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Download Selling Yourself To Others: The New Psychology of Sales epub

by William Horton,Jeffrey Gitomer,Kevin Hogan

This comprehensive guide to selling uses state-of-the-art concepts of suggestion, hypnosis, and nonverbal communication.

Download Selling Yourself To Others: The New Psychology of Sales epub
ISBN: 1589800079
ISBN13: 978-1589800076
Category: Business
Subcategory: Marketing & Sales
Author: William Horton,Jeffrey Gitomer,Kevin Hogan
Language: English
Publisher: Pelican Publishing; 0004th edition (February 28, 2002)
Pages: 272 pages
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Rating: 4.3
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I have read most of Kevin Hogan's books and this is one of my favorites. Since I am a field sales pro and I make hundreds of face-to-face and thousands of ear-to-ear sales calls every year, I am always looking for the slight edge that willl give me a better chance to help my customers overcome their resistance to buying, and make the decision that will help them in the long run.

This book, "Selling Yourself to Others" is chock-full of good ideas, many of which I have tried and tested in the field with good results.

One anecdeote that stands out is the Nissan car salesman who used an anchoring technique to take a person who was "just looking" and turn him into a Maxima buyer in less than a couple of hours. Could you use techniquies like this in your sales arsenal?

The forward by Jeffrey Gitomer is cool- and he advises to use a high-lighter and not to read this too fast. I think that is good advice, and I would add-- read it more than one time, and test the things you find in your own sales career. You will come away much richer than the measly $20 or so Amazon wants for this book. Just get it.
Kevin Hogan's Selling Yourself to Others: The New Psychology of Sales looks at some of the more advanced techniques and strategies you can use to understand your customer, motivate yourself and improve your personal sales process.

There is very little fluff or filler in this book. I felt the best parts were the chapters on understanding the mind of the customer, mastering body language and tuning into your clients unconscious communication in order to seal the deal. This is NLP on steriods and the author has applied it uniquely to the sales process with examples and stories. It is powerful information that you need to start using.

The author spent many years in the field going belly-to-belly with customers, which is something I expect from the author of a sales book but don't always get. Believe me, it makes quite a difference in terms of the quality of the advice given in the book. In addition he has applied many years of book learning to his experiences in order to show you a powerful and effective way to supercharge your sales career and income.

I have gained greatly from this book. My sales game is better and more refined after adopting some of the information in this book. It made a difference in my sales career and I am sure it can change yours too.
This is my first review. Now there are good things about this book and bad things.
If you read Kevin Hogans books Talk Your Way To The Top, and Covert Hypnosis you will see
he just copied parts from these two books in to this one.

So If you read Kevin Hogans books before, he doesnt dosclose anything new here.

Thats it for the bad part. Now the good stuff thats in this book.

Despite copy/paste antics of Kevin Hogan this book is a salesmen best friend.
It does offer great mindsets and techniques you can use. And for the fans of "covert hypnosis"
youll see how its done for reall in this book. The information in thes book (although copied), is phenomenal.

And the insights the co-author provided on anchoring is priceless. Pays off, even if you dont work in sales.

My suggestion is buy the book. Even if you read KHs previous work, this one is still worth the money.
And the insights from his co-author make me a happy customer,
I bought this primarily to learn how to use anchoring in the reall world.

Thats it for me.
The long and the short is that you WILL be seeing your interactions with customers in a different light after this read. It doesn't matter how long you have been selling, this will let you see what really makes your customer "tick", how to sense what their motivators are, and what will get them closer to the close.
My good friend was in sales for awhile and was running into a rut. So I purchased this for him and he loved it!!
This is a book that deserves a place in every business library. It combines the study of Sales, Personality, body language and NLP in an easy to understand way. The exercises are easy to try out and the results are truly remarkable.
Highly recommended.