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by Al Secunda

With its clever "15 second" approach to setting and achieving goals, this innovative new book is one of the most ingenious motivational guides to come along since The One Minute Manager and Chicken Soup for the Soul. The premise is simple: By taking small steps, big goals can be readily attained. On the surface, our greatest goals, dreams and ambitions can seem intimidating-requiring a commitment of time and energy that's psychologically daunting. Now, motivational speaker and management consultant Al Secunda offers a surprisingly simple solution: work on your goals just 15 seconds a day. It sounds impossible. But when you break down your long-term goals into a series of mini-actions that are easy to plan and easy to do, your dreams are slowly and steadily integrated into your everyday life. Real change is not only possible-it's inevitable. That's The 15 Second Principle: the exciting new action plan that's making dreams come true all over the world...fifteen seconds at a time. "The 15 Second Principle can bring its readers more productive, passionate, and creative lives. These personal stories are universal and timeless." -Deepak Chopra, M.D. "Inspiring new insights about excellence, dream realization, and self-acceptance." -LaVar Burton "These charming stories and life-distillation bypass the intellect and go staright to your heart and soul. The 15 Second Principle offers tools and support to help you unleash your courage and reach the outer limits of your hopes and dreams." -Buzz Aldrin
Download The 15-second Principle epub
ISBN: 0425165051
ISBN13: 978-0425165058
Category: Business
Subcategory: Job Hunting & Careers
Author: Al Secunda
Language: English
Publisher: Berkley Trade (May 1, 1999)
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You've been here, looking for the next book that's going to change the way you think, which will change the way you live.

You've read book after book and learned a lot. You've even applied the tools you've learned in a hit-or-miss fashion and benefited greatly.

This book ties it all together - it's a bridge from Eckhart Tolle's "Now" to Napoleon Hill's "Rich."

Mostly, it's about one simple question: Am I having fun?

I've got a dream project that had languished for a while. Al Secundo reminded me why I wanted to do the project in the first place - I thought it would be fun.

I made a 15-second commitment and gave myself permission to stop as soon as I quit having fun. The results were amazing - especially compared to the old state of mind I used to bring to the work.

Will this change my life? Or yours?

I believe it's possible and here's why: He diagnosed my past failures better and more completely than anyone else. I come at performance from a place of anxiety - it's been my fuel and I've done some good work, as well as spurts of excellence, but I've lived like a starving man worrying where he'll get his next meal.

Al says excellence can be nourishing, not draining. It can be freeing, not confining. All we have to do is take that 15 seconds to remember our dreams and remember they're supposed to be fun.

This is no quick fix guide. It's a fundamental shift in thinking and it's not easy. But I believe in my gut that it's TRUE.
I'm a sucker for motivational books, only to find they are all idealistic and impractical rubbish. But this one is not one of those. It is by far the best of its type that I have read.
I was browsing the Internet a few weeks ago and suddenly saw a book entitled "The 15 Second Principle" listed in a database. Mathematical research has discovered that it only takes 15 seconds to start anything, i.e., a though, a movement, etc. An interesting sideline here: In the pitstop in the national automotive races, it takes exactly 15 seconds to change the oil, tires, wash the windows, etc. As a matter of fact, the pitsops rules only allow 15 seconds for this. The book caught my interest, and I purchased the book on my next outing to a bookstore and quickly read the cover notes (15 seconds to read the cover notes!!?). I thought that this may just be another "trick" to get someone to buy another motivational book which would be a "quick fix" in our already rushed society. Not at all! I manage 22 financial analysts in my company and have often found myself saying that I don't have time to learn this or that and "who in the heck" could achieve something in 15 seconds....? No matter how scattered or busy we are, we can find a small amount of time each day to devote to our dream or goal even if we only think about it. According to the author, even thinking about our dream or goal brings us closer to taking action and taking action on a regular basis will finally bring us to achievement and mastery. I read the book (not in 15 seconds), began devoting a portion of each day to what was my secret goal--that was to learn to play golf. By taking this writing and principles to heart, I have in less that two weeks already located a golf coach and taken a step on to the golf course. I can't guarantee that I will make a Hole-in-One on the 17th Hole of St. Andrews in Scotland, but I will arrive there if I control my mood, attitude and feelings as this book directs. I am excited! I am thinking about giving each one of my employees a copy for their own personal use as a special "surprise bonus" and watch them surprise themselves as they follow the principles of mastery to acheive their own dreams or professional goals. I honestly believe that if you are introduced to the book and are "too busy" to read and follow, at least in part, some of the author's suggestions and proven principles, then you are too busy period and will probably use your own "15 Seconds" to whine away the dreams and goals which you could have achieved by a simple short commitment and conscious belief....
I keep re-reading the funny stories and find something new every time. It is a human, humane way of taking that first step - over and over again - just showing up and making a dream happen one small mini-action at a time. It is so doable, that is what I love about it. It is about forgiving ourselves and taking another action - 15 seconds at a time is so easy.
This book is really working for me in easing me off my duff and into the (dream) projects I've been procrastinating about tackling. Al Secunda radiates sensitivity and understanding of people's foibles, and is not shy about sharing fascinating and amusing annecdotes about his own journey as a way of helping you with yours. A "must read" for most of us.
The 15 second principle is one Man's mission to realizing and ultimately preaching via simple demonstratable lifetime experiences - the nuances to achieving 'freedom' or 'nirvana'. The absolute undeterred zeal to sharing his wholesome wisdom as he helps humanity awaken from mediocrity and self restrain.
If you're willing to put in 15 seconds per day (to start), The 15 Second Principle can be a life changing experience. I bought these two copies for friends, but the copy I bought for myself about eight years ago lead to an amazing increase in personal earnings, accompanied by a considerable drop in the amount of stress associated with earning those earnings.
It is a book a person needs to read a few times because it had alot of information to digest.