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Download Baking with Mommy Cookbook: Recipes for Kid-Size Ovens epub

by Kristen Joyal


Thought you've done all you can with that trusty old light bulb oven? Are those expensive baking mixes too much hassle?

Well think again!

If you have a kid-size light bulb oven, then the "Baking with Mommy Cookbook" is for you! With 70 recipes designed for light bulb ovens, you won't need to buy those expensive baking mixes, anymore. The "Baking with Mommy Cookbook" recipes use normal kitchen ingredients and are easy. You and your little guys will delight everyone with new and tasty creations. Loaded with kid-tested recipes, the cookbook includes treats like:

Monkey Banana Cookies

Snowball Sugar Cookies

Love Bug Cobbler

Itsy Bitsy Baby Smore

Hippity Hoppity Carrot Cake

Rocky Road Monster Truck Brownies

Cocoa Mocha Brownie Mix

Hot Diggidy Dog Pizza

So, pull that kid-size oven out of the closet, put in a new light bulb and let's get baking.

Download Baking with Mommy Cookbook: Recipes for Kid-Size Ovens epub
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Author: Kristen Joyal
Language: English
Publisher: Straight Forward Technologies (October 29, 2002)
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I am so glad I found this cookbook. The Easy Bake mixes are so expensive that I would probably never let my daughter use her Easy Bake Oven after the included mixes were used up. Thanks to this book, she can use her Easy Bake Oven to her heart's content.

The book is small and thin, spiral-bound which makes it easy to lay flat. The tiny measuring spoons are attached by a ring which is easy to remove and reattach.

The pages look like recycled paper, so I second the suggestion of putting the book in a Ziploc bag to protect the pages. In fact, I did do that.

The author mentions in her introductory pages to fill the pans no more than halfway. I wish she'd put a yield for each recipe. I have no idea how much each batch will make. I also don't know how big the cookie dough balls should be or how many cookies to put in a pan or how many pans I should expect to use. I think maybe each batch will yield two pans worth of food, but I will have to try them all out to see.

Included are recipes for individual batches of bakery goods and then there are recipes for mixes. I was really more interested in making the mixes to make the baking go by faster. I just want to scoop, mix and bake. That's all my daughter needs to feel like she's baking. There are nine such mix recipes included and one frosting mix recipe.

We tried making a tub of the cocoa mocha brownie mix yesterday. I'm not sure how many batches it will make, but I'm guessing it will make about 12 batches. We made one batch out of it and my son loved it. He said it was very good. I tried a tiny piece and it was chewy, not bad at all. For the record, when you scoop 1/3 cup out of the mix and follow the instructions, the brownie mix will yield 2 pans of brownies per batch.
By the time I was 9, I was cooking dinner for my family as both parents worked. Times have changed, but I still think 9 is a good age to start learning to cook. The only problem with baking is that it generally involves a decent amount of sugar and I spend the next couple of days peeling kids off the ceiling from eating said baked goods. But this book has KID SIZED RECIPES!!! So instead of making 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies, you make 2-3.

You get mini cookware, and use the regular oven. (We had the EZ Bake oven, but it went in a garage sale 2 years ago) Cookies bake at 350 for 8-10 mins whether your making 2 or 2 dozen. The same can be said about Brownies or cakes and the recipes taste good. She gets to learn not only to bake, but to measure, multiply (if we are baking with friends) and most importantly clean up afterward. And instead of dreading baking, but knowing it is something I should be teaching my daughter, I get to watch them do everything, supervise oven use and not be the kitchen grinch.

10 stars if I could!
This recipe book has nice simple recipes, some of them very healthy. Although there are your average cookie and baked good recipes there are also some that have no sugar or are very low in fat. The only problem I have with the book is that many of these recipes can not be made in the latest incarnation of the easy-bake oven because the new design of the oven only allows baking pans to be put in the oven by thin slots on the sides. You can not open the oven which means that most cookies and other baked goods are too thick to be put in the oven by the slots. My daughter and I made an oatmeal banana cookie from the baking with mommy cookbook only to find that i had to really smash the drop cookies down. The raisins in the cookies made them almost too thick to be put into the easy bake oven by the thin slots. Some of my cookies disenegrated as we removed the pan because the raisins were too thick for the slots. You can view my review of the easy bake oven on Amazon.

To reiterate. The cook book is fine. Most of the recipes in the cookbook no longer apply to the new design of the easy bake oven.
We are giving our 9 year old an Easy Bake Oven for his birthday (he's a budding chef to say the least - his favorite TV show is Chopped on the Food Network!) and I was hoping this would be a good gift to go along with that so he could make a bunch of different things and the recipe was already sized to his tools. I was so happy when the book arrived and found that it's exactly that. There are a wide variety of recipes for sweet things which you would expect, but also a number of recipes for savory items which sound delicious. And, as an added bonus, the book came with a set of 3 measuring spoons sized for the EBO - a Smidgen (1/32 tsp), a Pinch (1/16 tsp) and a Dash (1/8 tsp) - I could see using those in my own cooking. I'm really excited to see what he will create with this book!
The recipe in this book are better than the ones that circulate

over the internet. A couple of the recipes didn't turn out as I would have liked and I had to adjust the ingredients. But overall the recipes are fun to make and taste pretty good.

The book comes with 3 measuring spoons a dash, smidgen, and pinch. For the other measurments you'll have to use your own

measuring spoons.

I would have liked to have seen pictures of the finished products. Children are picture oriented. I have been making the recipes and taking pictures of the finished results and adding them to the recipe pages. When my granddaughter wants to bake, she will be able to see what the finished result will be.

While making a recipes I would advise that you turn to the page you want (the book has a spiral binder which makes it convenient) then stick the book into a clear plastic food bag to keep the pages from becoming soiled. The pages are a very absorbant type of paper. By putting it into a plastic bag, you will be able to follow the recipe and avoid getting any of the food on the page .
Heads up. These recipes are for the round pans. The ovens only come with rectangular pans now, so the batter spreads very thin. I'm. Ow looking for the round pans.