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by Jerrold Mundis

Making Peace with Money is about creating a relationship with money that is free of stress, worry, and pain. It offers practical advice on getting debt under control and managing spending, then outlines principles for changing psychological attitudes and opinions about money, for bringing more money into your life, and for using it more effectively and pleasurable.
Download Making Peace with Money epub
ISBN: 0694522341
ISBN13: 978-0694522347
Category: Business
Subcategory: Finance
Author: Jerrold Mundis
Language: English
Publisher: HarperAudio (October 6, 1999)
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Most people I know grew up being indoctrinated with some very unhealthy ideas about money. As a child, I heard some sayings about money so often they came to represent a deeply held belief.

The most common were: 1) Money doesn’t grow on trees. 2) They are filthy rich (referring to some well to do family) implying that having money was somehow dirty. 3) Blessed are the poor – as if there was something noble about not having money. 4) and the misquoted Bible verse, Money is the root of all evil.

When you combine what we learned as a child with a culture that puts so much focus on money as a scorecard for personal worth, it is not surprising that we have a lot of emotional conflict around money.

Jerrold Mundis, author of Making Peace with Money, has written a guide to help those who hold some erroneous beliefs about money. Unless you can develop a healthy relationship with money, view it for what it is – simply a means of exchange of value, then you are likely to have some real challenges around money. These often show up in the form of too much debt, the wrong kind of debt, too little money, a scarcity mindset around money and an inability to value your own work.

Mr. Mundis takes an in-depth look at how money shows up in our lives, how our incorrect beliefs impact our financial well-being and gives the reader the insights to correct their beliefs and some specific steps to take.

After each chapter, Mr. Mundis presents a series of quotes from well know authorities providing further insight on the topic. While these are interesting and helpful, I found they made the book much longer than it needed to be and as a result took much longer to read. Please understand that you can skip most of the quotes and not really miss the meat of the book.
As always, Jerrold Mundis writes very helpful books for people with financial issues. His advice and expertise is some of the best out there.
This book has managed what so many don't- it has actually changed my mindset about money. I totally recommend it - it has refreshing ways of thinking which help to click you out of any stuck belief patterns. I have read alot of money psychology books and for me this one is a keeper - to be read many times.
This book was helpful in many different areas of money. We sometimes don't realize the road blocks we put between us and money. after reading this book I realize I had issues with money so I am practicing a different way of viewing money.
One of the best books around by an author who really does understand the issues that money can bring to a person's life. But Mundis has solutions that really do work! His other book, How to Get Out of Debt and Live Prosperously is also wonderful.If you have money issues and spend when you shouldn't...or are chronically in debt... these books will help you re-group and get a new life re your money.