» » Shadow Play: The Murder of Robert F. Kennedy, the Trial of Sirhan Sirhan, and the Failure of American Justice

Download Shadow Play: The Murder of Robert F. Kennedy, the Trial of Sirhan Sirhan, and the Failure of American Justice epub

by Philip H. Melanson,William Klaber

Traces the death of Robert F. Kennedy, raising questions about coerced testimony and other issues
Download Shadow Play: The Murder of Robert F. Kennedy, the Trial of Sirhan Sirhan, and the Failure of American Justice epub
ISBN: 0312153988
ISBN13: 978-0312153984
Category: Biographies
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Author: Philip H. Melanson,William Klaber
Language: English
Publisher: St Martins Pr; 1st edition (May 1, 1997)
Pages: 355 pages
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It arrived this morning and I have already read 29 pages. This is a book you will not want to put down. I am not going to say anything else about so I don't give anything away. I hate when people review books and give some or all of it away in their review.
It was a very good real crime story. It shows that you can kill anybody in this country if they have enough enemies in power. The corruption of the LA police was known before this happened, but the facts show just how corrupt the justice system is.
Shadow Play is a careful examination of the investigation, prosecution, and defence of Sirhan Sirhan. The deficiencies that Klaber and Melanson reveal are profound and shocking: a frightening indictment of our criminal justice system,
This book is masterfully researched and an excellent, gripping read. I highly recommend it.
Very intense and very strange happenings,I remember the whole thing,it was
a horrible crime,but Ithink it was a conspericy.All the way,and i do not think
he acted alone.
I tend to read anything I can about John F. Kennedy and recently started reading also more about his brother, Robert. I was younger when both men were assassinated but am very intriqued by them both. This book was an eye-opener. Once I started reading it, I could not put it down. The writing is clear and the evidence is presented a manner where you can come to your own conclusions. Very good book. I highly recommend. Thanks to NetGalley, the author and publisher for the ARC of this book in return for my honest review.
Asks real questions. Hard not to conclude that something bigger was going on. Believe it or not, it was a fasicinating, well researched, well written book that was, despite the subject matter, fun to read.
Did Sirhan Sirhan kill Robert Kennedy?

Surprisingly enough this book says no. Sirhan Sirhan's 1969 conviction and sentencing notwithstanding the book raises key questions regarding Sirhan Sirhan's true role in the death of Robert Kennedy, being:

If Sirhan Sirhan killed Kennedy, then why was a ballistics study unable to confirm that several of the bullets (including one shot at Kennedy himself) were linked to the weapon carried by Sirhan Sirhan?

How was it that Sirhan Sirhan, who was never within even inches of Kennedy, was able to discharge his weapon within an inch of the back of Kennedy's head (this is the shot that actually killed Kennedy)?

While we're on the subject of the fatal wound suffered by Kennedy, how was Sirhan Sirhan able to shoot Kennedy in the back of the head when he was in front of him at all times?

With all the cameras going and the obvious attention Sirhan Sirhan attracted, why was there no photo of Sirhan Sirhan actually causing the fatal wound to Kennedy?

How is that accoustical evidence confirms the discharge of ten shots when Sirhan Sirhan's weapon only held eight bullets?

As one moves through this fascinating book one re examines everything one had been told previously about the killling of Kennedy. In a puts you there kind of writing style readers rejoin Kennedy as he takes his final steps towards his death. One sees the area where Kennedy died and just how conjested and busy it was when the killing occured.

Though one quickly is on board with the book's main thesis relating to whether Sirhan Sirhan fired the fatal shot readers may have a more difficult time with the book's sub thesis: not only did Sirhan Sirhan not kill Kennedy, he wasn't involved in the murder either. That's because in our system of justice one can be complicit in a murder even if one failed to fire the actual death shots.

So just why did Sirhan Sirhan confront Robert Kennedy with a loaded firearm? And just why did he discharge that same weapon? Even if the shots didn't kill Kennedy Sirhan Sirhan would still be guilty of murder if his activities drew attention away so that a true assassin could kill Kennedy.

It's at this point the book focuses on Sirhan Sirhan's repeated claims that he didn't remember comitting the actual shooting and related discussion about whether Sirhan Sirhan was or was not under the influence of hypnosis at the time of the killing. It's a tough claim because ultimately it means accepting the word of a guy who standing there discharging his weapon in a crowded room.

For my part, probably the easiest conclusion is perhaps the most tragic one. Unlike sitting the sitting president Kennedy's only protection at the time was bought and paid for security. These were individuals who did not have the same skill and training as professional securty but sadly were just as armed. I believe it's possible that whatever put Sirhan Sirhan in Kennedy's path, once his nonprofessional security saw that a weapon was being discharged then they may have discharged at least some of their own weapons. As the book relates, more than one security guard was standing behind Kennedy at the time of the shooting and therefore able to (even inadvertantly) discharge their weapon and cause Kennedy's death.

Regardless of your reactions though this book is fascinating reading and raises some important questions about the death of the man who could well have been our nation's 37th president.