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Download One to Ten and back again: An Amazing Pull-the-Ribbon Book epub

by Susie Shakir,Betty Ann Schwartz

This is as easy as 1 . . . 2 . . . 3! Or . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . 1!

Grasp the convenient built-in handles, and open the covers. A ribbon appears with a bright little bee printed on it: AMAZING. With a turn of the page, a second ribbon with two pretty little butterflies appears AMAZING!. And so on up to 10. Think you are finished? Turn the book upside down and count back to one.

A deceptively simple silk ribbon action, dazzling printing, crisp design, and a mesmerizing page-turning sequence adds up to—well, far more than a ten! AMAZING!

Download One to Ten and back again: An Amazing Pull-the-Ribbon Book epub
ISBN: 1932403272
ISBN13: 978-1932403275
Category: Children
Subcategory: Activities Crafts & Games
Author: Susie Shakir,Betty Ann Schwartz
Language: English
Publisher: Handprint (September 20, 2007)
Pages: 24 pages
ePUB size: 1767 kb
FB2 size: 1442 kb
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 826
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I purchased a copy of this book from a Scholastic warehouse sale for my granddaughter a year ago and it was fantastic. Great concept, engaging with the ribbon visuals, and sturdy. However the size and shape were different than this version being offered by Amazon. I saw that instead of being tall and rectangular, it was more of a square shape with built in handles. I wanted to purchase more to give as gifts for the children in my child care and thought the handles were a nice, fun addition.

Wow, when I received them was I disappointed. The original was, as I said, sturdy and it needs to be with all the tugging you do when you move through the pages as the ribbons resist a bit. In the first version, we had to go through the book quite a few times to get it "broken in." Well, when I opened the books, I tried to page through two of them and I found the quality of the pages to be much thinner than the first one I bought. They bend very easily. In the first new book, by the time I got to number 9, the place where the ribbons go through the page bent entirely with my effort to turn the page. The whole board book page now has a permanent crease there making it virtually impossible to enjoy continued use. In the second book, when I got to the number 4 page, it was already creased about an inch at the top where the ribbons go through the page and when I tried to turn the page, it actually tore about an inch at the bottom of the slot where the ribbons go through. I should note that I was not using excessive pressure, just what was needed to get the originally tight pages to move before it would have probably broken in. I didn't try to go further in the book and gave up, not trying to check out any of the other books. Needless to say, this never happened on my granddaughter's book.

In checking, I found the pages in her book to be of much better quality, thicker and with minimal or no flex. In further examining the books I noticed that both books are copyrighted by SMARTink, but have different ISBN's. The ISBN for my original book was 1-932403-11-6. The second group of books also said they were distributed by Ideals Publications, A Guideposts Company. This was not noted on my original book. A quick search found that I could get the original book with the ISBN noted above through Amazon's independent booksellers. So I purchased them piecemeal through these booksellers and will definitely be returning the defective books.

The book concept is great, but don't waste your money on this version of the book for your young child. It will rip, crease, and fall apart well before it's time and both you and your child will be frustrated and disappointed.
This book is a fabulous idea! Its a fun and inventive way to learn to count, read and learn without the same boring concept!
This is a board book with three special gimmicks. First, there are ribbons that are strung through the book, with one new ribbon appearing on each page. The ribbons make a very fun swooshing noise when the pages are turned. The ribbons are actually integral to the book, since the animals you're counting appear on the ribbons. The slots in the pages that the ribbons go through weaken the pages a little bit, so it's easier to bend and crease the pages than in an ordinary board book. So far, the creases haven't prevented the pages from turning properly in our copy, though.

Second, there's a cutout running all the way through one side of the book that serves as a handle. Even a very little kid can hold this book easily in one hand, making it very portable for restaurants or waiting rooms.

Third, each page has text written right-side-up and upside-down. The last page instructs you to turn the book over and read the opposite side. Turning the book upside-down is very exciting for my son. It also allows the book to lead you through counting both up and down without having twice as many pages. The design of the book actually makes it very easy to read without getting confused. All of the text to read is written on the right-hand page for the direction you're holding it, so your eye naturally is drawn there. In addition, the upside-down pages have a black background while the right-side-up ones have a white background.

The illustrations are pretty cute, too. The black and white background highlights the bright flower and insects. As the creatures pile on to the flower, it bends over, ending up pretty smushed. Then as you count back down to 1, the flower gradually stands back up. There's also a little preview on each right-side-up page--the bottom right corner lets you know which animal is coming next.
This is one of the most creative kids books that I have seen in a while! Yes, the text is fun. Yes, the colorful illustrations will keep kids' interest. But get this--it's the increasing number of ribbons on each page that will be fascinating! For each page turned, the corresponding number allows one more ribbon to be opened with pictures of the critter or plant that little ones can associate with the story. Finally, when you get to ten, it's not over--just flip this sturdy board book over, using the nice big "handle" cutouts for little hands, and you can do the countdown from ten to one with one more ribbon disappearing on each page! Sure kids love to count, but give them this great book as a gift and they will spend a lot more time counting and recounting. Then you can begin counting your earned kisses from them! Overall, an excellent and exciting book for young ones.
I bought this a few days ago at a local store and I think we've read it at least twice a day. My 5 year old granddaughter loves holding the book and turning the pages for her little sister. I like the fact that the number is shown as a word and as a numeral. The illustrations are cute, the verse is engaging, and we always wonder where the ribbon goes. It's magic! The reverse story makes for two books in one. This is such a cool concept! I don't know how I missed the "Ribbon" books until now but I'm happy to have discovered them. Will definitely add others to our library.
My 2 1/2 year old and I LOVE this book so much that we read it several times a day. I am so glad that we purchased this wonderful and fun little book. Buy this book for your child, you will not regret it!
Love love love this book!! My son thinks it is just the funniest book (the ribbons make a great sound when you turn each page), and it keeps us entertained for long periods of time. Highly recommend it!