracted to is attracted to her sister! She explodes out of the volcano when you open these pages! The last 2 pages show Quetzalcoatl the giant god serpent of the Aztecs! And I should mention that the first pages of this book have a great pop-up figure of Anubis the Jackal headed God of death of the ancient egyptians along with a mini pop-up pyramid and a woman shaving off her eyebrows when you open the mini pop-up, to express her grief at the loss of her cat!! I anxiously wait to recieve my DRAGONS AND MONSTERS POP-UP ENCYCLOPEDIA ! But I'm still waiting for that because seller swati21 put that book into the wrong package that was sent out to a Jonathan Hunsaker in Utah while I live in Uniondale, N.Y.!! Swati21's staff mixed up the ordered items and sent them to the wrong people! I got Hunsaker's order of DINOSAURS and SHARKS POP-UP ENCYCLOPEDIAS and he got my order of DRAGONS AND MONSTERS!! I had to mail Hunsaker's ordered items to him in UTAH!! So beware of seller swati21!!! Seller Bookseller USA sold me the FAIRIES AND MAGICAL CREATURES and GODS AND HEROES ENCYCLOPEDIA POP-UP books! So I recommend Bookseller USA!!
The attention to detail in this book is incredible! This is not just one book, but many little books thrown in to the pages. The artwork is amazing. As others have said this is not a book for small children to be left with unsupervised. 4th to 5th grade, is the minimum age I would leave the book alone with. Storylines are great, however I wish the Abrahamic God of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity was included, as the mythology is very similar, and is a great teaching tool in developing critical thinking skills in young people.
Pop-ups are very ornate and interestingly done; the smaller ones on each spread were a nice surprise. I found the organization of the book was a bit choppy from spread to spread and even within a given spread, so not quite as clear as it could have been. I also felt that some of the stories were less suitable for small children than others, despite the quite young age range it is recommended for. Myths are, of course, often rooted in deeply violent stories, just as many fairy tales are, so I needed to edit a bit when I read out loud for my almost-six-year-old audience of one. Overall, though, the book was well received and may continue to hold his interest for a while.
WOW! Matthew Reinhart has done it again! He, along with partner Robert Sabuda have, in the past, set the standard for paper engineering and artwork in their amazing repertoire of pop-up books, and this time they may well have surpassed themselves. Each spread is a lavish display of technological creativity, while at the same time imparting facts and intriguing information with the text. The little side pages which one expects to see from these artists/authors is, in this case, each a little gem unto itself. This is an amazing book. It would spoil the fun for me to describe what you will find in between its covers. Instead, I encourage you to purchase this treasure and get the enjoyment of an amazing experience for yourself. I wish I could give it twenty stars. Bravo, Matthew Reinhart! See other favorites here: Star Wars: A Pop-Up Guide to the GalaxyCinderella: A Pop-Up Fairy Tale The Jungle Book: A Pop-Up Adventure (Classic Collectible Pop-Ups)A Pop-up Book of Nursery Rhymes (Limited Edition): A Classic Collectible Pop-Up
You know those magical pop-up books you see in animated movies or cartoons sometimes? The ones that are so elaborate and complex that they couldn’t possibly exist in real life? Yeah, well, so much for that. Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda have created nothing short of magic with this three-book mythology-themed set. Each page has one large, impressive, center-piece pop-up that often extends far beyond the boundaries of the book. In addition to that there are little flaps on every page that lead to their own mini-pop-ups as well as some different stuff, such as a story that flips through the pages when you pull a tab.

If you plan on getting one of these for your kid, maybe you should think twice if he/she is very young. The pop-ups are large and elaborate and, as it goes, more delicate than you may be used to. A rambunctious child could easily bend the paper which could possibly cause some of the pop-ups to fail to fold back in properly, causing even more damage. For example, there’s a mansion pop-up in the Fairies volume that will fail to fold back in if a paper tab is resting on the wrong side of another tab (they are not glued or attached in any way and it’s easy to bump it and move it to the wrong side). This happened when my girlfriend and I were looking at the book for the first time and, upon noticing that the pop-up wasn’t folding back in properly, we started examining it. It took probably five minutes to figure out what was wrong. That’s how intricate the designs of these things are. You have been warned.