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by Ron Lewis

Book by Lewis, Ron
Download Flashback: The Untold Story of Lee Harvey Oswald epub
ISBN: 1883305004
ISBN13: 978-1883305000
Category: Biographies
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Author: Ron Lewis
Language: English
Publisher: Ron Lewis; 1st edition (May 1, 1993)
Pages: 272 pages
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Hawk Flying
I believe a few Warren Commission supporters might actually approve of this book, insofar as it places Lee Harvey Oswald in the center of the cyclone in a plot to assassinate JFK. Ron Lewis, the secretive friend of Oswald in New Orleans in the summer of 1963, portrays Oswald as somebody who became obsessed with political assassinations, and who personally confessed to taking a pot-shot at General Walker. This makes Ron Lewis the second person in history to whom Oswald made that confession (the first being his own wife, Marina Oswald). As Ron Lewis portrays him, Oswald was quiet as a mouse in most company, but he was a blabbermouth when he felt he was in charge. Oswald allegedly told Ron Lewis that he confessed to former FBI agent Guy Banister that he was the shooter who attacked General Walker's house, and that was a huge mistake. Banister and Walker were good friends. The writing in this book is authentic because it's so street-level -- this is not a slick publication. Oliver Stone found Ron Lewis' story convincing, and so do I.
Since Michael Collins Piper (MCP) recommended this book in the afterwords of his otherwise superb book "Final Judgment," I felt it imperative to buy it and then read it carefully, trying to give the author, Ron Lewis, every benefit of the doubt. However, I found absolutely nothing credible about "Flashback," at all.

Except for Lewis' time in prison, provided in the introduction, which was self-serving and irrelevant to the rest of the story, this was clearly a contrived narrative, hatched from whole cloth. It had the clear odor and smell of, and followed the normal contours and narrative template of a "CIA/Mossad-created disinformation tract:" Springing into existence out of thin air, with no context, with protagonists conveniently popping-up in different places for no discernible reasons, and even a single fact being impossible to verify, leaves the astute reader with little to hold on to here.

Plus, Lewis claims that he was Lee's only friend, both in Dallas and during Lee's time in New Orleans? I don't suppose he ever heard of Judith Vary Baker, or George De Morenschildt, or Ruth and Michael Paine-- or even his uncle Maurice Dutz, all of whom were reputed to have befriended Lee, as did David Ferrie, and all having lived in Lee's social orbit during the times in question?

Given that it paints a portrait of LHO as a meek, lost, obsessionally-driven, self-destructive homicidal maniac for hire, who murdered his marine buddy, took a shot at General Walker, threatened to kill Russell Long and threatened to hijack a plane to Cuba, and who also found himself caught up in a plot to kill JFK -- all events he was swept-up in and thus not of his own making. Additionally, they were all events without a single motive, or even a single shred of evidence, I think we get the point of the book. And as a result, I think we know what to do with it: Toss it onto the trash heap of history!

The tell-tale sign that it has a "manufactured in Langley" sign hanging on it, is that these contract CIA clowns, like a bunch of low-grade academics all circularly cite each other; i.e., Pricilla McMillan and Robert Morrow, for instance. Plus, they always produce a diary one -- that is invariably written well after the fact? [How can it be a diary if it is written well after the fact?]

Even the single instance where the author was suppose to prove that he had met a very pregnant Marina Oswald, this event too turned into dust -- as Marina denied that the event had ever happened. However, this did not stop the author from enlisting the well-known CIA-contract-employee and disinformation artist herself, Pricilla McMillan, to "overrule" Marina's denial. It seemed that Pricilla was happy to run interference for this contrived "non-fact." Then, is it unfair to ask the author: If Marina herself didn't remember the encounter, how then can it matter if Pricilla remembered it? After all, she was not there? And given the piece of trash she created called "Lee and Marina," enlisting her to "run interference" actually greatly reduced the credibility of the encounter and the narrative. But worse of all, on page 243, the author states: "And Marina did confirm it, as mentioned elsewhere in this book." (Come again? No, she didn't!)

Too bad for the author that he assumed all readers are fools seeking a "cheap vicarious soldier of fortune thrill," and thus are all willing to accept anything as fact -- out-and-out revisionist lies like that attributed to Marina, included. Unfortunately for him, some of us are looking for the "real facts" and know them when we see them: They are called "the truth." And when it appears, the ultimate test is that it never has the smell, the shape of, or a diary composed of CIA/Mossad disinformation. [Who other than teen age girls and CIA agents write diaries any more?] Sadly, guys like this author, Pricilla McMillan, and Robert Morrow just don't get it, do they?: that there is a very large body of readers who are "on to them," period. And since I am one of them, I can attest to the fact that there simply are no reliable facts offered up here in this book, that is to say that were not culled from news report of the day: not a single one, period.

Which leads me to reassess MCP's own project. Until this recommendation, I had given Michael Collins Piper and his book, "Final Judgment (FJ)," however poorly organized that book was, all benefit of the doubt, since at least, no matter what else one might say about it, FJ was superbly researched.

But with a recommendation for this "piece of trash," I now must call the whole "Final Judgment project" into question. Michael, may I ask: How could you (and Oliver Stone) impeach your own superb work and credibility through the backdoor, by repeatedly citing and then recommending this piece of trash? I want my money (and my five star recommendation of your book) back! One star
I meet this man and from talking to him, I bought the book. Very interesting. This book was very clean and in great shape! It was every thing I was looking for in a book.
When Oliver Stone came to Dallas to film his movie about the JFK assassination, he ran a most peculiar advertisement to all readers of the Dallas Morning News. He asked that anyone who had any kind of story, no matter how ridiculous or far-fetched, call a certain phone number. Yes, that is exactly how serious he was and that is why his movie is filled with implications for exactly 16 agencies to have somehow conspired in the assassination of President Kennedy. Sixteen? And nobody has come forward yet to describe details of this vast conspiracy? If you want to know what really happened, read Oswald's words. The man wrote, interviewed, and told people what he thought. He loved to put his words on paper. Read "Autobiography of Lee Harvey Oswald" and "The Mind of Oswald" to see his words. Read "Dallas and the Jack Ruby Trial" to see why Ruby killed Oswald. Be a truth-seeker, not a gossip-monger.
To put it another way, it's best to quote a line from My Cousin Vinny.
"Everything that guy just said is bulls*it. Thank you."
The author claims to have spent time in an underground parking lot eating ice-cream cones with Oswald. The assassin of JFK supposedly bared his soul and details of the conspiracy to the author prior to the shooting. This one just doesn't have the ring of authenticity to it.
I had the good fortune to meet and interview Ron Lewis during the ASK conference in Dallas 1994. I found Ron Lewis to be very direct and honest. His story is worth reading. Ron has a document that could prove he was there in 1963, maybe he will print it in his next book. Bye John