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Download Division 0 to 12 Flash Cards (Brighter Child Flash Cards) epub

by Brighter Child

Brighter Child® Division 0 to 12 Flash Cards offer children a fun and easy way to practice their division skills. The set features 54 cards with two division problems each, their answers on the opposite side. Bright, bold numbers are placed on a white background for easy reading, and a special card also offers creative game ideas designed to reinforce learning.

The popular Brighter Child® Flash Cards give children a fun and easy way to practice important skills. Offering 24 titles encompassing preschool to grade 5, each title focuses on an important subject including early concepts, math, phonics, and U.S. History. Fun game ideas and learning suggestions are included to help children build proficiency and confidence. Game cards also allow children to develop thinking, decision-making, turn-taking, and social skills while playing fun games at the same time.

Download Division 0 to 12 Flash Cards (Brighter Child Flash Cards) epub
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Author: Brighter Child
Language: English
Publisher: Brighter Child; Crds edition (March 15, 2006)
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not angry, not being negative, but feel you must know.

these flash cards skip a few numbers. not the complete division 0-12 like it claims. for example 3s. it 36, 27, 21,15, 9, 6. so your child and you would only get to practive all those numbers divided by 3. tthere was no 24, 18, or 12 divided by 3, which i feel are still important numbers. i can understand 33, 30, and 3 divided by 3 are pretty easy right. so i didn't mind those missing so much. but we really need to practice the other ones. and i saw this with almost every set... returning for a refund. yeah these were only $2.99. i guess that is what i paid for...

so just be warned.
Spend the money and get a better set. Instead of a traditional flashcard set with a problem on one side and the answer on the other in this set, each card has two problems on it - one on each side. It appears as though the manufacturer tried to save money by making the cards to double duty. The answer of the problem is on the reverse of the card with another problem. The issue I have in practicality is there is no way to decide that your child knows all the 7 & 9 facts and needs to work on the 8 facts - with the double printing there is no way to separate out only the 8 facts to focus on those. Also since the cards have a problem and an answer on the same side (though not same the answer/problem on the same side) it's difficult to know if your child really knows the answer or is remembering it from 4 cards ago. I am returning my set - I guess you get what you pay for with these.
Division Flash card

These are fantastic division flashcards. I’ve seen some other flash cards and this one is really a very good one. Below are some of my observations:

-The product comes with 54 cards which is a good number because a child get to learn all questions possible
-some division facts are also written on the cards so the parent or guardian assisting the child will be more involved by giving examples.
-some games to have fun while learning is also included in the package which is great.
-paper quality is really nice, smooth and glossy which is a plus to make the card sturdy.

-print color, i think black is more visible on white board background compared to blue
-I think it would be better if the font size could be a little bit bigger, especially at the back of the card where the answer is found, definitely a bigger font size will be better for the parent or guardian assisting the child and for that i don't see the size of the card is maximize

Overall, these flash card is a great help and I would recommend it to everyone who needs it.
I don't like these cards. I home school so a learning tool is very important to me, not only from a learning standpoint, but financial. I don't like how the an equation is also on the card at the very top left, its suppose to be the answer to a totally different problem ( the back card). This can make it a bit confusing for someone with a learning disability like dyslexia. One equation per card would be been preferred. This card deck doesn't work for us.
I assumed, in error, that this set of flash cards included all of the division problems from 0 to 12 as it says on the package. It does not. I maybe would have accepted it if the package didn't include "zero" problems or "one" problems but the problems that are missing seem very random to me.
If all problems were included there would be 169 cards (144 if the zeros weren't there) but there are only 108 in the deck (54 double sided). So, at least 36 problems are not in the deck.
They were okay, but not great. Idon't know why, but my daughter had a hard time with these cards compared to a different set we bought, we do still use them once in a while but not overly impressed with how my daughter reacted to them.....but she is all about presentation and it's hard to explain.
the description is correct about the product 100% not waterproof but water resistant great to take with you for quick study not use permitted marker for it will not come off there are 2 math equations one on each side and the answer is on the top right hand corner
These are great flash cards for my third grader to remember her math facts. One side is more laminated and the other more matte. The problem and solution are written on the back in small font so that you can see the problem and answer while showing the flashcard.