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Download PMP Exam Success Series: 2000+ Question Exam Simulation CD-ROM epub

by Tony Johnson

The PMP® Exam Success Series: 3rd Ed. PMBOK 2000 Question Exam Simulation CD-ROM™ is complete with over 2000 questions, twenty different tests including Professional & Social Responsibility, Framework, nine knowledge areas, five process groups and four complete four hour 200 questions that emulate the PMP® Exam environment. The PMP® Exam Success Series: Exam Simulation CD-ROM is an exam simulation application that provides you with three different test modes (Simulation, Learning and Flashcard) for twenty different tests. It also allows the opportunity to create your own test formats by selecting what topic areas to include and quantity of questions including the randomization of questions and answers for each test. You can analyze your areas of understanding and strength (or weakness) by taking tests in framework, scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communication, risk, procurement, integration, professional & social responsibility, initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling and closing. Also included are four complete 200 question four hour PMP® Exam style tests. The exam simulation application provides the opportunity to see how you perform under the pressure of a four hour computerized test environment with the built in timer. The application automatically scores your test and the reporting at the end of the exam shows pass or fail, an overall score and breaks down your score by exam topic area. It also keeps track of your scores over time to track progress. This is perfect for that last minute study time or when you get a few minutes to see where you are at, without having four hours for a full 200 question exam.
Download PMP Exam Success Series: 2000+ Question Exam Simulation CD-ROM epub
ISBN: 0976866048
ISBN13: 978-0976866046
Category: Business
Subcategory: Management & Leadership
Author: Tony Johnson
Publisher: Crosswind Project Management Inc. (September 1, 2005)
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FB2 size: 1775 kb
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 333
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I bought this primarily because it was half of the cost of the Mulcahy software and I could get it shipped overnight. I had memorized the answers in the Mulcahy book and needed another source of questions. I also wanted to take at least one exam simulation. I don't regret buying this, but if I had it to do over again I would buy the Mulcahy software earlier in my studying rather than waiting until 4 days before the test.

If you are using the Rita Mulcahy book I strongly suggest that you spend the extra money for the Mulcahy software. There are confusing differences between the two authors. For example, Mulcahy asks a question in which 'all of the project work is done'. Johnson has a similar question, but the answers are different. To paraphrase an ex-president, it depends on what the meannig of "all" is. Stick with one vendor.

The software has an off-disk copy protection scheme that requires e-mailing the vendor for an installation key. The 'serial number' value that one needs to provide in the e-mail is generated during the install process. The e-mail reponse is not automated, and after waiting upwards of an hour I tracked down the vendor in Texas and got the key number via phone. The support folks were pleasant and helpful, which is worth something.

The program itself could use a good QA which is why I rank this as 2 stars and not 3. At least one answer is mathematically wrong, one question offers the same answer choice ("Functional Management") twice, and the 'flashcard functionality' malfunctions due to a display issue. Apparently I got a version that was supposed to have the functionality hidden but did not.

There are some good points. In its 'learning mode' one can choose whether to display the correct answer when one answers a question incorrectly. The number of questions can be set as well as restrict the questions to single or multiple topics (e.g. Initiating, Planning, etc.) There is a percent correct progress bar that you can chose to display your progress through the testing. Once you have the installation key the program installs easily on both WinXP SP1 and Win2K.

In conclusion, the Johnson CD was not bad but disappointing. It could easily have been so much better. I would be remiss, though, in not admitting passing the test with almost the exact same grade as I was getting on the Johnson practice tests. Despite its flaws the practice exams appear to be reliable.
This CD-ROM worked great for me in preparing for the PMP exam. My friends in my study group were saying to use this other CD that was almost $300 in price. I tried the PMP Success Series product out and it worked perfect in preparing me for the exam. I was able to take separate tests by framework, integration, scope, time, cost, quality, communication, hr, risk, procurement, professional responsibility, initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing. This allowed me to focus on areas that I wanted to improve without wasting time in areas I was already doing well. It also included 4 complete 200 question PMP stype exams. It was timed, allowed me to mark questions and had full explanations for all the answers.

On a side note, this was different from the one in the PMP Success Series: Manual. That CD has a single 200 question test which is on this CD, but this CD has all the material above as well for a total of 19 or 20 different tests.

When I went into the test center I was very comfortable with the exam interface, as this prepared me very well.

My friends in the study group that had purchased the other company's CD for almost $300 ($250 on here) were impressed with this product as well. I really couldn't see a difference on the interface between this product and the real exam. I passed the exam with over 160 points and found the questions prepared me very well....
I purchased this product and installed in on 2 laptops. I didn't experience issues on my first laptop, however when I installed it on my second one, within 2 hrs of installing and while operating the software my laptop died and was unable to be revived (laptop only 1 year old).

Currently the first laptop I installed this on is having issues, when I close down the computer the next time I start up, I often get the following error 'your system recovered from a serious error while rebooting'.

In regards to the quality of questions, they are ok, however they don't resemble the exam questions. Also, I question that there are really 2000 questions, often when running an exam simuation I would be possed the same question on multiple occasions through out the simulation, very irritating.
Although I liked the learning mode, the questions on this CD are way too easy. I aced the exams (90s and up) on this CD but did not do nearly as well on the actual exam (I did pass). Do not get lulled into a false sense of security: the exam is MUCH MORE DIFFICULT.

There are also annoying errors---the CD needs a little QA.
the questions are so repetitive as to be the same 60% of the time. And not only do you get less than half the questions, their quality is dubious.

I prefer the software from Whizlabs and urge you to try on-line question repositories instead of buying this CD.

No value for money