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by Gary P. Schneider,James T. Perry

Electronic Commerce is a complete introduction to the world of e-commerce, including balanced coverage of technical and business topics. Case studies and plentiful business examples complement conceptual coverage to provide a real-world context. Implementation strategies are analyzed, using examples of both successful and unsuccessful implementations.
Download Electronic Commerce epub
ISBN: 0760011796
ISBN13: 978-0760011799
Category: Business
Subcategory: Management & Leadership
Author: Gary P. Schneider,James T. Perry
Language: English
Publisher: Course Technology; 1 edition (November 16, 1999)
Pages: 452 pages
ePUB size: 1717 kb
FB2 size: 1357 kb
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 314
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There is nothing in this text that you can't find pretty easily on the Internet. The information itself is also fairly outdated. I guess it provides some decent "history" of eCommerce from back in the day ( era) if you weren't already privy to that information. I can see why this is mostly a text used by Business School classes... it is not a serious eCommerce book, but more of an "eCommerce for Managers" type of book.

If I were serious about learning more about electronic commerce, I would not use this book to do it.
I bought this text book for a class on Electronic Commerce. This was the only recommended textbook. The class comprised mostly of students from MIS major and also students from a variety of other disciplines like computer science, mechanical, MBA, entre etc.

On a first glance, the book covers a good range of topics and also includes a few cases (one page scenarios about companies). The content is so generally written that you would have spent an hour reading a chapter and the amount of information you absorbed would be so little. Most of the information present in this book can VERY EASILY be obtained from wikipedia or a simple google search.

From my perception and a little searching, the author is an accountant. He has very limited knowledge of electronic commerce and of computer science, which can easily be inferred from so many instances in the book, where the terminology (especially computer science) is wrongly used. The author does not even have a website, let alone an e-commerce site.

To make matters worse, the author has written numerous other books in various niches. Personally, I would call him an opportunist, who rips off hundreds of dollars for every copy sold. It is so sad to see that this book is being sold for over $100. After all, there are no techniques involved, (like an algorithms book) and is just plain information which keeps changing so often. You WILL find all information from this book with a simple web search and/or wikipedia.

I prefer to read a book written by someone who has the expertise and knowledge on the field, for instance someone who has been a successful business professional in e-commerce and not by someone who just gathered all the information from the internet and sells it for $100.

I was able to convince my professor about the above facts and this book is NO longer prescribed as a textbook.

If you pay more than $10, it is a waste of money!
As with all basic or intro textbooks, this author, Gary Schneider, touches on the main aspects of his subject matter.

Although I find the information very relevant to the topic, I do not find the presentation an interesting read. It is difficult to have to force myself through a textbook. I know the author has written many editions, and I know this is probably tiring, but he really should take a vacation, clear his head, and come back and begin anew. He and his readers will both likely benefit.

As far as pros go, Schneider is thorough. There are many times that I read a sentence, a paragraph, or a section, and feel so pleased that I did. Plenty of golden nuggets of knowledge in this book. Much of the information is valid, current, and important to know. Most of the diagrams and pictorial presentations are excellent. It is only the rather dry written presentation that I take issue with.

Lastly, where would we be without Gary Schneider? He brings a lot of knowledge and wisdom to the table. It is a pleasure to learn from someone who has been so entrenched in eCommerce for so long...He just needs to nudge his expressiveness and storytelling into action a bit more.
Honestly, the book is old. The information inside is not up to date. However, it provides decent background of the electronic commerce. It has some information that regular people don't know. If I knew the content of this book before, I would not buy it.
I myself find that reading a physical book on electronic commerce a little comical. The book gets its points across quite well. I didn't really have any problems with the book, but if your teacher isn't assigning work straight out of the book I think you could likely get away with not having it.
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Please do not buy this book. The information is slightly outdated
and something you can even conduct a search on. But if you take a
course which needs this book then please educate yourself on web
technologies using the internet. But do not spend any more than $10
on this book. I would rather take an online video course at a corporate
training jobs center on E-commerce than buy this book.
Really enjoying this textbook ... very informative, but deep. It's not light reading, but very interesting!
I am satisfied with quality of service. Thank you!