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Publisher: LITTLE BROWN; First Edition edition (2001)
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I have to admit that when I first started this book, I had to put it down. I knew it would be sad, and I wasn't in the right mindset the first time around.

But when I picked it up a few months later, I easily became completely engrossed in Jennifer's story. I was afraid of reading about her losing her mother (which is the premise, I'm not giving anything away if you haven't read this yet) but what I found as the story unfolded is that being in the room with her sick mother might actually have been the only safe place for her.

My husband asked, "why do you read books like this? Where's the redemption?" I first I chalked his question up to the stereotypical differing interests between men and women...but in thinking about it I'm drawn to authors who write with a raw voice, who depict their experience completely, without fear of the uncomfortable or outright awful things they have been through. Lauck uses her childhood voice and remains true to it throughout. She digs deeper and deeper into the person she was, and dares to share her with us all. Congratulations to her, I can't imagine what the experience of writing this book has been for her.
Loved the writing, from a child's mind with an adult perspective. I actually came across this by accident as I was searching for the play in NYC with Michelle Williams and Jeff Daniels, also Blackbird. Anyway delighted to have become acquainted. I love the way Jennifer Lauck writes, as if she is a child. If only I could articulate my feelings at that age.
I've read 3 of Jennifer Lauck's 4 memoirs, and I've loved all of them. They are as raw and truthful as memoirs can be. Jennifer pulls us along through her past, making us feel every emotion tjat she felt along the way.

I came across some controversy regarding the authenticity her books (, but have decided to believe that some people from Jennifer's past became defensive out of guilt.

I highly recommend Jennifer Lauck's memoir "series."
compelling memoir that served as a model for how to couch my own memoir language, told from the perspective of a young child caught in events she cannot comprehend fully nor control
I know that I really like a book when it gets completely under my skin and I can't stop thinking about it when I'm not reading. This book did that for me! I had to google the author to confirm that it was indeed a memoir. It was hard to believe that someone could live through so much pain. The story is eloquently told and the voice of Jennifer as a younger child is believable and not too cutesy. It's very well done. I was moved by her story and look forward to reading her other books.
I had such mixed emotions while reading this book. I saw the author on Oprah about 10 years ago and bought the book after watching the show. I finally got around to reading this book at the beginning of the year.

This was one of the most disturbing and depressing books I have ever read. What this poor child had to go through was a tragedy. At five years old she was caring for her sick and dying Mother. Right before her Mom died she found out from her brother, in a fit of anger, that she was adopted. Shortly after that her Mom dies and then her Father remarries a person, and I chose not to use the word "woman," with three kids. From the beginning Jenny seems to be singled out by her new family. She was continuously treated different and picked on for no apparent reason. At this point I feel so bad for this poor girl. I lost my Father in a work related accident when I was 8 years old and from that moment on life was never the same. My Mom also remarried and the transition was very rough. I could completely identify with a lot of her feelings during this time period.

As I continued reading I started noticing a recurring theme of self pity by Jennifer. To me it seemed like Jennifer chose not to get along with people. Instead of trying to make the situation better, she did nothing but wallow in self pity. I am referring to the swimming scene, running scene, her new family when her Dad was still alive. At this point I decided to Google this book to see if it was really based on a true story. I was not surprised to find that there has been some controversy about this author and the validity of her story as she tells it. I also saw the review written by the step brother and was saddened to see instead of making amends for the past, he continued to rally against her after all these years as an adult.

At this point I wasn't even sure I was going to finish the book, but I couldn't bare not to find out how things ended. At or around this point is when her Dad died suddenly of a heart attack. I can not imagine losing both of my parents by the time I was 11 years old. So now she and her brother are stuck with the step family. I would have liked more of an explanation of why her Mom and Dad's family did not step in from the beginning and take Jennifer and her brother back home with them after her Father's Funeral. Things went from bad to worse with Deb and her children, and before you know it Deb just drops Jennifer off at a homeless shelter at 11 years old. COMPLETELY UNBELIEVABLE for any human being to do this to a child of 11 years old after losing both parents. From that point on I was so angry at Deb I could hardly stand it. I can't even fathom what type of person does this to a child. Why weren't the authorities called?? This lady should have gone to jail or a mental institution. Horrendous and cruel.....I still can't fathom this taking place. I will say for the first time in the story that Jennifer becomes a little fighter. She was literally by herself at 11 years old with no love or support of any kind. She blends in very well with the kitchen staff that she works with for food and money, and builds some solid friendships. It was so nice to see her transition in this time frame. At the end of the book a miracle happens and Jennifer runs into her Grandma and Grandpa on the street. After some more Deb antics Jennifer ends up moving in with her Grandparents which I was elated to find out.

As I said in the beginning of my review, I had mixed emotions through the whole book. While there may be some scenes that are still being questioned, it is factual that Jennifer sadly and tragically lost both parents by the time she was 9 years old. No child should have to endure this pain, but sometimes life is not fair as I found out at a young age as well. Being abandoned at 11 years old by her Step Mother is completely unforgivable. I applaud Jennifer for picking up the shattered pieces of her life and rising above everything that was done to her, and fighting to have a normal and happy life. I have already downloaded Still Waters, and can't wait to continue to read the journey she has taken since she was saved by her Grandparents. I also think Jennifer's story is a great lesson for parents who become single - only to quickly jump into the next relationship and remarry. Your choices have profound consequences on your children's lives for many decades. I hope Jennifer now has the peace and happiness she deserves in life.
It was a very inspirational story. Makes you feel angry and sad all at the same time. I would highly recommend this book.
I enjoyed the book, read it soon as I got it. I had received the second book and didn't want to read it till I read the first. I read it nonstop and then read the second book the next day. It is written very nice,follows smoothly and keeps you hanging on every word, and you just can't stop because you have to know what is happening every second of her life. It all seems alittle unreal, who could have such a life?? But then I look to my life and no would believe what I've been through either. It is a great book, would like to get my children to read it.