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by Homer H. Hickam

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ISBN: 0440334470
ISBN13: 978-0440334477
Category: Biographies
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Author: Homer H. Hickam
Language: English
Publisher: Dell Pub Co (October 2002)
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Rating: 4.3
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I moved to the beautiful state of WV 5 years ago, and and fell in love with a lifestyle and people, that are unique. There is a sense of community that I've never witnessed, having lived in 4 states and serving in the Air Force. I was "introduced" to Homer Hickam, in the movie, "October Sky"; as an avid reader, I had to read, "Rocket Boys". I've found Mr. Hickam to be an accomplished writer, as well as an accomplished engineer. So naturally, I had to read his other novels about his life in WV. As most people who aren't born and raised in WV, I always thought that the coal miners of WV, bore an awful burden. For some odd reason, it never dawned on me that coal miners are not only proud, but they also love their CHOSEN careers. Having been inundated with images of a time when miners "owed their souls to the company store", I expected to meet downtrodden miners. Of course, this all changed long before I was born. Mr. Hickam's autobiographical novel, was obviously cathartic for him, as he uses humor and grace, to portray his path from hating the mine that his father loved so much, to understanding the special love and pride that the WV miners take in their work, and in this, understanding his father. Now, I understand the source of this very special sense of community that I've found in my chosen home. Thank you Mr. Hickam; you are one of my hero's.
Another great Homer Hickam Jr book. For me 5 for 5. He is a great author and storyteller. Torpedo Junction, The Dinosaur Hunter, Rocket Boys, Coalwood Way and Sky of Stone all 5 stars... see my reviews. October Sky DVD (based on Rocket Boys) 5 stars.

Sky of Stone is a page burner. I read the large print 571 pages in 3 days. No boring parts. Homer is a natural great storyteller of his memories of his late teenage years. The reader wants to read on. Its 1961, Homer's first year of college done ( he's having problems with his grades except English). Homer's dad is having serious trouble at the mine, as a man is killed in a mine explosion and the state and federal investigators are out to hang the responsibility on someone. Homer's dad as the mine superintendent is the target.His mom is temporarily living in a house in Myrtle Beach she bought. She comes back to Coalwood and finds her son "Sonney" has grown from a college boy to a man.

Homer comes back to Coalwood for the summer between semesters and damages his dad's car and his father wants Homer to pay for the repairs. So, Homer gets a temporary summer job as a miner in the mines. We see the backbreaking work he does. More new people in his life introduced, some from his first two books in the Coalwood series.

There is a good mystery in this true life story. Try to find out how the "secret man" broke his wrist and how and why a man was killed in the mine explosion. Where did the fox go?

We she Homer's mom's pet fox and "chipper" the squirrel biting everyone, and Homer's lovable 2 dogs and cats. Also his crush on a junior mining engineer named Rita, an older woman. Also here comes the retired big "Captain" telling the reader Coalwood's secrets. The reader develops deep empathy with the true people in this book.

That's enough,I won't ruin this great true story for you. Also make sure you read the great Epilogue where Homer tells about his Army officer time, diving instructor time, his working in NASA on various projects,like the shuttle, Skylab,underwater training and helping train astronauts. Much much more.

This is a heartwarming book of an 18 year old going from college boy to hard working, train rail driving, miner man. The reader will be amazed of the incredible full, rich true life of Homer Hickam Jr., family and friends had. Coalwood changes but will remain. A great childhood 18 year olds memoirs and a great Epilogue of Homer's later years and fascinating life. 5 stars and recommended!

Now starting to read The Keepers Son, first book in another series by the great author Homer Hickam Jr.
Homer Hickam has become my favorite author. This third book in the Coalwood Series has me wanting to read everything this author has ever written. I have since purchased more of his works. This is a tale of many relationships: family, friendships, neighbors, community, young love and even the love between a family and their beloved pets. It's definitely a page turner until the very end. I have laughed, cried and felt my heart pounding as I read so fast and turned page after page with excitement, feeling as if I, too, belonged inside the well written pages of this beautifully told story. As an avid reader, I have read countless books throughout the years and there was one particular sentence in this novel, toward the end of the book, that will resound in my heart and mind forever, like no other book I have ever read. It moved me to the core. I earnestly hope that Homer Hickam continues touching our lives with his magnificent writings.
net rider
I think this is a great book and movie or TV material. Interesting parents and local history. The boy grows up during the summer. My Father is from southern W. VA and I also am an Eng and worked on the space program. These books prove a good set of parents and town will produce good results. The town has a degree of socialism where people work together for the good of all rather than the greedy all for self destructive Neoliberalism and destruction of the middle class we have today. I can't help the Captain would make a good book by itself. Hard or impossible to research but it would be interesting.
I took summers Sharples, Welch, and logan and lived and went to Marshal for a while. Hard work is the lesson I learned and how little you really need.
One of my favorite books is this one...I love reading Homer Hickam's coal mining adventures that began with Rocket Boys...I have read all of his books and this is a favorite. The 'stone' sky is actually the coal above his head as he is mining coal in West Virginia one summer while attending Virginia Tech. He learns to actually like what is happening to him as he is underground with the other miners and earn the respect of those in Coalwood. His body becomes stronger as his character develops into a young man that others look up to...even his father. A brilliant story that would be a treasure to any young man's book shelf. I got my book from amazon and you can also. Sky of Stone: A Memoir