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by John P. Sullivan

In sum, this anthology represents some of the best and brightest scholars of today who are writing on the evolving security environment in Mexico and the implications this may hold for the United States. They have greatly enhanced our understanding of crime wars and criminal insurgencies-21st century war and conflict waged by non-state entities- and the impact this new form of warfare is having on states. For this, we embrace them and have established the new SWJ El Centro forum to further promote their professionalism and scholarship.

Dave Dilegge SWJ Editor-in-Chief

Download Mexico's Criminal Insurgency: A Small Wars Journal-El Centro Anthology epub
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Category: Biographies
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Author: John P. Sullivan
Language: English
Publisher: iUniverse (May 24, 2012)
Pages: 208 pages
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Read this, it'll scare the crap out of you. This is the country to our south which, for some reason, we cannot seem to adequately monitor their border crossings. Sheesh. When will OUR government come to its senses and lock the border down until Mexico gets its crap together...
This anthology of articles is excellent for anyone that works in COIN or C-TAP. It shows tactics, techniques and procedures, offes insights and suggestions. The beauty of this book is that each chapter is a stand-alone, that you can immediately reference, or you can read it from cover to cover.
While having the United States pump more and more money
into Mexico isn't the solution, there are some very good points raised
in the articles.
The reason I give this 5 stars is not so much for literary praise, but
for bringing this important information to the public. It is scary,
but ignorance - or putting 'head in sand" - is not the answer. Good to
know information.
Eye opening.
I`'ll never look at the issue of drugs the same. Clear and concise reporting on subject remains hidden from most people.
This is the gold standard, quite simply the best collection of scholarly essays on cartel/gang violence in Mexico I've yet encountered. Snide leftists who routinely pass off nationalist sentiment as an anachronism, or who think that related populational differences are "skin deep," who look upon those lowly, bestial rural whites having crawled out of their shanties with Trump signs in hand with contempt, would do well to read it. This isn't propaganda, it's not exaggerated panic, the nightmare is already real south of the border, and in time it'll be ours unless correctives are effectively implemented- soon.

And those 'accelerationists' who look forward to the dissolution of the nation-state, who sing songs of praise for experimental modes of sociopolitical order, who lazily fling, thoroughly immersed in all the comforts modernity has to offer one, a few tokens at the emerging hydra of non-state actors and entities which threaten contemporary polity, would likewise do well to take this book seriously. "Hell-communism." What do these estrogen infused, suburban undergrads piously lecturing on Adorno & "racism" & "fascism" know of hell? Well, this book will take them there. Not the hell of their self inflated, sickly imaginations, but real hell, where twelve year olds kill for a mere fifty bucks, where children are captured & beaten on film to extract meager funds, entire business sectors are 'taxed' by the cartels, of a return, far removed from the dissociated body immersed in artificial light, a forgotten vestige in our new world order, to the physical, of blood and torture and mutilation.

Fast forward to a future where the world described herein is our world, and the "I tried to tell you" of the mutant "racist," the borderer, the fascist scumbag will be without any pleasure.