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by Lisa Williams Kline

TWELVE-YEAR-OLD GRACIE IS always flying under the radar of her overworked parents and outspoken siblings. But when she buys an old journal at a yard sale, Gracie is stunned to realize that everything she writes in the journal comes true—though sometimes in unexpected ways.At first Gracie uses the journal selfishly, controlling her mother’s BlackBerry and eliminating the dress code at school. But then she starts to think about bigger issues: what about world hunger? Global warming? World peace Unfortunately, before she can make headway on any of those issues, the journal falls into the wrong hands—and soon Gracie and her best friend/crush Dylan are rushing around town trying to undo the damage! This fun, warm, emotionally honest novel is both a fantastic adventure and a testament to the power of writing to change the world.
Download Write Before Your Eyes epub
ISBN: 0385735685
ISBN13: 978-0385735681
Category: Children
Subcategory: Education & Reference
Author: Lisa Williams Kline
Language: English
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers (October 14, 2008)
Pages: 192 pages
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Rating: 4.2
Votes: 587
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Billy Granson
Easy reading and enjoyable :)
Awesome book
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What if you found a journal that seemed meant for you? Right down to the quote on the first page, "Remember what the dormouse said" (from White Rabbit by Grace Slick, who Gracie was named after). And what if, everything you wrote in the journal came true, though maybe not in the way you intended and not always with a good result? Gracie found the blue suede journal at a yard sale and it brings magic into her life. Should she write that world peace is achieved, that no children go hungry or that her dad finally finds a job? Gracie tries to navigate this new magical world and figure out how to best use her newfound power.

This book was enjoyable. The story was cute. There was adventure, mystery, magic, family issues and first love problems. Grades 3-8.
Der Bat
Gracie is freaked out after she buys an old journal at a garage sale. In it is the inscription, "Remember what the dormouse said." She figured it was a karmic message just for her, since she was named after Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane and "Go Ask Alice" and all. The bad news is that everything Gracie writes in this journal comes true. So she begins writing very carefully, very intentionally, to make the world a better place. But she is horrified at the results. She writes that her brother makes an A on a test. But then he gets busted for cheating. Gracie wants her dad to have the job he always wanted...but the bad news is it's in another city. She wants to deal with global warming and stop world hunger, but is having enough difficulty with local issues that she hesitates, not knowing what unforeseen consequences might result. Factor in a mysterious disappearing Cheshire cat with big square teeth who demands the diary back, and factor in Gracie being stuck not knowing how to get out of this situation, having nobody to turn to, and you've got a good hunk of a story. It would be a great prologue read-aloud for a journaling unit or a creative writing class, and you could invent all sorts of prompts (well-meaning of course, like Gracie's) and their unintended outcomes (the "what if" game that Stephen King talks about to writers in his memoir, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft.) The ending is satisfying and sensible, and it's an altogether delightful little novel.
This was a really great story with characters that seemed real. I could really identify with the main character Gracie, a smart, bookish middle child who seems to be overlooked by the world. When she acquires a magic journal that makes everything she writes come true, suddenly she has power that she's not used to. Of course, problems inevitably arise as they do in all good stories, and Gracie and her friend Dylan must try to undo some of the problems they've created.
The story was fast paced and funny and I was rooting for Gracie all the way. All in all, an entertaining read. I'm ready for the sequel if it's coming!
This kindlebook that is Write Before Your Eyes by Lisa Williams Kline is a one of a kind fiction novel that tells the story of a twelve year old whose life is changed after coming in contact with a particular journal and combining it with her interest in writing. A multiple number of circumstances that she includes in her writing come true, just in different ways than she expects as she realizes that she is more powerful than she is initially aware.