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by Larry Long,Nancy Long

Designed to accommodate the computer literacy needs of readers from a broad spectrum of disciplines and interests, this best-selling book provides an exceptionally well-illustrated overview of computing concepts and applications.Supported by the Internet Bridge, Long's Web site (, Internet Bridge icon in the margin of the text link readers to interactive exercises and resources on the Internet. The book is application-oriented throughout -- hundreds of applications are presented from on-line universities to telemedicine to robotics.
Download Computers epub
ISBN: 0133666670
ISBN13: 978-0133666670
Category: Business
Subcategory: Processes & Infrastructure
Author: Larry Long,Nancy Long
Language: English
Publisher: Prentice Hall; 4th edition (December 1995)
ePUB size: 1515 kb
FB2 size: 1993 kb
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 347
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Lahorns Gods
Took the DSST/Dantes test, using this book on Oct. 16, 2008. No need to waste money on expensive test prep materials or books. For the DSST/Dantes test, just use the "exam fact sheet" at [...] as a study guide. For the CLEP, go to [...] and print the study guide for Information Systems & Computer Applications.

Either test can be passed using this book and the guides listed above. Just be sure to find out from your college testing center, which test is accepted for credit.

If you do happen to have a CLEP practice exam, you can use it to prepare for the DSST, but be prepared to know some basic facts regarding the history of computing that are not on the CLEP.
Came in quite handy for a course that I was teaching
I like this book a lot it is teaching me about computers on a level I never knew. Even though I can't afford to attend school right now I'm teaching myself a lot. I hope to use this book to look in to a certification. The info is a bit outdated but still very imformative.
thanks for this it worth shopping thank you thank you
Prince Persie
I purchased this book (11th Ed. paperback) to prepare for my CLEP Info Sys and Comp Apps exam. I was able to ace my CLEP by relying primarily on this excellent book. This book provides a general but comprehensive coverage of the entire breadth of computer science and technology and is an excellent test preparation, not only for computer novices and newbies, but also for students with a strong IT background. It has something to offer everyone. It is written in an easily readable and enjoyable format with plenty of attractive graphics and images. The authors have worked hard to keep the material up-to-date and relevant. I have decided to keep this book even after taking my CLEP because I find it to be also a very handy and useful reference book. I understand there is a 12th Edition out there now. I would suggest buyers consider purchasing the 12th Edition. Overall an excellent purchase.
not a bad book however my lecturer has noticed several factual and historical mistakes about the subject matter which it simply shouldnt have done for a book used by many students.
But the fact that your never quite sure weather what your reading is fact or not is not what gets me. The truley annoying thing about this book is the American propaganda. The little bits that the authors have put in to "prepare" students for when they vote. for instance they say things like "terrorists now are researching ways to destroy one of most valuable personnal and commercial assets- the contents of our disks. They do this by seeking points of vunerability in PCs and servers and by planting destructive viruses......cyber terror is now part of the terrorists arsenal of evil."
what the hell? Did i just pick up a academic book or a copy of the Daily mail!
Price is not reasonable to buy to a new comer to the computing inductry, even though book is very good.
The book that i recieved was not the correct book and I put in the isbn number so I think it would be good if you put a picture of all the books you are selling so people can see before they buy it. What am I going to do now with the wrong book?