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Download What If? and Why Not?: How to Transform Your Fears into Action and Start the Business of Your Dreams epub

by Jen Groover

Starting your own business is hard. But the biggest obstacles often have less to do with time and money, and more to do with fear and doubt. In What If? and Why Not? serial entrepreneur and small business advocate Jen Groover creator of the Butler Bag and creator and host of Launchers Caf, an online community for entrepreneurs shows you how to transform your fears into action by rethinking the negative questions that can lead to failure before you even get started. Being an entrepreneur, Groover says, isn't just about selling a product. Its about personal growth about taking your vision and bringing it to fruition, and about always pushing yourself to take that vision further. What gets in your way isn't the money you don't have, or what you don't know about the industry you want to get into its believing you cant do it, that you don't have the power or the resources you need to make your dream into a reality. Groover walks you step by step through ten negative What If? questions What if I don't know what I'm doing? What if I don't have the money? What if I fail? and how to turn them around by asking yourself: What if I can learn? What if I don't need much money? What if I succeed? She also asks What Not?: Why not find a mentor or take a class? Why not ask for investors? Why not try? With dozens of personal stories from successful entrepreneurs in areas as diverse as dog walking and handbag-invention, plus practical advice for every step of your journey, What If? and Why Not? is the most complete guide available to help you start the business of your dreams.
Download What If? and Why Not?: How to Transform Your Fears into Action and Start the Business of Your Dreams epub
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Author: Jen Groover
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Most entrepreneurs don't really know who they are until life frustrates them enough into the discovery. So naturally there is no training into how to be an successful entrepreneur other then the Life University that so many of us attended. The What If and Why Not is the brilliant guide that will save you a ton of struggle and hard work. It is a manual written by someone who it seems was born to do this and do it extremely well. Great book I highly recommend it to both the newly self-aware entrepreneur as well as the seasoned know-it-all : )
Jen groover is the real thing. Not only does her passion and enthusiasm for life and self growth pop off the pages she writes , but in person her energy and enthusiasm is magnetic and she has utterly changed my life, positively wonderful women!
Please read this book if you are a budding entrepreneur or desire to be. It will give you the courage to go ahead and make your dreams a reality. Jen is a genuine person whom knows what is takes to succeed. She will give you the needed encouragement guiding your thoughts towards success. The book helps you to focus on the positive and is the bridge to the life you want to live. The book has lots of helpful information useful in building your company also more importantly your self-concept allowing you to reach your full potential.
When I bought the book, I thought it would be your typical business book that was either mostly fluff or that just rehashed ideas that you have heard a million other places. I was really surprised and impressed with the level of Jen's knowledge, her ability to write in a manner that everyone can understand and her very practical suggestions and ideas. I was able to put some of the ideas into practice immediateley.
Such a great book! Interesting read!
Loved it. Very motivational for anyone wanting to start their own business. This book gives great advice to help with starting your own business. It also has little stories throughout about other successful business owners...makes you excited about the journey you are thinking of taking.
I'm a serial entrepreneur myself, and Jen Groover has nailed the biggest obstacle for would-be entrepreneurs in a very entertaining and well-written book. It's psychological. It's fear. So often, I've heard friends (just as Jen says she's done) talk excitedly about their big idea, only to give up on it as soon as they hit the first bump in the road. One of two things is going on: either they don't really want to start a business and it's a mental game, or they're afraid that they don't have what it takes.

The point of this book is that you do have what it takes. Almost anyone does, provided they find an idea that gets them jacked up, and don't buy into some of the pervasive myths, like the one about needing to kneel before venture capital funds before you can launch. One of the most valuable aspects of this book is the myth-busting that Jen does. Another is the collection of practical tips and ideas from someone who's been there, done that. Raising money from family? Starting an investor co-op? Yikes! I would have been terrified to try those things, but Jen's breezy, "you can do it" style makes it sound possible.

Before you pick up a book about writing a business plan, building your personal brand or social networking, read this book. It's a friendly, positive boot camp in how to develop the mind of an entrepreneur. I can't recommend it highly enough.
Jen Groover is a newly minted successful entrepreneur. Her book What If? & Why Not? is a must-read for entrepreneurs. It is the pep talk that will serve as an inspiration especially for budding entrepreneurs. Her advice comes from experience of having recently created a handbag called the Butler Bag featured in retail shops worldwide and on QVC. She offers current relevant advice and insight useful to the reader today and not platitudes from professors who studied entrepreneurship of a bygone era.

Throughout the book questions beginning with "What if?" and "Why not?" are sprinkled throughout to remind the reader to inject this into their own thought process while contemplating a new venture. For example: What if "the people you share your idea with will not steal it, but in fact, help you bring it to life?" Groover tells a story about how Jack Canfield was on a plane and shared his idea for a book with Mark Victor Hanson. Hanson came up with a plan to market their now famous book series. If Canfield had not opened up and shared his idea, the world may never have heard of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Groover also provides some nut and bolt advice for new entrepreneurs like the usual protecting of ideas with patents and trademarks, and using non-disclosure agreements to keep others from stealing ideas or discussing them openly.

Jen Groover discusses the pros and cons of venture capital funding, angel investing, family investors, and the latest funding source, peer-to-peer lending. She names several peer-to-peer lending networks such as [...] and [...].
Groover cites unusual funding sources from serial entrepreneurs, including Virgin Airline founder, Richard Branson, and Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban. Cuban offers entrepreneurs "open source funding" with thirteen tough-love rules entrepreneurs must follow if he is going to fund a new venture.

There is plenty of good information here for anyone with the entrepreneurial spirit. Buy this book, give it to all the young entrepreneurs you know. It would be of particular interest to young female entrepreneurs. As a marketing and public relations consultant to many individuals like Jen Groover I can attest the fact that she is the `real deal.' Look out Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray, and Oprah!

Scott Lorenz,
Westwind Communications Public Relations