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Download 42 Rules for a Web Presence That Wins: Essential Business Strategy for Website and Social Media Success epub

by Laura Lowell,Philippa Gamse

This book is for business owners, executives and managers, associations and nonprofit organizations who want to understand what it takes to create and sustain a successful web presence. It provides a fast, but thought-provoking read that offers a 30,000 ft "eagle-eye" perspective on the many considerations for thinking through and implementing an effective website and social media profile.
Download 42 Rules for a Web Presence That Wins: Essential Business Strategy for Website and Social Media Success epub
ISBN: 1607730669
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Category: Business
Subcategory: Processes & Infrastructure
Author: Laura Lowell,Philippa Gamse
Language: English
Publisher: Super Star Press (September 7, 2011)
Pages: 136 pages
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Rating: 4.1
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This book gives 42 two-page tips on how to build a website which will thrive. Part One looks at "Management-Level Issues" and is heavily focused on the corporate environment.

For example, the 2nd tip is to appoint a web ambassador and the tip assumes you are already in a large organization with the power to make this change. In this sense, the beginning tips are meant more for a manager than a web designer/developer.

The middle part of the book is about the strategy for the website. This part shows how to evolve your website properly by looking at your audience, and optimizing your website.

It is the third part of the book which examines how to generate content for your website. Advice from the author tends towards the practical side advising to do what works best, often by looking at Google Analytics and similar programs to see where leads come from. Some of the tips are geared towards online shops.

I found most of the tips to be on point, but I would have liked to see a lot more about starting a site from the beginning. Probably over half the tips assume you are at a company, possibly with a management position. The view from the web designer felt to be missing a bit.

The book feels like a pamphlet and I would have liked to see more content from the author. On many tips there are references to people the author interviewed, talked with, or worked with. They were listed as footnotes in the back of the book. I get that the book wanted to be concise, but 2 pages per tip did not feel like enough in many of the tips, where a couple extra pages of details would have gone a long way.

Overall, this is a solid and concise primer to help you build a better website.
The author has put together a wonderful list of "rules" that businesses should consider when developing a web strategy for their organizations. As a web designer, I've found this to be the perfect guide to give to my clients to read while we work together on their website. Each section is concise and gets directly to the point, giving my clients what they really need to know without overwhelming them.
42 Rules for a Web Presence That Wins ebook by Philippa Gamse
This book is about the net and how to use it effectively in your business, your goals and strategies.
There is some advice at the beginning, basically to go to the experts.
The book starts with the net in the 1990's and I also found there was much there. Love how she targets a certain area and finds the expert with the right knowledge/answers and gives that to you.
Like how she uses the 'seeing is believing' concept when it comes to a web site.
With her knowledge and the clients she's helped in the past the book leaves you to believe, she's seen it before and knows how to get the most out of what you are doing-especially the one of the long-term nursing facility where the menu is listed daily, so those on the outside will know what their loved ones on the inside had for a meal.
Although not all 42 rules may apply to you, I do suggest you sit down and read through all of them, the words are so informative.
Even though an example might be about a business to make money if your site is for information sources only you may be surprised at just a simple thing about layout can also benefit your website.
Author Philippa Gamse audits business websites, and finds that 95% of her clients are leaving money on the table. If that's not enough to rock your world, then please remember that those who invest in outside reviews are already ahead of the curve, so she's telling us something important - virtually all business websites could yield more revenue.

This is a light and fairly quick read. It covers a lot of ground, not down to the nitty-gritty, rather a food-for-thought style. Although the title calls them "Rules," the sections of the book are perhaps better described as "things you really, really need to think about." The book covers management issues, selling strategy and tactics, content creation and measurement.

Gamse includes lots of real-life examples from her own experience with clients, a mix of success stories and cautionary tales. Each example is accompanied by her take on how to approach that issue. Even if you don't always choose the same approach, it's worth the read to be aware of these issues and give thought to how you'll handle them. (My personal favorite is Rule 14: Learn to Tell the Baby from the Bathwater, which warns us not to flush successful assets when redesigning a site.)
The web presence "party in Philippa's head" that is on the pages of this intriguing and imminently clear and practical book is well worth joining. Not only did I get the benefit of Philippa's sage advice (coming from someone who is clearly not just a technical guru but a sophisticated business professional well versed in marketing strategy), I got introduced to countless experts in the field--at just the right moment when their advice was relevant to the rule. Rules books can be simplistic. On the contrary, 42 Rules for A Web Presence That Wins was amazingly rich and useful. We recently re-designed our website and we will be busy looking at further improvements with Philippa's voice in our heads.
42 Rules is a real winner! I've been waiting for a book like this that really makes strategy and implementation doable for mere mortals. It also reminds us that our websites are a work in progress. Gamse is well known for her work in website strategy. Her vast experience working with Fortune 500 as well as smaller businesses has enabled her to write a clear, concise and fascinating book. I consider this to be a "primer" on websites!