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by Ian T. Taylor

Download In the Minds of Men: Darwin and the New World Order epub
ISBN: 0969178832
ISBN13: 978-0969178835
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Author: Ian T. Taylor
Language: English
Publisher: Bloomfield Books; 3r.e. edition (December 1991)
Pages: 518 pages
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Rating: 4.4
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Engrossing, amazing historical analyses. Well written, more book than I imagined. An outstanding job of picking out inconsistencies and omissions from evolutionary science. Taylor raises many questions on the scientific data for evolution without being arrogant.

Ian discusses the early philosophical influences and later scientists who paved the way and laid the seed for Darwinian evolution. Is "evolution the cause of the ills of the world, and the secular humanism that so dominates our culture? Is the church bringing in this thought into their doctrines?

He claims Christianity and monotheism actually spur scientific thought. During the dark ages there was a loss of science. We had to rediscover the future. "How can astute scientists be so easily deceived", along with deceiving so many? "Scientists too are subject to the normal human failings." "To think rationally and fairly is a simplistic myth." There is a short biography on Darwin. The voyage on the "Beagle" helped transform him from creationist to evolutionist. There are many problems with evolution, which Taylor makes clear. "This will be defined by who sees the pseudo science for what it is." Is this the murder of God?

Evolution is a theory based on time and chance. The evolution proponents are willing to make discoveries fit this premise. Many are proven false as once truths. Some have still persisted for over a hundred years. Catastrophe can be the only explanation for the fossils. The fossil indexing to geological age is based on circular reasoning, not science. We will see variations in kind (species) but there are limits. The author goes in depth on carbon dating. Some still use radio metric dating. He explains dating is problematic and inconsistent. It is based on a rate of decay that has been constant. We will discover that creation makes more sense.

"Evolutionist need to hold to a uniformatism"
I chose the 5-Star rating due to the content of the book, its research, and its presentation. Analytical thought all but vanished in the 20th century and in the 21st we can see the following lambs across the globe just swallowing anything they read or hear as fact without the ability to analyze, think critically, or even be able to come of with alternative views. This book could help those who possess an analytical mind to find direction and purpose with which to use that mind throughout their lives.
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Excellent historical background on the evolutionary myth!
Recommended reading before going to college, and anyone wanting to see past the dogma promoted by the media and public education.
This book is very dense with facts & figures, and concepts that take me some thinking in order to fully grasp. Don't get me wrong, I love it! But I think it will take me some time to finish reading! An excellent resource for understanding the philisophical worldview today.
I read an older version of this book in the early '90's. It's an incredible and fascinating book, and it really lays waste to the notion that popular science does not have a social agenda, and no compunction about hiding inconvenient facts and exaggerating proofs for weak theories. I'm a funny agnostic, because I see the theory of evolution for the fable that it is, and this book is probably the single biggest reason for that.

MOST of this book reads very well for an adult, but there is ONE CHAPTER (at least in my version) that is HEAVY on the scientific nomenclature. You can actually skip that chapter without missing anything about the story-line and the people and movements involved in propagating evolution, but if you really want a primer on hardcore research, it will arm you well, and point you to more sources.

I recommend this book highly, especially as a gift to a bright high-school junior or senior student! It would be the best book you could give a student to encourage them to investigate all things with an eye-open to possible agendas, and to always be skeptical of what popular science claims are being made at any given time. Great pictures you're unlikely to have seen before.

P.S. I don't keep many books around, but here's a picture of my 3rd edition book!
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