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by Michael Fleeman

He Found New Brides To Love Him-All Diane Bertalan really knew of her new husband, John, was that he was a widower, he lavished her with gifts, and he preferred to keep his past a secret. What she didn't know was that the FBI had been watching him for years. In the Fall of 2000, she found out why-it was a crime that had been haunting authorities for decades. They called it the mystery of the Lady in the Box.Fifteen Years Later, Police Found The Remains...A decaying body that had been left along an Indiana roadside ditch in 1980 had finally been identified as Janice Hartman. In 1974, the Ohio woman had been reported missing by her estranged husband...John David Smith. The gruesome discovery was only the beginning of Diane Smith's brutal awakening-for Hartman was only the first of Smith's wives to have vanished off the face of the earth. This is the chilling true story of one woman who escaped the deadly hold of the killer she loved and married; and of the grieving families of his victims who banded together after nearly thirty years to prove that justice never forgets. Or forgives.
Download The Stranger In My Bed (St. Martin's True Crime Library) epub
ISBN: 0312984170
ISBN13: 978-0312984175
Category: Biographies
Subcategory: True Crime
Author: Michael Fleeman
Language: English
Publisher: St. Martin's True Crime (March 14, 2003)
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Rating: 4.3
Votes: 729
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This is a great book for true crime fans. This is a book with an incredible investigative story. A woman disappears, and her family (with the exception of her husband) is frantic. The husband is finally forced by other family members to report her missing. Police then learn that he has had a girl friend for about 8 years while he was married to the missing woman. They also learn that his first wife, from many many years ago, also turned up missing and was never found. The investigation spans several states and several decades, and turns up unbelieveable evidence. This is a very well written book, and I would recommend it to any true crime fan.
This book kept my attention through out.
"The Stranger in My Bed" is very similar to another true crime tale-"The Surgeon's Wife" by Kieran Crowley. In each case the authors-or their publishers-made the strange decision to print the outcome right on the back cover! This reviewer learned his lesson from SW. SIMB maintained suspense. New readers are forewarned! SIMB opens with the discovery of a female corpse (a "Jane Doe") in an Indiana field. The reader will quickly surmise that that Jane Doe will surface later in the story. The plot then backtracks through the various marriages / female relationships of John Smith, the main character. John's first (known) wife, Betty, disappears. John is not charged but the police and Betty's family remain highly suspicious. John remarries a girl named Diane Bertalan- who also vanishes. Counting Jane Doe, there are now 3 missing female bodies. How many other corpses will show up? How many past wives or former girlfriends has John disposed of? Pressure from Betty's family eventually starts the wheels of law enforcement spinning. This reviewer won't reveal the plot, but the investigation eventually involves the Law from New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana, Connecticut and California. Is justice served? There is no easy answer. Readers will just have to read SIMB for themselves but as a hint-Jane Doe is very central to the plot. She does indeed "surface" again. To fully enjoy SIMB, amazoners need to take two steps: The first is to ignore the back cover. The second is to remember the "Ann Rule rule". Skip over those tempting centerfold photos. They outrightly reveal the ending. Finally, the author gratuitously drops a major clue right in the text! Readers cannot avoid that gaff. One wishes Fleeman had stirred the pot a bit harder. He had such fine material to work with. Combining this failure with the "security lapses", a rating of 3 stars seems appropriate, if a bit harsh. Other readers may add a 4th star but SIMB falls short of the true crime classic it had the potential to be.
Really enjoyed the book. Interesting and kept you wanting to read more.
Good true crime story.
I had seen this story on one of the TV crime shows once. Even so, I purchased the book to find out more about what happened. The book was excellent. In fact, I even reread it again just recently.
OK. Seemed to drag in some spots.
and not in a bad way! I love true crime and while some might say that they all read the same, which to some extent they do, I can't seem to get enough of them! This was especially good because *SPOILER* it was a puzzle - they find the body, then the crime! I saw this on Forensic Files but for some reason, this story haunts me - I just love getting goosebumps in the middle of the night!!!