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Download Jump Start Your Business Brain: Win More, Lose Less and Make More Money With Your Sales, Marketing and Business Development epub

by Ph.D. Stamp Jeffrey,Doug Hall

Provides methods to help develop businesses, supported by statistical data from thousands of products that have both succeeded and failed.
Download Jump Start Your Business Brain: Win More, Lose Less and Make More Money With Your Sales, Marketing and Business Development epub
ISBN: 1558706429
ISBN13: 978-1558706422
Category: Business
Subcategory: Management & Leadership
Author: Ph.D. Stamp Jeffrey,Doug Hall
Language: English
Publisher: Betterway Books (August 1, 2002)
Pages: 256 pages
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Rating: 4.4
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I was looking for a book on creating USP's, (Unique Selling Propositions) and found Bill Bodri's book, "How to write a Million Dollar USP" I had a question and called him and asked about his book and I asked if he had any "Aha's" since writing his book. He told me "No," which surprised me, yet then he offered that the real issue of the challenge(para phrasing) of writing a USP was that business owners often did not understand their value, so they couldn't relate it to their prospects. I was fascinated with the ramifications of that statement.

He then suggested another book, this one, "How to Jumpstart Your Business Brain". I quickly ordered a copy and put it aside looking for the "right" time to begin. Then the "right time" showed up and I began reading. I will Mentor on Business Marketing and Processes and as I began reading I was amazed at Doug's insights about Business.

Terms like, "Overt Benefit, Real Reason to Buy, Dramatic Difference," began lifting off the page as the core dimensions for developing and nurturing the Business Mind. Big challenge though-these concepts require "Dense Thinking" in order to mine their treasure. I am only able to read 15 pages at a time. The ideas found in this book, are not only thought provoking, but potential uncovering. Enjoy a great read.
Doug Hall has distilled a lifetime of marketing research into this one book with the essentials on what a successful marketing campaign should contain. He does this with a dynamic use of statistics to supports his points and ancedotal evidence from his experiences in the helping businesses.

Designed for the individual that must build and manage the marketing program of his or her company, this book has ramifications that impact all levels of the hierarchy. It does so by reminding the reader that the business exists to serve a fundamental need of the client - and everybody must understand and be able to articulate what valuable purpose they serve.

Developed in two sections, Hall expands on how to generate better (more effective) marketing messages in the first and how to generate new ideas in the second. From the first pages, it is clear that this is a serious book of applied research. Jump Start Your Business Brain doesn't want you to win advertising awards; the best award is making more money with less, but better informed, effort.

The sections include small exercises to illustrate your current position and define your strengths and weaknesses. The clarity of the writing reatly assists in the process. Doug Hall doesn't leave you guessing about the application of his principles. He is very explicit in his statements and backs it with evidence. This isn't a "How-to" book, though; it's a "Why-to". As becomes clear as you read, when you develop the "Why-to", the "how-to" becomes apparent. After that, it's follow through.

The highest praise I can offer it is that I have used the principles to redesign my campaigns. I know my messages and more importantly, my clients now know my message.

My increased sales are a testament to Doug Hall's applied research.
Jump Start Your Business Brain spells out concrete, proven steps for creating a marketing concept for a product or a service. The basic principles could also be applied to personal branding. I have implemented these principles in my own business and helped many dozens of my small businesses clients implement theirs. I can say with confidence that they "work" for almost all businesses.

Instead of technical product development, Jumpstart Your Business Brain addresses Marketing Concept Development and naturally leads into marketing, sales, branding, strategy and mission and vision development, not to mention research and development and product reinvention. I have given away over a hundred copies of this book to my clients as gifts, urging them to read and digest its principles.

The trick, however, is in the details of implementing these principles to in a specific business. In the end, while a great read with terrific ideas, this book is a theoretical model, an intellectual framework that remains just that until a business customizes it for its use. There are many challenges that present themselves as a business begins to implement the ideas from this book. That's why, most businesses will need more than just a good reading of this book. As they begin to implement its principles, they will need to deal with many fears and other emotional roadblocks that come up and move past them.

It has two parts. The core of the book is the first part where the author lays of the "Laws of Marketing Physics." That's the good, in fact great, part. The second part of the book is his attempt to help the reader with loosening up the creative side of the brain and deal with the emotional roadblocks that present themselves. I think the second part, while providing some useful stuff, misses the mark.

But the first part makes it worth not just reading it but keeping it handy for a quick reference.

3.5/5 stars.