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by Susan Berg

Choose on Purpose gives twentysomethings a direct, uncomplicated way to launch their lives and their careers. It provides step-by-step advice to determine the crossing point between need, talent, and how to contribute, so you can make the right decisions for you. This book helps twentysomethings answer the three big questions of adulthood: What do I want to be? Where do I want to be? Who do I want to be with? This is a learn by doing book, written in a tone that soothes the angst of managing stacks of options, technology overload, and economic woes. Whether you re just starting out, or in a life-work transition period, Choose on Purpose helps you do (and keep doing) the things that make your life happen. Choose On Purpose for Twentysomethings is a powerful tool for parents, educators, and employers, too. The author's research and insights into twentysomethings provide both big picture analysis and detailed solutions for all who seek to support young people.
Download Choose On Purpose for twentysomethings epub
ISBN: 0982263139
ISBN13: 978-0982263136
Category: Business
Subcategory: Job Hunting & Careers
Author: Susan Berg
Language: English
Publisher: Neff Mountain Productions; 1 edition (July 1, 2009)
Pages: 304 pages
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Rating: 4.3
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Berg has outdone herself with this practical, easy to use guide. Through examples and suggested exercises, the book takes the reader through a step by step process to find the work you love, places to grow and to connect with people who care. Isn't this what we all want? While targeted at twentysomethings, I gave a copy of the book to my whole team at work plus my teenaged children! A practical guide that everyone can use.
I wish had Susan on my side, when I was in my twenties, trying to find a meaningful careerpath. Susan's comprehensive, down to earth approach to making career choices is a much needed resource for people coming fresh out of highschool or college. When you read her words you feel as if you have found your mentor. A person to talk to and to receive guidance from. You are no longer alone, Susan's guidance will help you make decisions that you won't regret.

Julia James, Life Coach & Author of The Mini-Retreat Solution [...]
I graduated from college 4 years ago, but still find this book to be really handy for the ever-changing phases of my life. Life as a "twenty-something" is very dynamic and Susan provides tools to cope with this, as well as to leverage your unique abilities to help you move toward your goals. Although this book is geared toward "twenty-somethings," I definitely see myself picking it up throughout the rest of my life for new perspectives and ideas. It really inspires you to take action and work towards making your life what you want it to be. Or, if you're not quite sure what you want to do with your career and life yet, it helps you get to a point of discovering what your purpose is.
This is a great book for anyone who wants to gain more clarity on their purpose and direction in life. Susan has practical exercises and activities that will guide people in their pursuit of purpose. It's easy to understand and has terrific tips. One can choose activities in order or zero in on those that are most important at this point in time.

Susan has a highly interactive style and makes the self-discovery process fun and rewarding. This is a must for anyone who questions what they are supposed to do in their life.

Highly recommended

Denny Stockdale
Even though I am not twentysomething, I thought there must be some practical advice for everyone who is unemployed and has been unhappy with their work life thus far.

It is certainly somewhat more practical for someone who has graduated college, who has a meaningful circle of contacts, and the luxury of being able to be a little picky in their choice of jobs. For someone like me who does not have a college degree at 34, (taking two online classes currently), no useful or important job skills, and doesn't have the skills and talents to qualify for what remotely interests me, it isn't too helpful. I am unemployed and just trying to get any livable wage job and it's a nightmare and unthinkable that you can't even get a job you hate but would be willing to do anyway, just to survive. Forget being able to hop from one temp job to another in "finding out what you love to do". You're lucky these days if McDonald's will hire you. Getting a temp job is not as immediate or easy as some people think. In fact these days, getting a temp job is pretty much just as difficult as trying to get a non-temp job.

If someone were to ask me what I would like to possibly do for a living, I have several things that come to mind but that I don't believe I have the skills and talent for, not yet anyway: writer of novels, writing ad copies as well as tv commercials, or a voice actor. That's why I hate the question of what is it you want to do, without taking into consideration whether the person has the abilities, skills, talents. I guess it's supposed to be assumed that that's what they mean when they ask that. It's not grounded in reality. Maybe I'd be good at accounting but the thought of it makes me nauseous. Also, even when I do have a job, I never make enough money to pursue voice-over and acting classes or any kind of fun class (acting classes are highly recommended to developing voice acting skills). Hell, I can't even afford basic health and dental insurance. So, I can't really "do what I think I might love" when I lack the right resources to get me there and increase my chances of success. The example she gave about how she got back to piano lessons, big deal. If I had the money like I know she does and some spare time, there are tons of activities I'd like to get lessons on or take classes for. Sometimes, I'm browsing a community catalog and think, "oh, that sounds like it'd be a fun class" and then my heart would sink because I then remember that I do not have any "extra" money. No one to help me out there.

But still, this book has a lot of potential for someone with a bigger social network, a college degree, and some general skills in what they want to pursue. Part of the problem I had with the book was all the people who landed in their ideal jobs had some relevant skills that was the stepping stone to the kind of work they really wanted to do. They coincidentally had the right skills to land them their dream jobs.

Still, a useful book that a young college graduate or a high school student would find practical and beneficial.
Tyler Is Not Here
Susan Berg's Choose on Purpose is unlike any book I've ever read. Equal parts wisdom, encouragement and practical application of principles, this is THE book for anyone looking to make a meaningful change in their career or work life.

After four successful years in New York City, I wanted to make a life change and move to a smaller city. But I worried I wouldn't be able to find an equally stimulating environment and that the "what" was more important than the "where" in my career. Susan taught me that the "where" and the "who" in our lives are just as vital as the "what" and gave me the advice and encouragement to follow my gut and make a move.

Now I'm happily settled in a smaller city with a great job and great friends. I don't think I could have made my move without Susan's help and I would recommend her book to anyone thinking about making a change in their life--no matter what your age or profession.
I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Susan Berg present at Columbia Business School and instantly bought her book - and I'm a thirty-something! Choose On Purpose is like a warm hug and a kick in the butt; it provides advice, structure and most importantly, EMPOWERMENT! Trying to figure out what you "want to be when you grow up" is one of the most daunting things we all do. Susan Berg tears down walls of doubt, clears the path for readers to see their goals and walks them to them as if she's holding their hands. Susan's book helped me realize that the choices I make about my career are my own and under my control and that I could obtain my dream job if I set my mind to it. And I did! I highly recommend this book for anyone and everyone who still hasn't figured out exactly what they want to do with their careers; you won't be disappointed!