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by Jack Malcolm

When your big moment comes, will you be ready? Strategic sales presentations, those given to high level decision makers at the crucial time in the sales process, are the most highly leveraged activities in sales—and those that most sales professionals are least prepared for. Strategic Sales Presentations prepares you for the presentations that could make or break you as an accomplished sales professional. And it will help polish your skills for any presentation that matters. This is a presentation book like no other! In Strategic Sales Presentations you will improve your ability to: • Position yourself strategically for success • Craft presentations that speak the language of senior decision makers • Deliver engagingly, confidently and professionally. You will see the concepts in action as Jack Malcolm expertly weaves an example of a strategic sales presentation throughout the book. Implement the ideas from this book and you will be able to create a clear, concise, compelling presentation that you will be able to confidently present to executives. This book will take your presentations to a new level!
Download Strategic Sales Presentations epub
ISBN: 1935961527
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Category: Business
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Author: Jack Malcolm
Language: English
Publisher: Booktrope Editions; First Edition edition (July 23, 2012)
Pages: 308 pages
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This is the best book I have ever read on effective sales presentations, bar none. I truly feel you are at a competitive disadvantage if you and your sales organization have not read this book.

If you're only going to read one book on business/selling presentations, this is it, because it is a one-stop-shop on the topic. You will get all the newest cutting-edge ideas combined with all the best ideas from the rest of the presentation literature. This book combines all of the best ideas from the leading presentation books (Made To Stick, Presentation Zen, Slideology etc.), combines it with the latest neuroscience persuasion research as well as Jack's second-to-none selling and business acumen, and then tailors all that knowledge specifically to a framework for executive-level B2B sales presentations. Even better, this framework can be applied to ANY type of presentation, internally or externally, and make you dramatically more impactful, persuasive, and effective. Beyond that, the book also includes chapters on effective platform skills, team presentations, persuasive communication, and a host of other useful topics that will make you a more successful presenter in any format or situation.

I've been a salesperson, sales manager, and corporate trainer, and am now doing leadership development at a Fortune 100 company. I've read LOTS of books and received extensive training in these areas, & I still took away a plethora of outstanding new ideas that will not only change the way I present, but the way I approach sales calls, and the way I communicate in general. I thought Jack's first book was ground-breaking, as it was one of the first to discuss the business acumen/financial style of selling that is just now coming into vogue (Jack has been teaching that style for over 10 years now!). This book is every bit as groundbreaking, and having spoken with Jack a couple of times on the phone, I knew he would not disappoint- he has delivered the best sales presentation book to date. Don't be left behind!
There are dozens of sales books available to the serious sales professional. Frankly, if this one isn't in your library you may not be all that serious.

Jack has done a masterful job of creating a step-by-step process that will allow you to create a world-class sales presentation. To be sure, there is a certain amount of "art" involved in creating a compelling presentation, but Jack makes it about as straightforward as it can be without actually doing it for you. He gives you the steps, the details, and great examples throughout.

I sure wish Jack would've written this book a long time ago - I would've made a whole lot more money and it would've helped me avoid the disastrous sales presentations I made early in my career. One thing is for sure, "Strategic Sales Presentations" would be required reading for anyone who worked for me in a sales capacity today.
I've spent a lot of time over the last ten years helping my clients build high-impact sales presentations. As part of that effort, I've read every book I could find on how to design and build presentation visuals, how to use PowerPoint and other presentation tools, and how to write presentation materials. Jack's book is the best of the lot, and I wish he'd written it ten years ago.

The three sections of the book, "Plan and Position," "Craft Your Presentation," and "Stand and Deliver" take you through a powerful process that will result in the best sales presentation you've ever made.

Read this book if you want to be and look professional in high-stakes presentations to executive audiences. You'll be glad you did.
Hǻrley Quinn
Very thorough and full of good ideas. I highly recommend it to others who are looking to take their sales presentations to the next level.
This is a very good book with enough examples and details to really help in developing more powerful appropriate presentations.
High-level presentations are not for the feint of heart or for the unprepared. You get one shot to impress. If you fail, game over. If you succeed, you will either close on your objective or you will have gained momentum leading to a successful close. This has been my personal experience and that of many others in financing and building medical device companies. We work hard to get in front of the decision-makers (family office partners, venture capitalists, institutional investors, and/or strategic investors) who make the go-no-go decisions on investments. These meetings are decisive so pitching teams must be thoroughly prepared for what will be a 30 to 60 minute presentation.

Author Jack Malcolm has crafted an excellent book, "Strategic Sales Presentations," based on his years in consultative sales and implementing sales training programs. While educated in finance and banking, Malcolm switched to focusing on sales and the sales process. He became an expert in personal communication and persuasion along the way and has now translated his training, experience, and concepts into how you can find success in the most highly leveraged pitch or sales presentation anyone could be faced with, the "Strategic Sales Presentation" to key senior decision-makers. For me, it is pitching for funding of an early stage medical start-up. For the reader, it may be selling high dollar or long term products or contracts in the private sector, the social (non-profit) sector, or government.

In "Strategic Sales Presentations," Malcolm delivers on:
1. Planning and Positioning -Malcolm uses four recurring themes throughout the book - customer focus (outside-in thinking), clarity (how to achieve it), intensive preparation, and being yourself (authenticity). These themes provide a structure for an overall strategy. He also includes material on how individuals make decisions, how people react to persuasive communications, and how the presenter can shape his/her audience.
2. The Crafting of the Presentation - Malcolm focuses on how to choose and structure the message, how to grab the audience's attention, how to fashion a successful opening and close, and how to insure your visual aids support (not become) the presentation. The presenter is the message!
3. Execution (Stand and Deliver) - Unlike others, Malcolm spends time on establishing a presence - a position of authority and trust. He also covers stage-fright (it can be healthy), how to use Q&A effectively, how to make effective team presentations, and how to use the material in this book to grow and advance one's career through personal excellence.

It is a precious moment when you get high level decision-makers to listen to your sales pitch and even more precious when you lead them to the conclusion you seek. This book will help you experience both. It will help you crystallize your value proposition (how you can add value by providing a needed solution), and help you connect with any audience. Developing these skills for high impact presentations will help in any selling situation, very much like effective public speaking skills improve personal speaking skills.