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by Dave Jennings

Leadership throws you beyond your comfort zone. Are you ready to fly? Show me a leader who depends only on experience and I will show you failure. But show me a leader who acts beyond his experience and I will show you runaway success. The most common leadership mistake is to leverage only what you know. The most common leadership success is to leverage the unknown. Your challenge is to handle complex situations beyond your experience. You have to make choices about the future. You are expected to find solutions for your team and the organization. You need to make choices about where you spend your time. You need to get your team aligned in the same direction. You need to build key relationships both internally and externally. You need to get people to accept responsibility. And, you have do all this while you maintain your sanity among competing demands. Catapult provides you the tools to succeed when you are hurled beyond your comfort zone.
Download Catapulted: How Great Leaders Succeed Beyond Their Experience epub
ISBN: 160037414X
ISBN13: 978-1600374142
Category: Business
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Author: Dave Jennings
Language: English
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing (August 1, 2008)
Pages: 188 pages
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Understanding what is going to happen to current leaders and executives in the next few years (as explained in the book) really pulls you into why leadership training is important, yet unfortunately, very few receive much training.

The book describes how to succeed beyond one's training and experience especially when put into new positions of leadership. The text is presented in a story format which helps to make the book applicable to the reader and engaging.

Some personal insights I got out of the book:
- The relationship between values and creating one's future
- Making fair comparisons (comparing my weaknesses to others' strengths)
- Initiating contact & spending time with the right people
- Answering, What's the important question? I like how the book puts this one, and it is still causing me to think about it.
- I can survive the consequences/mistakes, so stop worrying
- Other people feel the same way I do when placed in situations "beyond their experience."

I also like the invitation and action items at the end of the book. There were a few things I wish were expounded upon in the book relating to the story, but I guess doing so wouldn't have make it a quick read. I also thought the pictures throughout the book of the catapulted guy with the briefcase were strange. Other than that, it's a great book for leaders whether in business or other fields.
I have to say this is one of the most powerful books on leadership I've ever read. Although it's a fairly short fiction story, the character of Stan kept me fully engaged all the way through. The principles are so basic, yet I felt like I was learning them all over again...they came to life and feel more real now than ever before.

I believe Dave Jennings has produced a classic. I've enjoyed books like "Who Moved My Cheese?" and "The One Minute Manager" (and bought dozens of copies for colleagues and friends), but I think this book has those beat by a mile. I've already ordered CATAPULTED for all of my team.

I truly hope this is not the last time that we hear about Stan and his trip to The Leaders Vault. Don't stop writing Dave.
As an avid reader of business literature, it becomes challenging to find something that prevents a yawn. Dave Jennings's book has done that, and much more. His masterful, simple method of using a story we all encounter helps us experience not only the difficult decisions that face us as leaders, but the internal trauma we feel as we go through the process.

I have used Jennings's concepts in my executive coaching work with excellent results. Don't underplay the simplistic sounding work he has put together. It is both powerful and approachable from a practical standpoint.
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I have read many business and academic books over the last twenty years on the subject of leadership, and most of them are lacking in a lot of ways. Many of the books written in the parable format on leadership are mind numbing and unrelatable. Catapulted is definitely an exception to this trend. I picked up this book and did not put it down until I was done. It was well written, engaging, and I learned from it, all at the same time.

This book is especially relevant in these times as we see so many managers and executives losing sight of their values and forgetting how to employ their leadership abilities. This book stresses individual and organizational values as a way of moving to the next career level, and it does it in a way that doesn't preach at you. It gives a real example that many of us can identify with and put into action. As someone who works to develop corporate talent, I am recommending this book to anyone looking to improve their leadership abilities.
I blazed through this book because I couldn't put it down and I really identified with the characters and the topic- I see the reality of these principles taught in the book every day. I loved the format, reminding me of The Goal and Death by Meeting, a few other favorite management stories with real-world application. I'm excited to have this book and will be sharing it with many friends and coworkers.
I have a fairly substantial library of business literature on my shelf, and I've only read the first 30 pages of bunch of them. After that I lost interest because they were boring and didn't give me any evidence that all the effort to stay awake was going to do me any good.

Catapulted was different. I actually wanted to keep reading it. The principles taught were not earth shattering but it was good to be reminded of them and read examples of how to apply them. I do wish that there had been a little bit more detail in the story about application.
I am recommending Catapulted because it gets at the ongoing challenges of being thrown beyond our experience. One of the key messages is that, "You aren't a leader because you have all the answers. You are a leader because you have what it takes to find the answers." I think you will find Catapulted helpful at both a personal and professional level

In addition to my endorsement, Catapulted is endorsed by Stephen R. Covey and David Ulrich, as well as leaders from Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Honeywell, General Mills, Walmart, and Intel.

The author, Dave Jennings, was a professor of mine and he is an exceptional leader. He also has extensive experience working with leaders around the world. If you hear him speak will you why every body tells that he really understands what leaders are going through.
I finished the book "Catapulted" tonight. I LOVED it. Seriously. I have grown to not like fable/story type books. Too cheesy; no beef. This author proved me wrong. I found myself underlining a lot of paragraphs and saying to myself "that's what I was telling my client last month, but he said it better." I just told one of my clients to buy the book tonight and take it on his next business trip. I'll be recommending this book to a lot of my clients. I think this book can really make and impact on leaders with new assignments. Nicely done.